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Where can you rent the princess protection program?

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βˆ™ 2010-03-08 21:37:03

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I may not be a movie expert but the answer is Netflix or blockbuster.

2010-03-08 21:37:03
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Q: Where can you rent the princess protection program?
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Princess Protection Program- princess word?

The word princess is a noun, as are protection and program; they form the name of something called Princess Protection Program, a proper noun.

What is the duration of Princess Protection Program?

The duration of Princess Protection Program is 1.47 hours.

When was Princess Protection Program created?

Princess Protection Program was created on 2009-05-20.

What is the movie princess protection program actually called?

its called "princess protection program" it doesnt have another name

What are all the songs in the movie princess protection program?

one of the songs on princess protection program is one in the same

Where and what city was the princess protection program fiimed?

Princess Protection program was filmed in San Juan,Puerto Rico.

Who was Selena gomez on the princess protection program?

selena gomez was carter in the princess protection program :D XD

Who is Major Mason in Princess Protection Program?

he is Selena Gomez dad and watches over the princess [Demi Lavato] because he is a worker for the Princess Protection Program!

Is there a princess protection program 2?

no there is not

How many princess in the movie princess protection program?


Where is princess rosalinda from in princess protection program?

Costa Luna

What is Demi Lovato's name in princess protection program?

Demi Lovato's name in princess protection programme is Princess Rosalinda

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When will the princess protection program soundtrack be out?

It is already out.

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In Princess Protection Program who does Demi Lovato play?

demi lavato plays rosie in princess protection program and she is a pricess who is taken from her country on a secret mission

Does Madison lovato come out in princess protection program?

Yes she does Madison lovato comes out in Princess Protection Program as a little girl that Demi and Selena read to.

What song did Selena and demi sing in princess protection program?

The song Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez sang in "Princess Protection Program" is "One And The Same".

What does it mean to find your inner princess in princess protection program?

It means to find what princess you really are

How many times did princess be said in the princess protection program?

80 times

What is the link of the Princess Protection Program contest for the movie The Princess and The Frog?


Where did they film princess protection program?

puerto rico

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