Where did Christmas get its name?

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It is named after Jesus Christ, not St. Christopher. Christmas is named after the birth of Jesus Christ. The "mas" part of Christmas comes from the Roman Catholic term "mass." Christmas was originally a mass for Christ, to celebrate His birth. Christ
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What is the scientific name of a Christmas tree?

When people buy real Christmas trees on Christmas, it's an evergreen. More specifically, it would be a conifer. Even more specifically, it could be a white fir, which is Abies concolor, but there are lots of others that are also used.

How did Christmas get its name?

\n. \n Origin of the Name Christmas \n. \nChrist Mass. For Jesus Christ being born.. Krishna Maas in Sanskrit meaning Lord Krishna's Month. Krishna says in Bhagavad Geeta that December (Margashirsha) is his favourite month.

Is xmas a real name for Christmas?

Yes it is. The X is part of the two Greek letter representing thename for Christ - the C hi-Rho . The Chi Rho is one of theearliest forms of christogram, and is used by some Christians. Itis formed by superimposing the first two (capital) letters chi andrho (??) of the Greek word "???????" = Christ ( Full Answer )

Names for Father Christmas?

Theres: Father Christmas, Santa, Santa Claus, Christmas Man, Present Man.In: England: Saint Nicholas Morocco: Black Peter Brazil: Papai Noel Italy: Babbo Natale Hope that helped :)

What is another name for Christmas?

Christmastide, Christmastime, Dec 25, Noel, Xmas, Yule, Yuletide.. The nativity of Jesus Christ! The Spanish word for Christmas is Navidad. French people use Noel, and Italians Natale. No, the actress Natalie Wood was NOT named in honor of the Tannenbaum , nor was she born on Yule-=she was born 7.2 ( Full Answer )

How did Christmas Island get its name?

The Territory of Christmas Island is a small, non self-governing Territory of Australia located in the Indian Ocean, 2,360 km northwest of Perth in Western Australia and 500 km south of Jakarta, Indonesia. It was named by Captain William Mynors of the East India Ship Company vessel, the Royal Mary, ( Full Answer )

What is another name for Christmas Day?

Yule?Its not Yule, Yule is on the winter solotice....either the 21st or 22 not the 25th! there really isnt another name for it

What was the name of the inn in White Christmas?

The Inn was called Columbia Inn. This is revealed when Betty answers Bob Wallace about where they are staying for the holidays while on the train to Vermont in the movie White Christmas.

What are the characters' names in A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge Bob Cratchit and his family Jacob Marley Ghost of Christmas Past Ghost of Christmas Present Ghost of Christmas Yet to Be Scrooge's Nephew Fred and his wife it is...................... Scrooge Ghost 1 Spirit 1 Spirit 2 Spirit 3 scrooge, Marley, 3 ghosts, tiny Tim

What Is The Proper Name For A Christmas Tree?

The proper name for a Christmas tree is tannenbaum. Tannenbaum camefrom the German language. It means fir tree in German. There aremany different evergreen varieties of trees that can be used for aChristmas tree. The Spruce tree is one of the most popular used.

Name of 5 Christmas carols?

1- Joy to the world 2- Silent Night 3- Away in a manger 4- Oh Holy Night 5- The first Noel

Name 15 Christmas songs?

White Christmas Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Jingle Bells Deck The Halls Frosty The Snowman Let It Snow Silver Bells All I Want For Christmas Is You O' Christmas Tree Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Feliz Navidad Maybe Its Cold Outside Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas We Wish You A Merr ( Full Answer )

Christmas flower named after botanist?

If you are looking for the answer to a worksheet entitled "5-10 Items Named After People" then the answer is Poinsettia .

Who named the festival of Christmas?

The word Christmas originated as a compound meaning " Christ's Mass ". It is derived from the Middle English Christemasse and Old English Cristes mæsse, a phrase first recorded in 1038. "Cristes" is from Greek Christos and "mæsse" is from Latin missa . In Greek, the letter Χ (chi ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the Christmas song with susie in it?

For some odd reason it is obsolete- I Haven't heard it for several Christmasses. The song is called Jolly Old St.Nicholas, and in the course of the song, some of the gifts he bestows are described. Susie is the Girl in the family He visits in the song. It has a sort of slow, almost melancholy delive ( Full Answer )

How was 'A Christmas Carol' named?

I assume you mean the Dickens story. in the end of the story all of the persons involved ( sans the four ghosts) are involved in a Yuletide feast supplied by Scrooge, a reformed Scrooge and- engaged in singing a Christmas Carol The identity of the tune is never mentioned in the novel. It has been po ( Full Answer )

What is the scientific name of the Christmas cactus?

