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Q: Where can you get a westie and poodle mix?
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What is a poodle mixed with a poodle?

A mix of a bulldog and a poode is a bullpoo.

What a poodle mixed with a poodle?

A mix of a bulldog and a poode is a bullpoo.

What would you call a husky poodle dog mix?

A Siberian husky-poodle mix is called a Siberpoo.

How big does a Maltese mix with poodle grow?

Poodle ish sized

What do you call a mix of a Carin and a Westie?

A mix between a Carin terrier and a Westing is called a Cairland.

What is a designer puppy?

A designer dog or puppy means a mix. If you mix a mini poodle with a mini poodle, it is a pure bred. But if you mix that poodle with a maltese, you get an adorable maltipoo puppy. Also known as a designer puppy.

Can a Westie Bichon be black?

A "Westie-Bichon" is a mixed breed dog because those are two completely different breeds. But since both those breeds are all white then a mix of the two should also be all white. If the dog is black then it is NOT a mix of Westie and Bichon ...morelikely has Scottish Terrier in the mix rather than Wesite.(Scottish Terriers are black.)

What type of dog does sonja Morgan have?

It looks like either a poodle or a poodle mix

What is a multi-poodle?

I think you mean a malta-poo. its a mix between a poodle and a Maltese

Is a beiwer yorkie a poodle yorkie mix?

No a yorkie poodle mix is called a "Yorkie Poo". Funny name, right? But that's what its called...

What is a shihpoo?

Its a mix between a poodle and a shitzhu..

What is a cavalier and poodle mix called?

A cavapoo.