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Where can you get a credit card for someone with no credit?

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Try going to your normal bank and ask for a secured credit card. They are typically like a debit card but are actually a credit card. Ask the cust. service rep. at the bank. Or get a co-signer.

Being in the digital age we're in, you can now apply online and get approved instantly.

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Can you send credit from someone to someone else?

No, you can not give credit that you have to someone else. You can loan someone money or your credit card, but you are still responsible for paying the credit card company back.

Can you have a credit card number and it is not your credit card?

No, unless you hack someone

Can I report credit card fraud if I know someone who has someone elses credit card?

Yes I believe you can report credit card fraud if you know someone who has someone elses credit card, if let's say one of your friends or family member got there credit card stolen and you also know the person who stole the credit card you can report a credit card fraud or you can just let your friend or family member report fraud on there credit card, I hope this helps :).

Can you pay someone you know with a credit card?

If they have a credit card facility yes

What is an SBI credit card and rates?

In order to find out what an SBI credit card is and what the rates are for this kind of card, you are going to have to ask someone who owns one or someone who works at your local credit union.

What is a credit card affiliate and how will it affect someone applying for a credit card?

Credit card affiliates offer credit card customers exclusive deals and incentives for using a credit card. This does not affect an application as the enrollment in the program is voluntary.

How can one apply for a Citi credit card?

Someone wanting to apply for a Citi credit card can do so online. Someone would just have to go to the Citi credit card page and fill out their information.

What credit cards are available for someone with no credit history?

Most credit card companies will offer a credit card for someone with no credit history. A few of them are capital one, any prepaid credit card and most banks. If you have no credit history the best way to go would be to go thru your bank.

Can someone pay you by transferring funds from their credit card to yours?

They cannot transfer funds from their credit card but they could make a check or cash payment to your credit card.

Where can one get a nationwide credit card?

If someone is interested in obtaining a nationwide credit card, one place to start is the Nationwide website where you can fill out an application for a credit card.

Can someone hack you if you let them use their credit card information on runescape?

No. No one will ever get your runescape password even if you let someone use a credit card, you only know the password to runescape. If you are talking about someone hacking you on runescape via credit card then no, because credit cards contain information about your card and not your runescape account details.

Where can someone apply for credit card application?

There are several options for applying a credit card. One can find credit card applications at the bank, mail or internet. Credit card companies require a proof of income before being approved for credit.

Is there a statute of limitations on suing someone for credit card credit?

one year

What does a credit card tart mean?

don't take my word for this, but I think it means someone who steals credit card #'s

How can i send somebody else money using a credit card?

You can send someone money with a credit card if they have a PayPal account.

How can someone obtain a British credit card?

Applying for a credit card is easy. Money is the name of website that lists many credit card companies that are willing to give credit cards to people in Britain. It isn't difficult to get a British credit card if the requester has good credit scores.

How do you go about applying for a credit card?

In order to find out what the pros and cons of a credit card are and how you use one, you may need to talk to a credit card company representative or someone else who owns a credit card that can explain how it is used and how it works.

Can you please use someone credit card once?


What is a consolidation credit card?

A consolidation credit card is a credit card someone will pick to use as their sole credit card for everyday expenses which typically has the lowest interest rate or the best benefits such as cash back or miles rewards programs. Also, if someone has other credit cards with higher interest rates, they can often transfer balances and "consolidate" them onto a single credit card with a lower interest rate, therefore lowering their monthly payment, costs and in essence, making the card a "consolidation credit card".

Is unauthorised person liable to pay credit card bill if he has used someone else credit card with his consent?

Yes, unless the credit card holder told the person that it was a gift.

What age should one have to get an Icici credit card?

Someone can get an Icici credit card starting at age 18. Age should not be the main consideration when getting a credit card. Credit history and responsibility are important.

Can someone with bad credit co-sign with someone with good credit and get a card using the other person's good credit?

You've got that stated backward. The person with bad credit who needs a credit card would be the borrower. He has to find someone with good credit to be the cosigner. And the cosigner has to really trust the borrower because he is going to be responsible for repaying the card if (when) the borrower doesn't.

If you authorize someone else to use your credit card and that person does not have good credit does that affect your credit score?

No they don't care, so long as the expenses on your credit card are paid.

Request to Cancel Credit Card?

Get StartedThe Request to Cancel Credit Card is used to request the cancellation of a credit card. It may be a cancellation request for your credit card or you may be making the request on behalf of someone else, for example, on behalf of a card holder who has died.

Why is my corporate business credit card not working?

It could be that your business has reached its credit limit for the month. It could also be that someone using the business credit card is buying something not business related and the credit card company has stopped the card temporarily.

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