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Where can you get assassin's creed sheet music for strings?

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It's under copyright. Look for it in music sheet stores.

you would take a strip of sheet metal and a scissor-jack type short look up codex page 13

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== == * "free recorder sheet music" * ''recorder sheet music'' * "free sheet music recorder"

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You can buy the sheet music from Sheet Music Plus or

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Josh's anime sheet music collectionorIchigo's sheet music

You can get the sheet music for Far and Away from a number of different sources. Your local music store will likely have this sheet music.

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its the same as normal sheet music?

You can buy from Sheet Music Plus or Music

You can purchase the sheet music at a music store or online at places such as

Sheet music direct will most probably have the sheet music for greensleeves, or just try typing it sheet music for greensleaves on google and there will be plenty of sites x There is an arrangement on is a big sheet music search engine where you can find alot of printable sheet music. has lots of original music by composers and arrangers who use the site to publish their music. Much of the music is not available anywhere else, and some of it is free to print out. So if you want to play music that's a bit out of the ordinary, or original arrangements of classical repertoire, and help to encourage composers to keep writing, then have a look on the site, including myself, Tim New. {Most of my music is for flute/sax/strings)

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