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Though not officially known as Christianity, the teachings of Christ have been known since the time of Adam. For Adam received instruction from deity from the time he and Eve were banished from the garden of Eden. These same teaching were then given to their children. No one can say with any certainty just when it started after the time of Adam and Eve.
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When did Christianity begin?

Answer . Prior to Constantine, Christianity was a minor sect of Judaism. In reality, the Christianity that Constantine created was little more than a blending of the many belief systems of Europe at the time. Ancient Christianity was mostly a form of liberal Judaism, but Constantine blended Judaism ( Full Answer )

When and where did Christianity begin?

when and where did Christianity begin A. According the Word of God it started on the Day of Pentecost the Book of acts declares this in chapter 2 when the Holy ghost fell and they began to speak with tongues, they were in Jerusalem,and they were all Baptized in the Name of Jesus, and if you were ( Full Answer )

Where and when did Christianity begin?

Christianity is the act of following Christ. Jesus became 'The Christ' or anointed one when he was baptised in 29CE. His followers became known as 'Christians'. However the roots of Christianity dates back to the bible book of Genesis. In chapter 22 verse 18 it says 'And by means of your seed all na ( Full Answer )

What time period did Christianity begin?

Most Christians regard Jesus' ministry and death and resurrection, as well as Pentecost as the beginning of Christianity. So the start date would be a little later in the 30s AD. Answer Christianity started with the ministry of Jesus around 29 C.E. Upon his death in 33 C.E. his disciples cont ( Full Answer )

In what empire did Christianity begin?

It began under the Roman Empire. At first, Rome was greatly intolerant of Christian belief, and some Emperors persecuted Christians ruthlessly. The Emperors Caligula and Nero used Christian captives as victims for the gladiatorial arenas, forcing them to fight each other or heavily armed gladiators, ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity begin?

Christianity began when Jesus gave his disciples what is called theGreat Commission, which says to go out into all the world andpreach the gospel (or good news) to everyone. This began to beimplemented when the obedient followers received the Holy Spirit atPentecost, as Jesus had promised. This 'Pow ( Full Answer )

When did the persecution of the Christians begin?

Christian tradition says that persecution of the Christians began with Emperor Nero in the 60s of the first century. Certainly, he blamed Christians, perhaps unfairly, for the Great Fire of Rome, but there is no evidence for the persecution by him of Christians more generally. It has been pointed ou ( Full Answer )

Where in the ancient world did Christianity begin?

Christianity began with the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which occured in Jerusalem in present day Israel. The movement spread to the region and into what is now Turkey and then into Roman provinces.

What year did Christianity begin?

Philo of Alexandria writes in AD 10 that communities of Christians are all over the Roman Empire. Eusebius, Augustine, Tertullian and Clement of Alexandria all confirm that there were Christians before the first century and that Philo's "Thereputes" were indeed Christians. So Christianity has to ( Full Answer )

Did Christianity begin from Islam?

Yes, Christianity began from Islam. Islam means means fullsubmission to God; the Creator. Hence all God prophets andmessengers since start of mankind creation called their people forIslam in its universal meaning. Hence, Islam per Torah Godrevelation to Moses is called Judaism. Islam per the Bible G ( Full Answer )

Where did Christian music begin?

Well, even in the Bible, people sang praises to God. So I guess that was how Christian music evolved.

How did Roman Christianity Begin?

When Constantine made Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire. Roman Catholic Answer Christianity began in Rome with the preaching of the apostles Peter, and Paul in the first century. St. Peter, the first Pope, died and was buried at Rome. It has been the head of the Church ever sin ( Full Answer )

When did Christians begin?

The Christian religion, named after Christ, began sometime in the early first century AD. The teachings were spread by the apostles who went forth to "teach all nations".

How did Jesus begin Christianity?

Jesus provided much of the teachings that Christians now use to define their religion, and apparently established the first Christian leaders. Beyond citing much of Christian history as related through the New Testament, there is little to say except "he started it".

Where did Christian religion begin?

Most of the Pauline Epistles of the New Testament were written toChurches in the Hellenistic countries of Galatia, Macedonia, andAchaia. The Galatians had many large cities within their countrywhich also have Epistles named after these cities. This region is currently known as Turkey and Greece, bu ( Full Answer )

When did the major beliefs of Christianity begin?

The major beliefs of Christianity began with the life and teachings of Jesus Christ Himself. These are particularly centered on the death and resurrection and their meaning to his followers.

How did Christianity begin and when?

Before the foundations of the World were laid. Before this Earth was formed. Before Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden. Before Christ died for us. Jesus Christ was chosen to be our Saviour before the foundations of the world. It has been his eternal mission. It has no beginning or end.

When was the beginning of Christianity?

Well, depends on if you understand Christianity. God was in the thebeginning, and religion and faith started with the first man. Butthat wasn't Christianity. CHRIST IANITY began when Christ died on the cross for you. At that moment wehad the chance to be saved from eternal suffering, and withi ( Full Answer )

How was Christianity begin?

Jesus started the reformation of Judaism into Christianity but the actual institution of Christianity was not established for a few generations. About 60 AD

How did Christian Begin?

It is hard to say exactly when it began. Some Might say the Birth of Jesus Christ, others might say the Ministry of Jesus Christ, and others might say the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. I would have to say in my own opinion. That it began with the ministry, as the disciples of Christ could ( Full Answer )

Where in southwest Asia did Christianity begin?

