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Q: Where can you purchase a leaf for a Louis Nonnast table?
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Why is a table extension called a leaf?

While the entomology of leaf is not known for certain, it is possible it has to do with a leaf on a tree. Since a leaf is an extension of a tree, a table leaf is an extension of a table.

What is the hinged flap of a table called?

a leaf (as in "drop-leaf" table)

What is the plural of leaf when referring to a table extension?

The plural form for table leaf is table leaves.

What is a table leaf?

A table leaf is part of the table top that is hinged to fold down for storage.

What is a table called with attached extensions sliding out from under each end?

The table can be called a drop leaf table, or a butterfly table. The table can be called a drop leaf table, or a butterfly table.

What is the maximum seating capacity on a drop leaf table?

The maximum seating capacity on a drop leaf table is 14.

What kind of table is used to organize data?

stem and leaf table

Round table that has on the inside the watertown slide - patented 6-13-1899 made expressly for Louis f nonnast sons Chicago ill 6'48 top rb can you tell me anything about it?

We have a similar "Watertown Slide" table, made by the Louis F. Nonnast Company of Chicago, IL. It is a round table, and the stamping on the underside indicates that it would expand to 10 feet 1/2 inch, with all the leaves in place. That's one big table! It has four "ball & claw" feet, two each of which spread with the center column, as the table is expanded on it's "slide mechanism." It was, according to what we can find, patented in 1899 in Chicago by Mr. Nonnast,. himself. He has always been recognized as a very high-quality Victorian Era furniture manufacturer in the Chicago market, but shipped his goods on both national and international markets. We have been contacted by an Illinois Auction company, (I wish I would have kept their name), who offered to send one of their trucks if we would consign this table to one of their auctions. FYI, they valued it, at auction, (in the early '90s), at "possibly in excess of $5000," for whatever that is worth. All this, even though our table has only one leaf left. There's usually a story behind most antiquities, . . . Apparently, during the 1930s Great Depression Era, one year there was a terrible blizzard, and the woodpile had been either depleted, or was somehow inaccessible, so the family burned several of the leaves for this table in either the fireplace or the stove, in order to stay warm. That's the hand-me-down story on the missing leaves from our family's table, which will remain in our family for generations to come. FYI, for the past seven years, I have had a daily search on two auction sites, (eBay and Boocoo), and have never had a hit. This is apparently, not only a very high-quality table, but one that is extremely RARE.

Where can one purchase a petrol leaf blower?

There are many places where one can purchase a petrol leaf blower. One can purchase a petrol leaf blower at popular on the web sources such as eBay and Mower Magic.

Is it best to store the table leaf in the table, or off the table and in a closet?

Off table, it will save on wear and tear.

Can a frequency table make a stem-and-leaf plot?

yes but you need the exact numbers from the intervals in the table to make a stem and leaf plot.

Is a stem and leaf plot a graph?

A stem and leaf plot is not a graph, but it is a table. You can turn it into a graph, a histogram, but it is simply a table that organizes your numbers.