Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

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When did the st. valentines day massacre happen?

the St. valentines day massacre happened on February 14, 1929

On what day of the week was the St Valentines Day Massacre?

It was on a Thursday.

How many people died in the valentines day massacre?


Is Al Capone the st valentines massacre?

Al Capone orchestrated the St. Valentine's Day Massacre

When did the St valentines day massacre take place?

Saint Valentine's Day 1929

A sentence with infamous in it?

Al Capone was infamous for his Valentines day massacre.

How many deaths occurred in the St Valentines Day Massacre in 1929?

7 deaths were recorded to have come from this massacre.

What was Al Capone's most famous killing?

The Saint Valentines Day Massacre

What year was the St Valentines Day Massacre?

14th Febuary 1929 §♥

In which month of 1929 did the St Valentines Day massacre take place?


How long did the saint valentines day massacre last?

It was a thing of a few minutes.

The st valentines day massacre occurred feb 14th of what year?


How did cops find out that it was Al Capone behind Saint Valentines Day Massacre?


Who instigated the St Valentines Day Massacre?

Al Capone was the most likely suspect.

Why was it called the st valentines massacre?

The event was named as such because it occurred on St. Valentine's day.

Did Al Capone start the valentines day massacre?

He is suspected to have player a major role in causing it yes.

Valentine's Day party ideas for a group with lots of violent little boys.?

How about a St Valentines Day Massacre themed party.

Who buys more flowers on Valentines day men or women?

Men buy more flowers on Valentines.

Name one of the two mob bosses believe to be involved in the Saint Valentines day massacre?

The crime was never resolved.

Al capones gang gunned down members the moran gang what was the attack name?

it was called the valentines day massacre

How do you get cupid's Tommy gun in MySpace Mafia Wars?

You get it on Valentines Day butt u cant get it no more because Valentines Day passed so Next year on Valentines Day try 2 get it..

What holiday do more people get married on?

Valentines Day.

In the St Valentines Day massacre what were the hit men dressed as?

Some were dressed as uniform cops and other as plain clothes detectives.

Is there school on valentines day?

there is no school on valentines day

What happens on Valentine's?

Valentines day is actually dedicated to St. Valentines. They called this man, the man of love. Google "St. Valentines" to find out more