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Where can you get a heart scale in Pokemon LeafGreen?


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you cant get one on leafgreen you have to trade it over from ruby Sapphire or emerald

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Heart scales are only in Pokemon emerald, ruby and sapphire but you can get one if you trade a heart scale from ruby or emerald or sapphire to leafgreen then take it but it will not do anything in the game.

Go underground and mine like crazy

You can't get those in leafgreen only in ruby and sapphire and emerald, but if you trade one from these games to leafgreen then now you have one.

A Heart Scale is a scale that is shaped like a heart and in most games with the exception of FireRed, LeafGreen and XD are the items that are used as payment in exchange for the Move Reminder's services of helping one of your Pokemon to remember either a forgotten or missed move.

you use it for the move maniac who reteaches your Pokemon a moves for one heart scale

if you get the Pokemon that the newspaper guy wants he will give you a heart scale and some rear poke balls

In the broken rock in Violet City, there will be a Heart Scale. You can also get a Heart Scale in the Pokeathlon Athlete Shop.

The 'heart scale collector' (move tutor) is in Pastoria city. If you give him a heart scale, he will teach one of your party Pokemon a move they have forgotten. :D

if you give it to seadra then trade it it will evolve into kingdra

You have to use rock smash and then hope that a heart scale falls out of it.

Catch a bunch of luvdisc they can hold heart scale.

catch a luvdisc, most of the time they will be holding a heart scale. fish for them. no, you can't buy a heart scale.

All you get is an evolution item, like metal coat or dragon scale

There's a man in Fallabur town who will re-teach a Pokemon a move for a heart scale. But you must find a heart scale, they are in several places on the map but are mostly in or near water.

You find it or you can get from diamond/pearl by trading a diamond/pearl Pokemon holding heart scale into ur jhoto Pokemon

Take it to a move tutuor, and he will teach you a move in trade for a heart scale. Unfortunately, Heart Scales do not work with the Move Tutor of Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed. That particular Move Tutor only wants big or small mushrooms. So the Heart Scales have no other purpose in FireRed like they do in Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond or Pearl.

Go see the Move tutor in Pastoria City and he'll teach your Pokemon a move and exchange for a heart scale.

Yes you can trade leafgreen version Pokemon to another leafgreen version.

Find it in the undergrounds.

the heart fish holds it in it's mouth

Hi,You use the Heart Scale at the Move tutor in Fallobar Town. The house is just east of the Pokemon centre.Shadowfritsch4

move tutor house one heart scale - one move taught

On wild Pokemon and serval locations.

On six island go south and use surf you should find an item that's the dragon scale.

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