Where did Chris Daughtry of Daughtry place in the fifth season of American Idol?

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In American Idol,He was 4th Place.
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Why do people like Chris Daughtry?

I can't tell why other people like Chris Daughtrty, but I can tellwhy I do (I assume you are referring to a his music). He blendsrock with some country influences into a rich sound that I reallyhaven't heard from anyone else. He may not have most musicallycomplicated songs, but I like his sounds ove ( Full Answer )

Did Chris Daughtry stay with his old band?

In 2006, Chris Daughtry finished 4th on American Idol. He turned down a televised offer to join the band "Fuel" and formed a new band, in which three of the original members are still active.

Is Daughtry a Christian band?

The band Daughtry does not market themselves as a Christian band, nor are they under a Christian label. However, lead singer Chris Daughtry has professed to be a Christian and some of the band's songs have religious undertones.

Is Chris Daughtry a Christian?

Yes. Daughtry is a Christian as far as anyone can know the heart of another person.. The external evidence points to Daughtry has, in his past, confessed his sins to God, turned form his sinful behavior, and acknowledged that Jesus Christ's death took the punishment that Daughtry would have otherwi ( Full Answer )

What is the story line for the music video Over You by Chris Daughtry?

\n. \nOk. Well, the song is called Over You. He is being dumped by his girlfriend, but he is telling her that he is over her. Like the saying, "One door closes and another one opens."\n. \n. \nTo me, the story seems to be deeper. It seems as if the girl was a drug addict and she ended up getting ( Full Answer )

What is chris daughtrys goal?

He wants to emulate every alternative rock band that ever got a lot of airtime on radio stations during the 1990's.

Is chirs daughtry a Christian?

Yes if you read the inside of the CD when he is thanking everyone he thanks God numerous times:))))

How many albums does daughtry have?

Daughtry has two albums, one called "Daughtry" which was released in 2006. The second called "Leave this town" which was release in July 2009.

What are the lyrics of over you by daughtry?

DAUGHTRY : Over You Lyrics . Now that it?s all said and done, I can?t believe you were the one To build me up and tear me down like an old abandoned house What you said when you left, just left me cold and out of breath I felt if I was in way to deep, guess I let you get the best of me W ( Full Answer )

What vocal range is Chris Daughtry?

http://www.idolranges.com/season5/ This site claims his lowest not on Idol was an E2 (middle C is C4) and his highest was a C#5 (one half-step above the the high male C5). It also tells you in which songs these notes were sung. In my opinion, Chris is an awesome singer, but these two extremes of ( Full Answer )

Who finished in 3rd place on American Idol each season?

Season 1: Nikki McKibbin Season 2: Kimberley Locke Season 3: Jasmine Trias Season 4: Vonzell Solomon Season 5: Elliott Yamin Season 6: Melinda Doolittle Season 7: Syesha Mercado Season 8: Danny Gokey Season 9: Casey James Season 10: Haley Reinhart Season 11: Joshua Ledet

Who won American Idol the year Chris Daughtry lost?

Chris Daughtry appeared in the 5th season of American Idol,which aired from January to May 2006. Taylor Hicks was the winner that season, with Katherine McPhee asrunner-up. Chris Daughtry came in fourth place. Chris soon formedthe band Daughtry and since his American Idol days have gone on toachiev ( Full Answer )

Who are the members of daughtry?

Current members . Chris Daughtry - lead vocals, guitar (2006-present) . Josh Steely - lead guitar, backing vocals (2006-present) . Brian Craddock - rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2007-present) . Josh Paul - bass guitar, backing vocals (2006-present) Former members . Jeremy Brady - rhyth ( Full Answer )

Did chris daughtry write no surprise?

According to the booklet in the "Leave This Town" album case, "No Surprise" was written by Chris Daughtry, Chad Kroeger, Joey Moi, Rune Westberg, and Eric Dill.

Is Daughtry emo?

Do you even know what Emo is? No, the band Daughtry is not in the emo musical genre. It is Rock/Alternative.

What or who is Daughtry?

