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Where can you write to Steven Spielberg?

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On a sheet of paper ( 100 Universal Plaza, Bldg. 5121, Universal City, CA 91608 )

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steven spielberg was born in Cincinnati (Ohio)

I think steven spielberg is totally awesome !

Steven Spielberg's birth name is Steven Allan Spielberg.

Steven Spielberg was born on December 18, 1946.

As of March 2012, Steven Spielberg is alive and well.

Steven Spielberg has directed 27 movies

The cast of Steven Spielberg and the Small Screen - 2004 includes: Steven Spielberg as himself

Steven Spielberg has directed 16 movies.

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George Lucas created Star Wars, not Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is 71 years old (birthdate: December 18, 1946).

Spielberg was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Steven Spielberg is a Jew!

Steven Spielberg was an un-credited executive producer of Shrek which opened in 2001.

To my knowledge Steven Spielberg had a Labrador which has since passed and also keeps horses.

Steven Spielberg move to California with his father around 1965 after his parents divorce.

Steven Spielberg won the Best Director Oscar for Schindler's List.

Steven Spielberg has written: 'The Goonies storybook' -- subject(s): Adventure and adventurers, Fiction

In 1958 Steven Spielberg premiered his first 8mm film entitled "The Last Gunfight".

John Williams wrote the score for all the movies Steven Spielberg directed, except 1985's "The Color Purple". Quincy Jones was the composer for "The Color Purple".

Mr Spielberg is a film director and producer.

As of February 2016, Steven Allen Spielberg (born December 18, 1946) is still alive and well.

No, Steven Spielberg even put Kate Capshaw in the 2nd Indiana Jones movie!

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