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Why not call an insurance agent? Or two or three? Most will be more than happy to discuss your situation with you before you actually buy a policy. And there is no need to reveal that you already have an agent if you are just getting a second opinion. Also, your local license branch may be able to help you for free, but their knowledge is usually limited to actual legal requirements to get your license plates. Most insurance questions are not based on legality, but rather an insurance carriers policy, which can be very strict and a nightmare if you violate it. As a last resort, you can talk to an attorney, usually for a fee. But unless you are already in a legal mess, I think an insurance agent is by far your best resource.

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Q: Where can you get an answer to a specific question about car insurance?
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Used car dealer business insurance?

Please ask a specific question.

If someone hits your car will your insurance rates go up?

That is a state specific & even worse a company specific question. Most cases no but, again, very specific with state & company.

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You never asked a specific question which is most likely why noone ever answered you.

How does a car accident effect your insurance?

that is my question

Can you drive a car that is not insured but you have insurance in the UK?

In the UK you must have insurance that covers you to drive the car in question.

How can you find a car insurance provider for a car?

to get a provider, just visit their website or one of their agents. To find out which insurance a specific car has, though, i cannot tell you.

If you have liability insurance are you covered no matter what car you drive?

It depends. Some insurance policies go from car to car while others are car specific. In most cases it's the latter, so check with your insurance carrier.

If I'm covered under my father's insurance can I drive my mother's car?

Car insurance is usually for a specific car. So if you are covered to drive your fathers car that would not apply to your mothers car.

Do I need more than classic car insurance for a sports car?

Classic car insurance is not part of a normal auto insurance policy. Specific information must be provided to the insurance company in order for them to provide this additional coverage

What are car insurance laws in Minnesota?

The auto Insurance laws for most U.S. states are typically many thousands of pages long. It would not be possible to post them all here. You may post a specific question and get an answer here or alternatively just contact you insurance agent and he or she can help you with specific questions or needs.

Will it help pay for a accident to another car if there wasn't car insurance?

What is "it"? The question is not clear.

Can I get cheap car insurance in Michigan?

No, there are not any specific cheap car insurance providers in Detroit for automobile workers. There is only the nationally recognized ones.

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