Daughtry . Daughtry is a band. The members are Chris Daughtry, Josh Steely, Josh "JP" Paul, Joey Barnes, and Brian Craddoc. They play pop rock music. Their albums are "Daughtry" and "Leave This Town". The band started around 2006. They recently played a Live show on Americas Got Talent.. http:// ( Full Answer )

Has chris daughtry cheated on his wife?

Get a life, leave the guy alone, and let them be happy and enjoy the success. People like you are always trying to bring people down. Even if he ever has or ever would, is it really any of your business? NO..

What are Send me all your angels lyrics song by Kris Allen written by Chris Daughtry?

What am I gonna do tonight When I'm one step closer to the other side It's easy to pretend Tryin' hard not to fade away But the world's got me feeling out of place How will all this end? It's so hard to say Send me all your angels tonight I'm barely hanging on the edge of ( Full Answer )

Does chris daughtry have children?

Yes he has two children . His step daughter Hannah was born in September 7th , 1998 . And his adopted son Griffen was born in June 30th , 2000 .

The name of chris daughtrys first album?

His first album was "Daughtry" which was released in 2006 , and his second album is "Leave this town" which was released in 2009 .

How much money does chris daughtry make a year?

2,000,000 clear after paying gross payments, he ain't no Led Zeppelin and will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ( ok patrick ) ever never never ever be!!!

What songs did Chris Daughtry sing on American idol?

Daughtry auditioned in Denver and his audition piece was The Boxtops' The Letter. On his Hollywood performance he sang The First Cut Is The Deepest He sang Emotion on his trio performance with Ace Young and Bobby Bullard and Elton John's Your Song on his Hollywood's a cappella performance. ( Full Answer )

What are the lyrics for over you by daughtry?

Now that it's all said and done, I can't believe you were the one To build me up and tear me down, Like an old abandoned house. What you said when you left Just left me cold and out of breath. I fell too far, was in way too deep. Guess I let you get the best of me. Well, I never saw ( Full Answer )

How does chris daughtry help the community?

Chris Daughtry, Helps Habitat For Humanity. Also, He is Very Active In Toys For Tots! his son was once a orphan so he has always helped with it. :D .

Does Chris Daughtry smoke?

I've read some discussions online and some say that he does. And I believe that he couldn't get that husky voice without doing so. So, maybe, yeah.

Is Daughtry single or married?

Chris Daughtry has been married to Deanna Daughtry since November of 2000. They currently have 4 children: Hannah (13), Griffin (12), and twins Adalynn and Noah, born November 17,2010. Hannah was from Deanna's previous marriage, and Griffin was adopted.

Who taught Chris Daughtry how to play guitar?

He learned to play guitar from Matt Jagger at Stacy's Music Store in Charlottesville, Virginia. Daughtry's band Cadence used to open up for Jagger's band. Jagger can still be hired for lessons at Stacy's today.

What are the songs of daughtry?

I love the band Daughtry Daughtry - September Daughtry - Crawling Back To You Daughtry - Life After You Daughtry - It's Not Over Daughtry - Over You Daughtry - Outta My Head Daughtry - No Surprise Daughtry - Feels Like Tonight

What does the song over you by chris daughtry mean?

basically it mean that this man and his girlfriend or wife had a great relationship. until she left him, for absoultely no reason at all. he was so upset, had nothing to live for or so he thought, until he realized he was better than that he could be better than that and got over her and moved on. h ( Full Answer )

What does the song over you by Daughtry mean?

the song over you - from daughtry means that his girlfriend/ wife left him... he was so sad and cried for a long time but then he realized he had nothing to cry for....... and he got over that relationship now he's happy :D

Was Chris Daughtry married when his wife had the kids?

Yes. Chris Daughtry married Deanna Daughtry on November 11, 2000. He has four children: a stepdaughter, Hannah, born September 7, 1996 from his wife's previous marriage, a son, Griffin, born June 30, 1998 and twins, Adalynn and Noah, born November 17, 2010.

Who is the drummer for Daughtry?

Robin Diaz currently plays the drums for Daughtry. The former drummer from the band, Joey Barnes was replaced by Diaz in 2010 after the bands "Leave This Town" tour.

Where did the band Daughtry get their big break?

The band Daughtry got their first big break on the television show American Idol. They debued in the year 2006 and released their first hit single in that year.