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If you need help with your DVR hardware, visit your DVR manufacturer

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Q: Where can you get help with your DVR hardware?
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Where can you get help with using your DVR hardware?

If you need help with your DVR hardware, visit your DVR manufacturer

What is the benefit of connecting a DVR to a home network?

Connecting your DVR to your wireless network allows you to transfer and view media files, like digital photos and music, from your PC and view them on your DVR. For example, most DVRs allow you to store and organize your digital photos and view them on your TV. Some even let you play MP3 files directly from your DVR. Here is the hardware you'll need to connect your DVR to an existing wireless network. (The following items are typical hardware needed to hook your DVR to your wireless network. Actual steps and some hardware may vary according to your network setup.) * Compatible wireless USB network adapter for your DVR. Consult your DVR manufacturer for more information about compatible network adapters. * USB cable (to hook the wireless USB network adapter to your DVR). * After you hook up the wireless USB network adapter, you

What are some cheap DVRs that have TiVo?

You will need to get the hardware from TiVo ( including the DVR. They currently have three different packages to choose from, the cheapest being $99 plus the service. Have fun, you will love having a DVR!

Is The Mentalist a rerun tonight?

Help. Did my DVR mess up?

Why must you pay a service fee for DVR features on cable or satellite TV if it appears to be all hardware which you purchased yourself?

In general you do not have to pay a service fee to use the DVR, you only have to pay if you use a service to program your DVR for revcording or selecting automated recording. You can do it all manually through the menu for nothing...

How do I set up on-demand with a DVR?

To set up on Demand to work with your DVR, hook up your HDMI cable and set up your DVR to work along with on demand. You can also call your TV service provider for additional help.

Should you buy a DVR like TiVo or get the service from your cable company?

Getting service from a cable company is generally cheaper. Most cable company's DVR service seem to run approx. $10 per month, in addition to your current cable company bill. Generally, there is no equipment to purchase so the only cost you pay is your monthly bill. Note: This may or may not be the case with your cable company. Consult your cable company for exact pricing and terms for DVR service. Purchasing your own DVR can mean anywhere from roughly $100 (for a standard TiVo DVR) to $600 for some higher-end DVRs. The higher-end DVRs include fancy features such as DVD recording and the like. Plus, you may pay an additional monthly fee, ($12 per month for TiVo, for example). While purchasing your DVR may be more expensive initially, your DVR offers more features and flexibility than your cable company's service. **alternate response** In my neck of the woods (South FL)renting a cable DVR is $8 monthly for the hardware rental and an additional $5 for programming service. I pay $5 a month for a DirecTV DVR programming with a hardware lump sum cost of $50 (the hardware is often available for free with a new installation)

What is a DVR?

A DVR is a Digital Video Recorder. It's like a VCR, but instead of using a tape it records and plays back video digitally. It works like your computer, with a hard drive that stores the information. TiVo is the most popular DVR. It was one of the first on the market. These days there are other competing brands of DVRs, and many cable companies have started offering DVR services. Essentially, they've built a DVR into your cable box and then sell you the ability to use it as an added option (generally for $10 a month or so). The cable-company option requires no hardware since the DVR receiver is integrated with your program menu, so it can be cheaper.

Looking for no fee dvr service?

there is no such thing as no fee dvr service all dvr services have fees

The software used to help run the computer hardware is the?

The software used to help run the computer hardware is known as operating system.

What are the benefits of using a cable company's DVR service?

TiVo isn't the only option for digital video recording. TiVo just happened to hit the market early and it became popular fast. You have an option of using DVR receiver services from your cable company. This option usually requires no hardware as the DVR receiver is integrated with your program menu. You simply order the service from your cable company, and you

What controls access to the hardware of a computer?

with the help of system software we can access to the computer hardware........

Normally it would come from your DVR and go out to 2 TV's. I have not seen a DVR with HDMI in.?

Normally it would come from your DVR and go out to 2 TV's. I have not seen a DVR with HDMI in.

How you get help when you are working on your computer?

Depending what help you it hardware or software. Reputable software and hardware companies good online tech support.

How can a Wii be used as a dvr?

The Wii cannot be used as a DVR.

Can you program your DVR remotely?

You can program your DVR with a remote control.

Is a printer a hardware or software?

printer is a hardware device and an output device which works with the help of software

What is the difference between the Comcast DVR w/ Tivo and the DirectV DVR w/ Tivo Service?

The Comast DVR has a different interface, while the DirecTV DVR has an arguably better user experience.

Who invented the dvr?

The DVR or digital video recorder was invented in 1997. Anthony Wood created the DVR through his company ReplayTV.

How many programs can be stored on the Comcast DVR w/ Tivo DVR?

The Comcast DVR can hold about 400 hours of SD programming.

Where can I purchase a DVR recorder?

You can purchase a DVR recorder at many places and most DVR recorders will come with your television set or with your cable or satellite TV provider. You can purchase a DVR online however at

Who can help with parental control?

If you are in need of help with the parental control settings on your tv or dvd/dvr, you would be best off contacting your television provider.

Can you use a dish dvr without a subcription as just a regular dvr?

No. In order to use a Dish Dvr, you need to have an active Dish account.

Are DVR Systems hard to use and are they easy to navigate?

Dvr systems are not hard to use, they come with very clear instructions and always have a help line phone number associated with them, if a person follows the instructions they are self explanitory.

What is full form of dvr?

The full form of DVR is Digital Video Recorder.