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you can find the soothe bell in the Pokemon mansion talk to the maid in the second left room

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first ans my qoestion then i will ans ur question..

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Q: Where can you get the sooth bell in Pokemon Ruby?
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Where do you get a sooth bell in sapphire?


Where do you get a sooth bell in pokemon black?

From someone in Nabasa City.

Can you give Pokemon items to make them happier in diamond?

sooth bell

What is a sooth bell?

a bell that makes Pokemon more happy like golbat evoles into crobat by happieness

How do you get a Pokemon to trust you in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver fast?

u need 2 give it a sooth bell

How do get a sooth bell in Pokemon FireRed?

you go to where mr fugi was standing in the bell tower and use the item finder.

How do you make a Togepi happy in Pokemon LeafGreen?

give it a sooth bell {if you have one] hope this helps!!!

How happy do your Pokemon get when they hold a sooth bell?

250 happiness-400 happiness depending on lvl

How to get the sooth bell bell emerald?

In salport city there is a woman looking at a picture in the Pokemon fanclub. Make sure the first Pokemon in your party has full happiness's. Then talk to her and she will give you the soothe bell.

How do you get sooth bell in Pokemon soul silver?

go to national park and towards the back u wil find a item that is the soothe bell

How do you get the soothe bell on Pokemon Crystal?

Nowhere. The soothe bell was introduced in ruby/sapphire

How do you make Pokemon happy in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Sooth bell haircut (down in the goldenrod basement) putting first in your party talking to it alot