Answer Most people believe that Christianity began with the mission of Jesus of Nazareth, in the Palestinian provinces of Galilee and Judea. A minority view is that Christianity actually began in Syria, or even Egypt.

When do christians think life begins?

If this question is in regards of abortion matters. Life begins at conception. From the moment of conception, God is crafting a person in the womb of a woman.

Why Christianity begin?

Truly Christianity began in Judaism, but if you're asking why did they split up, it is because Christians believe Jesus is the Messiah, aka son of God, Jews claim that he is not.

Where did the beginning of Christianity?

The beginning of Christianity was in Israel at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came on the disciples to form the Catholic Church.

When did Christianity begin one answer?

I'm sorry, but this depends upon what you mean by "begin". Jesus was born in 3 AD, according to most scholars today, so that could be the beginning. He began his ministry at age 30, or AD 33, if that is the start of Christianity. His ministry lasted 3 years, so his crucifixion and resurrection occur ( Full Answer )

Where did the religion of Christianity begin at first?

Catholic Answer Christianity began in Israel with the resurrection of Jesus and the establishment of the Catholic Church by the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Another Answer: Jesus came to establish God's Church on Earth, headquartered in Jerusalem, with Him as the Spiritual Head (Apostle James ( Full Answer )

When do Christians believe life begins?

Modern Christianity considers life to begin at conception. In early times, there were different views. It was long believed that life did not begin until the fetus was recognisably human in form - several weeks after conception. . Christians believe life begins at conception.

When did early christian art begin?

The earliest find of a Christian painting is in Israel and is dated to the year 70. There were many painting in the Christian catacombs of the 2nd century. The earliest sculptures are also from this period.

Did christian religion begin in Turkey?

No. Christianity began in Judea. Specifically in Jerusalem. However it quickly spread to the country we now call Turkey, although in those days it was made of separate countries and states. For example, Ephesus (now in western Turkey) and Galatia (now in central Turkey) were two of many places in T ( Full Answer )

When did Christianity beginnings?

Christianity began at the day of Pentecost, when God sent the Holy Spirit onto the believers and commissioned them to "Go unto the world and preach the good news that I have given you".

How did Christianity begin in Europe?

It all began with the Roman conquest of Europe between 43 and about 410 AD. In the early years of the conquest, Rome was mainly pagan, and often very anti-Christian. However, when Emporer Constantiene came to power in the 4th century AD, he began christianizing Rome, and therefore, all the land owne ( Full Answer )

Where did Christianity begin at?

Christianity as an officil religion began in Jerusalem after Jesus had ascended and his followers began preaching the good news of the kingdom. Although they were still Jews by race, they were Christians by faith. However, these early believers were not called "Christians". "Christians" only began b ( Full Answer )

When did Christianity begin in Egypt?

Egypt declared Christianity back in 71 AD after the entrance of mark the apostle and the evangelist to Alexandria in 43 AD, at that time the Egyptian were in an era of believing in one God instead of different gods, except they called him the unknown god, mark the apostle and the evangelist went in ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity begin in the Philippines?

Christianity, came to the Philippines when the Spanish gained control of the islands around 1521. Prior to this, the Philippines was an Islamic state most Filipinos were Muslims. When the Philippines officially became Spanish territory, then 95% of Filipinos were converted to the Roman Catholic reli ( Full Answer )

When and were did Christianity begin?

1 A.D. and up. After Christ died the Jews began to believe that it Jesus wasn't "the Christ" at all. But just a powerful prophet. Christians believed that he was Jesus. So I guess you can say it began in just the Middle East, where Jesus mainly taught. ~~I know this is a sketchy answer so feel free ( Full Answer )

What roman providence did Christianity begin?

Christianity began in Judaea, which at the time was part of the province of Syria. Christianity began in Judaea, which at the time was part of the province of Syria. Christianity began in Judaea, which at the time was part of the province of Syria. Christianity began in Judaea, which at the time ( Full Answer )

What year did the rise of Christianity begin?

Christianity began with the first preaching of the gospel by Peter, after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in AD 30. In the Roman Empire, Christianity was considered officially equal to all other religions in A.D. 313. In A.D. 380 Christianity became Romes official religion. I hope this h ( Full Answer )

When does life as a Christian begin?

When you accept Christ into your heart. The New Testament perspective: 2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation ; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. According to Paul, a new life begins when one is placed "in Christ." ( Full Answer )

When did the persecution of Christianity begin in Rome?

A: Two important stories of early persecution were the executions of Peter and Paul in Rome, under the orders of Emperor Nero in 64 CE. The problem with these stories is that they only surfaced in the second century - the executions probably never happened. Undoubtedly, Emperor Nero blamed the Chr ( Full Answer )

Where was the beginning place of Christianity?

Christianity starts with Jesus. He mostly lived and worked in Judea and Galilee, in the region now known as Israel. Jesus died in Jerusalem in the same region, around AD 30. As a distinct movement, Christianity began in the same places, and most importantly in Jerusalem, after Jesus' death, an ( Full Answer )

When did christian denomination begin?

Christianity began with the life of Jesus Christ, which was about 2000 years ago. The formation of different denominations began within a few centuries of that time.

When did Christianity begin in the Middle East?

The New Testament Church known as 'The Way and Christian' isbelieved by some biblical scholars to have begun on the 1stPentecost Sunday, June 17, 31 AD in Jerusalem, Israel when God'sHoly Spirit was made available to all mankind who repents andfollows His Son as His disciple (imitator).