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Christianity came when your mom and i ****ed
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Which came first Buddhism or Christianity?

Buddhism came before Christianity, it was founded around the fifth century BC in India. Christianity began at 1st century AD in Jerusalem. Addition to above: Whilst Jesus actually walked on the earth 2000 years ago, Christians believe that he was prophesised many hundreds of years before by Old ( Full Answer )

What religions came before Christianity?

Paganism, Celtic religions, Ancient Roman, Greek, Egyptian polytheistic religions. Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism. Shinto, Taoism, Confucianism. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From this we learn that every Christian, Jew ( Full Answer )

Which religion came first Catholic or Christian?

Christianity is the overarching multi-denominational tag. Catholicism is a specific sect. Therefore Christianity predates, but also includes, Catholicism. . Catholic Answer Christianity was the religion that was started by Jesus Christ on the rock of Peter, the Apostle, who was the first Pope ( Full Answer )

When did Christianity came to the Caribbean?

Christianity was introduced by Spanish settlers when they arrivedin Jamaica in1509. Christianity originated in different forms orversions over several centuries.

Which religion came first judaism Islam or Christianity?

One source found on the internet presents the following dates for one major figure associated with each: Muhammad: 570 - 632 CE . . . 1,378 years ago Jesus: 1 - 30 CE . . . . . . . . . . 1,980 years ago Moses: 1500 - 1350 BCE . . . . 3,360 years ago

What religions came before Christianity in Africa?

African religion started as a combination of myth and ritual. It graduated (through discoveries and intellectual evolution) from magic to polytheism (tribal pagan religions based upon the environment and the needs of society) as well as shamanistic and totemic practices. In the diaspora, Judaism was ( Full Answer )

What came first Catholicism or Eastern Orthodox Christianity?

Both churches regard themselves as the true descendant church of the early Christian church, so it's more proper to say that they originated at the same time or along parallel paths until they split formally from each other.. Yet, The Orthodox Church has only changed 1 thing about itself since the ( Full Answer )

Who came up with christianity?

No one came up with Christianity. The religion is the culminationof the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as put forth in the NewTestament of the Bible.

Where did she came from?

When a woman is asked where she comes from, she will respond with the name of her birthplace. A woman may also answer with the name of her parents.

Which came first christianity or hinduism?

The original Hindu scriptures were written prior to Christian scripture, although there are significant changes to the modern-day forms of Indian religion. Hinduism can be dated back to 2000 B.C. making it one of the longest-surviving religions. Christianity was established following the death of Ch ( Full Answer )

How did the role of women change when Christianity came to Rome?

The advance of Christianity certainly strengthened the position of women in the past. The equal dignity and value of both men and women before God was a recognized fact of Christian teaching and completely revolutionary for the time. From the earliest times that understanding gradually had the effec ( Full Answer )

What came first islam or Christianity?

Christianity came first. Christ Established the Christian Church around 33 AD. Muhammad did not come along until the 7'Th Century.

What came first Orthodox Christians or Catholic Christians?

They were One, so one cannot be first because they were one in the same. Then both churches separated in 1054. The Catholic Church regards the Orthodox Church as its Sister Church. However just because they were the same church doesnt mean they were established at the same time since the "Holy ap ( Full Answer )

From where you came from?

As this question is included in the religious section I understand that you wish to know where we came from originally. I will try and answer to the best of my knowledge and to what I have a testimony of. Before coming to this earth as a child we were as spirits residing with our Father in heaven. ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity came into beign?

We are all who believe that Christ is God techniquely it came to be when the 3 wise men saw Jesus born in the stable!

What came first Catholic or Christianity?

Roman Catholic Answer Actually, the question makes no sense, as Catholic is just the description of universal Christianity. They are two words describing the same thing. The word Catholic has been used to describe the Christian Church since the first century. Your confusion may come from the fact ( Full Answer )

What religion came first Christianity or Islam?

Answer A Islam Answer B: Christianity began some six centuries before Islam. Answer C Actually both answers above are correct. This discrepancy needs explanation. Islam in its broader sense means submission to God and surrender to His will. In this sense, Islam is God religion since s ( Full Answer )

Which one came first Islam or Christianity?

Islam means submitting ones will to God, and Christianity pertains to following the teachings of Jesus. As a Muslim or a Christan you should be doing both. In terms of history Jesus was born first and his religion was started first.

Christian views of how the world came?

Genesis:1:1-31: 1: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 2: And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. 3: And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. 4: And God saw ( Full Answer )

How did the christian church came to be divided?

The problem with Christianity isn't the religion itself, but the fact that its members are all human. Originally, there was one Church, what we now know as the Catholic Church. However, during the 1500s, the priests of the time were corrupt (as mankind tends to be) and were charging people money in ( Full Answer )

What came first Buddhism or Christianity?

