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Q: Where did Alexander grand bell live?
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What city was Alexander Bell born in?

Alexander grand bell was born in Edinburgh the city!!

What did the crusaders undertaken to?

Alexander Grand Bell

What did Alexander grand bell make?

The telephone.

What did Alexander Grand Bell invent?

the telephone

Was Alexander grand bell white?

yes he was not black.

What state was Alexander grand bell born in?

It in Scotland no U.S.A .And it no grand it graham

Were did Alexander grand bell make the first telepohne?


What year did Alexander grand bell invent the air conditioner?


Who invented the telephone 1750?

Alexander Grand Bell and his invention team.

Did Alexander Graham Bell ever live in America?


How did Alexander Graham Bell live?

with a boom boom in his chest

Who was Alexander grahm bell's dad?

Alexander Graham Bell's dad was named Alexander Melville Bell.