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One can purchase used Apple computers at many retail locations, both in person and online. Examples of such locations that offer the product include eBay and Amazon.

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2013-07-10 08:21:25
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Q: Where could one purchase used Apple computers?
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Are there apple computers in London?

Apple computers are in almost every major city on the planet. Same as Microsoft computers. Microsoft computers are used by businesses that do a lot of administration. Apple computers are used by creative businesses such as architects and magazines publishers.

Which OS is used only on apple macintoch computers?

Mac OS X is the OS used on Apple's Macintosh computers.

What microprocessor is used in apple computers?


Can you draw pictures on apple computers?

Apple computers have an excellent range of software available which can be used to draw pictures.

Where could one purchase an Apple Clamshell laptop?

The Apple Clamshell laptop still has a good resale market. One could purchase an Apple Clamshell laptop on eBay or Amazon or perhaps from a local used computer store in ones region.

What computer is used by MacDonalds restaurants?

Apple computers.

What types of computers are used in education?

Apple and Mac

Which OS is only used on apple Macintosh?

Apple's Mac OS X is legally only used on Apple Macintosh computers.

What businesses are computers used?

with how technologicalized the world has become computers are a part of almost every business, there is developing different types of computers for, PC laptops or Apple or you could be a computer technician and repair computers for different businesses

Where do students buy cheap used Apple Computers in Taupo?

Students in Taupo, New Zealand can buy cheap Apple computers by visiting the Amazon and eBay online stores. If they want really cheap Apple computers, they must buy them used.

What is the sign for apple?

The general symbol for Apple computers is an apple with a big bite out of it. It is currently a white apple, but it used to be a rainbow-striped apple.

What natural resources are used to make Apple computers?


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