Where did Christmas came from?

Christmas is a Christian celebration based on Pagan celebration of Yule, the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. The longest day down under. Yule is celebrated because it signifies that the weather is about to get less cold, the trees and plants will soon grow new shoots, flowers will blossom, animals will have their young, spring is coming and all will be well. It is a natural celebration event around the world, where the weather gets cold.

The "Christmas Tree" is either a sprig or branch, and sometimes a whole small tree, an evergreen tree, brought inside to remind those stuck in the "Cabin" or "Hut" that life goes on, even when the earth is covered by snow. Rather than attempt to convert the pagans to a Christian "God", Christian leaders consciously "stole" pagan celebrations and convinced Pagans that Christianity was a better religion. Easter is also a pagan celebration known as Oystra, and the egg symbolizes new life. Pagans are people of the Earth, who believe in nature, life and good morale behavior just as other religions do. Maybe next year, you might consider celebrating Yule, the 21st December, although in the southern hemisphere, it should be the 21st June. Happy Yule everybody!