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Homeschooled high school students that need further help/enrichment can enroll in tutoring. Students that get tutored whether needed or not, are proven to get better scores than those who do not get tutored.

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Q: Where can you get help with homeschooling at high school level?
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What do I teach my high-school level homeschooled student?

Homeschooling can be an option for families living in isolated rural locations, .... Holt later wrote a book about homeschooling, Teach Your Own, in 1981. ... Many of these programs allow students to obtain an accredited high school diploma.

Can my mom homeschool me for 9th grade if she graduated high school?

Yes. You can have your mom home school you even if she didn't graduate from high school. In Addition: Check the laws in your state. Generally, a high school diploma is required, but a few states do not have any educational level requirements for homeschooling.

Is nation high school a good choice for an online high school?

There are numerous reasons for completing your high school education online. Some people may find homeschooling necessary due to significant responsibilities at home, while others may find that extreme social issues exist that can only be dealt with by homeschooling. Regardless of the reasons, online homeschooling is a great alternative that allows people to achieve a high school diploma on their terms. Knowing the basics about online homeschooling is the first step in finishing your high school education at home.

What alternative education is available for my 15 year old?

You can look into a specialty school that is either religious or private. If that does not work you might also want to look into homeschooling. If done right with a tutor and lots of planning then homeschooling can really help get a child away from the tough life of high school.

Where can I find a comprehensive curriculum for homeschooling at the high school level?

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How does successful is online homeschooling?

By online homeschooling or via regular way, it should not effect children's future really at all. Children will also get a high school diploma and can get scholarships to go to college.

Is homeschooling legal everywhere?

No. Homeschooling is usually mandated at a federal level and there are numerous countries (like Brazil, China, Germany, and Greece among others) which prohibit homeschooling. There are also nations like Portugal which set homeschooling requirements so high that it makes it nearly impossible to homeschool even though it is legally permissible.

What types of courses did many early African American colleges provide?

High school level classes to prepare for college

How do I begin to find some homeschool high school curriculum?

You CAN Homeschool - Practical tips and ideas as you begin your home education journey. ... Homeschooling High School - Teach advanced subjects, prepare your ... Get some great picture books, some "school only" toys, and some large ...and there were some discussions about switching to a private school. ... They decided to start homeschooling him on Monday and would try to find a ...

Where did Joe Jonas go to school?

he went to Lincoln school in wyckoff New Jersey and then got married to some random person named Jaxie. Joe Jonas went to Eastern Christian School in North Haledon New Jersey,then did homeschooling on the road. He is not married!

What are the levels of math in high school?

the levels of maths in high school range from level 5 to level 9

Where can one find course materials for Christian homeschooling?

One may find course material for Christian homeschooling from the website "Kids of Integrity". Another good source is the site "Sonlight" which offers curriculum for preschool to high school.