Where did Christmas caroling come from?

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Caroling originated from hymns sung in churches, since Christmas was originally a religious holiday.
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What time do the ghosts come in A Christmas Carol?

Marley says that they will come on successive nights at midnight. However, they come one after another in one big dream/vision thattakes place the night of Christmas Eve.

How did the German Christmas carol Silent Night come to be?

The text for 'Silent night' originally" Stille Nacht" was written by Father Josef Mohr (an Austrian priest) in 1816, in the original German. The componist Franz Xaver Gruber composed the music.. The story behind 'Silent Night': . Father Joseph Mohr wrote "Silent Night" when he was a young pries ( Full Answer )

What is Christmas carol?

A song that is song with a group at people's doorsteps. The book by Charles Dickens about Scrooge's tranformation.

What is a Christmas carol?

A Christmas carol is a lyric on the theme of Christmas or the winter season in general and which are traditionally sung in the pre-Christmas period. It is melodious and enriched with religious fervor. Nowadays even people belonging to other communities enjoy Christmas carols being sung . A Christma ( Full Answer )

What is A Christmas Carol about?

a Christmas carol by Charles dickens is about a selfish cruel man, ebenezer scrooge, who was changed by three helpful spirits. a dead business partner of his, mthe man arley Jacob, came to him one night and gave him a warning that if he didn't change, he would meet the same fate as him. Marley Jacob ( Full Answer )

In A Christmas Carol who comes to visit Scrooge in his shop?

Progressively Marley"s Ghost, and the spirits of Christmasses Past, present, and ye4t to come, all up four ghosts. It is almost without question the(Scary Ghost Story) mentioned in the song- The most wonderful time of the year. that is A Chriswtmas Carol , or as most people style it- and this avoids ( Full Answer )

What is a 'Christmas carol'?

It means a song of praise sung by a group of people to show how much they love Christmas Santa or Jesus, some just do it for money. * In example Silent Night, Jingle Bells, Deck The Halls, ect.

Why did Dickens call 'A Christmas Carol' A Christmas Carol?

Dickens called his novel 'A Christmas Carol' because he expected the story to be repeated and shared between generations. He also intended it to bring people together as one, just like the singing of Christmas carols spread joy and bring families together. His carol was a song of praise of the Chris ( Full Answer )

How is Christmas portrayed in A Christmas Carol?

Christmas is not just about the birt of Jesus Christ but also about being kind hearted, generous and loving to others. Scrooge was the total opposite to all those things but the angels represented by the ghost of Christmas showed him how to be all those things and more. Hope that helps

What did the first spirit come for in A Christmas Carol?

The first spirit was Scrooge's former business partner Jacob Marley. He came to tell Scrooge that he was wasting his life, that he had a long and grievous chain, and that he was to be visited by three more spirits. To show Ebenezer Scrooge his past.

Why are Christmas carols associated with Christmas?

because they are CHRISTMAS carols and people sing them only on Christmas Day! More detail: Christmas carols are sung and played throughout the Christmas season to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and to celebrate the holiday season. Many of the carols are very spiritual, while others are more 'fu ( Full Answer )

What are words to describe the Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come in A Christmas Carol?

Of the three spirits who visit Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens'A Christmas Carol, the final one - Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come- is perhaps the scariest. Some words to describe the spirit, as itwas portrayed in the book and the many screen adaptations sinceinclude: . grave . gloomy . myste ( Full Answer )

Why is A Christmas Carol called a carol?

Instead of chapters there are staves which is in music the 5 lines behind where you write the notes that is why there is 5 staves

What Christmas carols are in Christmas?

Hymns like "Silent Night" and "Little Town in Bethlehem" are songs sung around Christmas. Also, the classics like "Jingle Bells" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" are common songs.

What Christmas carol was sung in the movie A Christmas Carol?