Answer Buddhism was founded in this world by the Buddha Shakyamuni, who was born in 624 BCE. This is many centuries before the start of Christianity, so Buddhism is older than Christianity.

What is the difference between the Christianity's and the Muslim religion you heard that Muslim came from Christianity?

Islam began when the Prophet Muhammad received a vision from God, encouraging him to spread a divergent system of beliefs. The main difference between Christianity and Islam is that Muslims don't believe that Jesus was the son of God. However, unlike Judaism, they do believe he was a prophet divinel ( Full Answer )

How Christianity came to Scotland?

Mainly by Saint Ninian (to Galloway) and Saint Columba (to the Isle of Iona), together with their followers.

How did Christianity came to exist in Africa?

It was taken there by Europeans who basically took over Africa. Answer Although Christianity spread across the more inaccessible parts of Africa because of European missionaries, it was in parts of Africa long before that - in the first century to be precise. We read in Acts of Philip the Apost ( Full Answer )

How many prophets came in Christian?

Actually the prophets all came in the old testament time, before Christ so none christians. In actual fact the Old Testament prophets were Christians. It was only in Antioch (Acts.11.26) that the name first came into being, before this the Old Testament saints of God followed the Lamb of God (Rev.1 ( Full Answer )

Is We Came As Romans a Christian band?

We Came as Romans in not a Christian band. Some of their songs may have a Christian meaning, but that does not make them a Christian band. However, some of the band members are Christians, as others are not. The lead singer said on an interview that they do not want to be known as a Christian ban ( Full Answer )

Christianity came to the US from?

from all the countries that settled this land from Europe, in those time virtually everyone was christian so everywhere is a good answer

Why Christianity came about?

God thought it would be pretty cool if people could come straight to him and hang out with him without all their sin getting in the way. He knew the only way that would happen was if the people willingly let go of their own baggage of misdeeds, but he's not really into slavery and forcing people to ( Full Answer )

How do Christians rationalize the fact that close to all the writers of the New Testament never came into contact with Jesus personally?

Christians see nothing there needing to be "rationalized." 2 Timothy 3:16, 17 - All Scripture is given by inspiration of God , and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good ( Full Answer )

When Christianity and bible came to the world?

God created the world. He's been here forever. It's impossible for us to fathom. God has been here forever so therefore Christianity has been here forever, literally. The Bible came when people needed to hear God's voice in a different way. Did this help?

Did the Muslims and Jews have wars before the Christians came along?

Well, sort of. Israelites of the Old Testament went to war with atribe called Midianites (Numbers ch.31). The Midianites were anearly Arabian tribe. However, this was long before the coming ofJesus and Mohammad. So the answer is yes and no. The Jews had warswith Arabs but the Arabs had not converted ( Full Answer )

Which christian faith came first?

The Roman catholics, then people protested against it, who were called the protestants or the lutherans, this was called the refoemation and was lead by Martin Luther in the 16th century

Why is it that atheists believe that Christians do not engage in freethought when I was raised in a secular environment and came by my beliefs by examining the evidence and finding this religion sound?

As a nonbeliever, you engaged in free thought and then became a Christian. With your liberal background you will probably continue to engage in free thought. After all, I know of no atheists who believe that Christians are unable to do so. This does not validate your decision, merely that you have m ( Full Answer )

What do Christians believe about how the world came to be?

Christians believe the Biblical story of Creation, as told in Genesis (the first book of the Bible). In this, it begins with how, in the beginning, the world was unformed and there was nothing but empty, dark space. God simply created everything, beginning with the Earth, and He then created light. ( Full Answer )

What religion came first after Christianity?

Christianity had many small cults appear from its doctrine not long after its birth, however on a major scale, Islam appeared only several hundred years after the recorded death of Jesus. Compared to in the full scale of history, that is a very short amount of time for another major religion to appe ( Full Answer )

What was the year that Christianity came about?

Jesus ministry with the Apostles and disciples started around 26 A.D. Jesus was crucified and resurrected approximately in the year 29 A.D. because the people who made the time scale we use put year 1 A.D. as the year that Jesus was announced at the Jewish temple when he was two or three years old. ( Full Answer )

What came first Catholicism or Christianity?

Catholicism was Christianity as established by Jesus Christ. Priorto the Reformation there was just the Catholic Church and theEastern Orthodox Church; after the Reformation, all the variousProtestant Denominations arose. . Catholic Answer Catholicism is Christianity, and it was established by Jes ( Full Answer )

How did the Jewish and Christians came together to be with the Christians and Romans?

Judea became a client state of the Romans before the birth of Jesus and was annexed to the Roman Empire as a province in 6 AD. Therefore, the connection between the Jews and the Romans was Roman rule. The first Christian converts were Jews. The apostles were Jews or people from areas not far from Ju ( Full Answer )