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There are many employment opportunities for people with veterinary technology degrees. Besides working at a veterinary clinic, veterinary technicians can work for zoos, colleges who offer veterinary or veterinary technology degrees, drug companies, research laboratories, companies that make products for use by pet owners, government agencies such as animal health and food safety agencies, etc.

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Veterinary assistants work in vet clinics, assisting the veterinary medical team (the veterinarians and veterinary technicians) with basic tasks such as moving patients between rooms, cleaning the exam rooms and filling prescriptions. A veterinary assistant can also work with animal collections such as at zoologic parks, research labs and other facilities, although they are often given a different job title.

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i need to kno this for a health project.

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Q: Where can you work with a vet tech degree?
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Does Tarleton State University offer a vet tech program?

No, unfortunately, Tarleton does not offer a vet tech program. However, starting Fall of 2011 TSU will begin a Bachelors in Technology with a major in Vet Tech. In order to do this program though, you must already have an associates Vet Tech degree from another school. MCC in Waco offers the Vet Tech Associates degree.

Does Texas Tech offer vet scholarships?

Texas Tech does not offer a veterinary degree.

What kind of degree do you need to become a vet tech?

a 2 year associates degree

What schools can I obtain a vet tech degree?

To obtain a vet tech degree, it is highly recommended to visit your local college/university. Most of the popular colleges that offer this degree include: UCLA, Duke, Princeton, Harvard, and UT.

What is the vet tech degree called?

An associates degree or associates of applied sciences degree in veterinary technology in the US.

Is suny canton ny a good college for vet tech?

Yes, SUNY in Canton, NY has a great program for people who want a degree as a Vet Tech.

Do you have to be a vet tech to become a vet?

it depends on were you want to work to be vet some don't require it.

What college did Snooki go to?

Yes, she has a degree in Vet Tech.

I want to be a vet tech get a bachelors degree and live on campus What are schools that give that I'm trying to get my gpa close to a 3.0?

There are a few schools that will take a 3.0 GPA and have vet tech and bachelors. You can try going to Brown Mackie College or try getting into Vet Tech Institute.

Does a vet tech degree go toward a d.v.m?

In the United States, the courses you complete to earn a BS in veterinary technology could partially complete the pre-requisite courses needed to apply to vet school. However, the vet tech courses cannot be directly substituted for courses in vet school - the degree of difficulty and depth of information need are much greater for veterinarians than for vet techs.

Do the places you list in Manhattan offer Vet Tech programs or only Vet Assistant programs I prefer a Vet Tech degree or certification not online. I live a mile from New York City!?

I would try the NYU to find pre vet classes however you will have to leave Manhattan to finish the program.

Can self-study teach how to become a vet tech?

It depends on where you live. Some states have requirements for veterinarian techs; others do not. Some veterinarians expect a certain level of training or a degree, while others will train on the job. You can research schools here: