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Q: Where can you get a heavely sword replica?
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Where can you buy a Master Sword Replica from the Legend of Zelda in the UK?

You can buy a Master Sword Replica from a store or website that sells Master Sword Replicas...

Who made the darksiders replica sword from the PS3 game?

United Cutlery

Is it illegal to buy or own a replica Master Sword in the UK?

yes if you don't have a license

Where may a person purchase a replica of a ninja sword online?

Replicas of a ninja sword may be purchased on the website for The Sword Buyer's Guide in their online store. One may also purchase ninja sword replicas on the True Sword website.

Is heavely cahill real?

yes heavely cahill is real because heavely cahill is me, typing here. i'm 15 and i'm a older sister of dan(he's 13) and younger sister of amy(she's 16)

Sherlock Holmes cane sword from the movie what kind is it?

it was a cheap tourist souvenir replica of a 19th century sword stick. they were made in India in the 1950s to 60s

Where can you find the Phantom of the Opera sword at?

It is almost certain that you wouldn't be able to get the actual sword used in the move, but you might find a replica on or possibly

Is it illegal to carry a 900mm sword in Ontario. I want to buy a replica Lord of the Rings sword the blade is 900mm. does anyone know if it would be legal to carry it around in a public place?


Are replica swords real?

yes and no the sword can be for collection reasons so it is not sharp or 1-2 out of 10 on the sharpness scale but the sword can be really sharp like 7-10 out of 10 on the scale it all depends on the style and reason of the sword

Where can one find an image of the Final Fantasy sword?

Images of the Final Fantasy sword may be found on many websites, for example Swords Planet. Other websites where the sword is featured are Video Gamer, Joy Stiq, Replica Dungeon and Polygon.

Is it legal to get the Zelda Twilight princess Master Sword Replica shipped to me to England from the USA?

yes it is all it has to do is pass customs and all that

Is a bastard sword a real sword?

That depends on the sword model. The bastard sword (long sword, one and a half sword) is classical sword from medieval times. Medeival warriors used one handed sword usually with shield or more effective bastard sword. Bastard swords offered higher penetration and it was also more effective against mounted knights. ............................................................. The longsword which is also known as a bastard sword (further modified into a claymore sword) was a medieval weapon. They were a real sword used by warriors on the battlefield but in modern times due to increase in development, replica swords are also being made.