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you can find them cheap at five below

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โˆ™ 2010-01-23 15:30:08
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Q: Where can you get cheap tamagotchis?
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Where can you buy cheap tamagotchis in London?


Can you make money on v4 tamagotchis with out playing games or connecting with other tamagotchis and if you can then how?

no but you can get cheats!

Who is mametchi on tamagiochi?

Mametchi is the main character of all the tamagotchis! Or you could say mascot of all tamagotchis.

Does tamagotchis sell in barrie Ontario?

There are Wal-Mart and Zellers stores in Barrie, and Tamagotchis are usually sold there. Happy Tama hunting!

Are tamagotchis a waste of time?


How old can Tamagotchis live?

== ==

Where can you buy cheap tamagotchis?

A very cheap place you can buy them is amazon i bought one for like 12.99 and it was a V.6 if you go to ebay people want to steal your money they sell them for 40.00 35.00 I've seen some for 60.00 even, and there used!!!!!! the one i bought was new in the package.

What type of tamagotchis do you get on v5?

you get the main characters only. not celebitchi and tenpatchi and the other tamagotchis. you get kuchipatchi and mametchi and memeitchi. all the main characters. :)

What age is a tamagotchi a adult?

a tamagotchis adult is whan your tamagotchis grows up to an adult you cot marry your tama play new games.

How do you get twin tamagotchis?

You cannot raise twins on any tamagotchi. The only tamagotchis that allow you to raise more than one character is the v5 and v5celebrity.

Do they sell tamagotchis at walmart?


Can you interact with tamagotchis over a telephone?


When are the v5 tamagotchis coming out?

Its your lucky day! Tamagotchi v5s have just come out! In these you are able to raise a whole family of tamagotchis! Enjoy! Glad i could help:)

Where can you find tamagotchis?

i got mine yesterday at toys r us for 14.88 it was kind o cheap but they only have : music star v5(thats wat i got) and v4.5

How do tamagotchis v3 and v4 get married?


How old do you have to be to mate tamagotchis?

5,6or 7

Does big W sell tamagotchis?


Are Tamagotchis for boys or girls?

It depends on who plays with them.

Who has the biggest amount of tamagotchis?

Of course,it is Japan.

Do tamagotchis listen to the clock on the tamagotchi?

yes they do

Do American tamagotchis connect to English tamagotchis?

Yes, All Tamagotchi's Can Connect As Long As The Red Bit At The Top Of The Tamagotchi / Famalitchi Is Close Enough (15 Cm Max)

When your tamagotchi dies and you start over how do get twin tamagotchis?

I'm afraid its impossible to get twin tamagotchis. It is merely a myth. Source here:

How do your tamagotchis get friends?

you conent with other real tamagochi

Can I get my two tamagotchis married if they are a different type?

Of course!

Do codes for tamagotchi v4.5 work on other tamagotchis?