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There are several online stores that sell a variety of freshwater pearl necklaces, including Macy's, Zales, Birks and Amazon. Freshwater pearl necklaces are also sold at Walmart and Target.

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Q: Where could one buy a freshwater pearl necklace?
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Where can one buy a mother of pearl necklace?

One can buy his/her mother a pearl necklace by going to a jewelry store. Alternatively, you can also shop and buy a pearl necklace from a different location.

Where can someone buy a pearl pendant necklace?

A pearl pendant necklace can be purchased from all good jewelry stores. Try shops such as Tiffany's jewelers for a range of pearl pendant necklace products.

Where can someone buy pearl drop necklace?

A good place for someone to buy a pearl drop necklace is the online shop Amazon. They offer many pearl drop necklaces for good prices for you to pick up.

Where can one buy a pearl necklace set?

There are numerous jewelers and online retailers that one can buy a pearl necklace set from. They can be purchased from Macy's, Amazon, eBay, Overstock and JC Penny.

Where can you buy a chunky pearl necklace?

Kevin Edwards is a good place to find them...... not to pricy

What can you buy your friend to impress her?

You could buy her a nice necklace or some jewellry

Where could one buy a locket necklace?

There are numerous places one could purchase a locket necklace. Some of the places one could buy this item from include 'Macy's', 'Amazon', 'Overstock' and 'Etsy'.

Where can you buy a swastika necklace?

You could try Ebay or maybe Amazon?

Where could you buy a fairy necklace?

My opinion would be Claires in Park royal!

Where can someone buy a moon necklace?

There are many places where one could buy a moon necklace. One of the best places to purchase a moon necklace would be a jewellery store like Jared or a website like Amazon.

How much does a real strand pink pearl necklace cost?

It depends on the size of the pearls, the length of the necklace, the quality of the pearls, who and where you are buying it from, etc. However, the necklace I own (a princess length pink pearl strand necklace) was around $2,500-$3,000. (But it also has a gold clasp with three (tiny) diamonds which added to the price.) For probably the best quality pearls buy Mikimoto pearls.

How much is a real pearl necklace worth?

A real pearl necklace can range in price from $1.00 to $50,000 or more. It depends on the size length and quality. It is like saying what is a house worth. In the USA you can buy houses for $20,000 or $5 million

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