Song Name . Angels We Have Heard On High. Away In A Manger. Coventry Carol. Deck The Halls. Ding Dong Merrily On High. Gabriel's Message. Go Tell It On The Mountain. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Good King Wenceslas. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. Here We Come A-Wassailing. I Sa ( Full Answer )

Which carol ends with'and Christmas comes once more'?

The fourth stanza of `O Little Town of Bethlehem' goes: Where children pure and happy pray to the blessèd Child, Where misery cries out to Thee, Son of the mother mild; Where charity stands watching and faith holds wide the door, The dark night wakes, the glory breaks, and Christmas comes o ( Full Answer )

How did Charles Dickens come to write A Christmas Carol?

Early in 1843, as a response to a British government report on theabuse of child labourers in mines and factories, Dickens vowed hewould strike a "sledge-hammer blow . . . on behalf of the PoorMan's Child." That sledge-hammer was A Christmas Carol. He despisedthe powers that be for their ignorance o ( Full Answer )

Is she'll be comin round the mountain when she comes a Christmas carol?

Heavens no, it is not even winter-oriented. Seems to be welcoming a cowgirl , restaurant manager or something of that ilk. Probably had something to do with the Harvey Girls movie ( no, they were not Playboy Bunnie, not that Harvey, but the Fred Harvey restaurant chain, affiliated with the ATSF rail ( Full Answer )

When was A Christmas Carol out?

If you meant when was a Christmas Carol released so people could read it, then the year was 1843. It even says in the beginning where the author's note was.

What do carols have to do with Christmas?

People go around singing songs around Christmas and they call these songs carols. They are mostly sung around Christmas so that is what they have to do with Christmas!

What does carol mean in A Christmas Carol?

the story is called "A Christmas Carol" because when a young boy comes up to Scrooge's door and starts singing a Christmas carol, Scrooge threatens to harm him with a ruler. But to answer your question, "carol" means song about Christams.

Who comes to see Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge is visited in his office by Fred his nephew and 2 portlygentlemen seeking a charitable donation to help the poor. At hishome Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his ex-business partner,Jacob Marley and then by the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost ofChristmas Present and the Ghost of Christm ( Full Answer )

Are Christmas carols only for Christmas?

No you can sing them anytime at all but some people believe it is bad luck to sing them when it is not Christmas so it depends in whether you believe in bad luck or not

Why is A Christmas Carol by Charles dickens named A Christmas Carol?

The title appears to support the construction of the story itself.Dickens wrote the book in "staves" rather than "chapters." Since astave is a verse of a given song or poem, Dickens seems to havecome up with the idea of writing a "carol" related to Christmas,similar to the way musicians write songs ( Full Answer )

What Christmas carol is about Christmas coming?

There is a Christmas carol called "Christmas is Coming", based on a nursery rhyme. There are other versions of the song. One is "A Round About Christmas" made popular by the Kingston Trio. Another is "Christmas Is a-Comin", performed by Bing Crosby. Jason Gray also performs a song called "Christmas ( Full Answer )

How come you don't play a verity of Christmas carols?

because you' forgotten about the hawiian cristmas song little red shoe song and you play the charlie brown christmas song way to much. please play all the songs there's a huge verity of them

Before A Christmas Carol Where Does The Word Humbug Come From?

It is first referenced in "The Student, 1750-1751, ii. 41" and isdeemed to mean. A hoax; a jesting or befooling trick; an impositionor a thing which is not really what it pretends to be; animposture, a deception, fraud, sham or indeed a Deception,pretence, sham; used interjectionally a similar phras ( Full Answer )

Did Christmas carol?

Not sure what you are trying to ask, but A Christmas Carol is astory written by Charles Dickens about some of the social andeconomic injustices of early Industrial Revolution period England.

In Christmas carol when did the other vistors come visit school?

initially the Ghost shows Scrooge the characters from the onlybooks he had for company and in doing so showed him vision of ; AliBaba!" Valentine his wild brother, Orson;the Sultan's Groom. This is followed by vision of Parrot, Robin Crusoe, and finallyFriday Then the ghost shows him visions of anot ( Full Answer )