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Dogfish aren't exactly pets. I guess if you really wanted one, it could be a pet, but... They're found in freshwater, and they're disgusting-looking silver dinosaur fish. I don't know where you can purchase one, but I know you can catch them in the Mississippi River.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-20 05:58:09
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Q: Where can you purchase a dogfish?
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Where can purchase smooth dogfish shark for aquarium?

obviously, you can buy it from the shops!

Are dogfish real?

yes dogfish real

What eat dogfish?

dogfish are eaten by sharks

How do dogfish sharks reproduce?

The reproduction of dogfish sharks is pretty simple. The pair of dogfish mate, the female is pregnant for 18-24 months, and then the dogfish sharks are born.

What is another name for a dogfish?

Dogfish is a slang term for a shark.

What phylum does a dogfish belong to?

Dogfish belongs to phylum chordata

Do dogfish chase catfish?

Yes, because dogfish are sharks

Is dogfish a vertebrate or invertebrate?

A dogfish, all fish actually, is an invertebrate.

How do dogfish move?

they swim,and they were called dogfish because they hunted in packs.

How many teeth do dogfish sharks have?

how many teech does the dogfish shark have

What adaptations does a dogfish shark have?

Dogfish shark have oils in their body that helps them swim in the water.

Do dogfish have lungs?


What is the enemy of the dogfish?


Where can you buy Dogfish Head beer in Boston?

dogfish aquaruim on fishstreet it must be very smelly

What is the scientific name of a Dogfish shark?

the scientific name of a spiney dogfish shark is : Squalus acanthias

What is a dogfish?

A dogfish is any of a variety of fish, including those of the families Squalidae, Scyliorhinidae, and Dalatiidae.

What water do dogfish live in?

Dogfish live in salt waters. oceans, imagine it as a smaller shark.

Where do you get the bait to go fishing in breath of fire?

You can purchase bait from Prima and Auria. You can find a Shell in Spyre, and the enemy DogFish drops Shells and Urchins.

What is the Difference between cuttlefish and a dogfish?

A cuttlefish is related to the squid, a dogfish is related to the shark, they are NOTHING alike.

What animals eat spiny dogfish shark?

Killer whales, Seals, Cod, Red Hake, Goosefish, and other Spiny Dogfish Sharks have been known to eat the Spiny Dogfish Shark.

What does a fish-dog look like?

The spiny dogfish, Squalus acanthias, is a type of dogfish which are members of the family Squalidae in the order of the Squaliformes. The head of the dogfish resembles that of a dog, hence the name.

Does dogfish lay eggs?


Why are dogfish endangered?

yes they are

Dogfish can be trained to bark?


Are dogfish poisonous?