The scientific name consists of a genus name and a species name. The genus name for all Christmas or winter flowering cactus plants is Schlumbergera or Zygocactus . The genus name comes first, and is followed by any one of six species names or any one of countless hybrid information. For example, ( Full Answer )

What is the name of Christmas plants in Australia?

Australia has no typical Christmas plants. Poinsettia, anintroduced species, is becoming more common, but it by no meansenjoys the popularity of overseas. Ausralians decorate a variety ofartificial and real Christmas trees, and the real ones are usuallypines, including the native Norfolk pine. Howev ( Full Answer )

Towns named Christmas in the US?

We haven't found any named Christmas, but there are are some called Santa Claus, Noel, etc. See list at the bottom of the page at: http://www.holidaycentral.org/?page=FunFacts

Celebrities with names associated with Christmas?

Rudolph Vanentino Rudolph Giuliani, former NYC mayor Jesus Colome, Major League Baseball Player Holly Hunter, actress Michael Redd , NBA star Dennis Green , former NFL coach, Minnesota Graham Greene , actor Judy Garland , actress Angel ina Jolie, actress Johnny Jolly, cur ( Full Answer )

Name 4 Christmas songs?

1. Silent Night 2. Silver Bells 3. Deck The Halls 4. We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Another name for the Christmas song?

All Christmas songs are songs. well all Christmas Carols are also Christmas Songs, but not all Christmas songs can be properly called Carols. There are some songs such as ( My Favorite Things) that are not even seasonal but have been tossed into the Christmas music bag. I like that phrase music bag, ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the name Christmas?

The Greek letter 'X' is the first letter (chi) for the greek word for Christ, Xristos ( Χριστός). Xmas therefore means "Christ's Mass." The letter chi is written the same as the Roman letter X. So, as a form of shorthand, some people replace "Christ" with the first letter of his ( Full Answer )

What is a name for the day after Christmas?

UK and Canada and a few other places celebrate Boxing Day , when gifts are given to "service workers" . I think it originally meant servants, porters , purveyors and the like.

What is the name of Christmas Dinner in Portugal?

Portugal Christmas dinner party is celebrated at Christmas Eve not at Christmas Day. It is called Ceia de Natal which include Dinner, Late Supper and tables full of goodies (traditional sweets and cakes, etc) for the family party that goes as late as 3/4 am. Christmas gifts are opened at Christma ( Full Answer )

Name given to the day after Christmas?

That would be Boxing Day to commemorate the Boxer Rebellion against the Imperialist invasion of China during the first year of the last century.

What is the scientific name of Christmas trees?

Most Christmas trees are some type of evergreen. Here are some ofthe scientific names of common evergreen trees: Acer sempervirens (a maple) Cupressus sempervirens (a cypress) Lonicera sempervirens (a honeysuckle) Sequoia sempervirens (a sequoia) Ulmus parvifolia 'Sempervirens' (an elm)

How did Christmas day get its name?

Christmas Day is a Christian festival commemorating the birth of Jesus. The name is often abbreviated to Xmas, X being the first letter (chi) of the Greek word Christos.

What is a Christmas themed puppy names?

My laboradoodle was born on Christmas day... So we named her Holly. Some other good names could be Elf and frosty. Hope this was helpful :)

How did the Christmas cactus get its name?

The name "Christmas cactus" was given because the plant normallyblooms in late fall or early winter, just before Christmas. Inaddition its leaves are a deep green color while its flowers are areddish purple, similar to the traditional Christmas colors of redand green.

What are the names of the characters in A Christmas Carol?

originally they were Ebenezer Scrooge Bob Cratchit Mrs. Cratchit Peter Cratchit Belinda Cratchit Tiny Tim Martha Cratchit Jacob Marley The Ghost of Christmas Past The Ghost of Christmas Present The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come Fred (Nephew) Freds Wife Freds Housemaid Scrooge's niece's sisters Topp ( Full Answer )

Why is it named A Christmas Carol?

Dickens based the name on the the songs of Christmas "A ChristmasCarol" and this is why he writes in staves and not chapters

What is the name for Christmas?

Christmas. It has other names, such as Xmas (an abbreviation), Yule, Yuletide and Noel, which comes from the french word for Christmas, Noël .

Where did the name Father Christmas come from?

The name "Father Christmas" originated in the mid-17th century when traditional Christmas celebrations of feasting and drinking were frowned upon by Puritans. People that supported the traditional celebrations personified Christmas itself in order to spread the idea of a cheerful occasion. The term ( Full Answer )

What is the name for African American Christmas?

There is not really an "African American Christmas," per se. It's likely that one is referring to the holiday Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa is celebrated around Christmas-time, and celebrates African culture and heritage.

What is the name of a famous Christmas donkey?

The name of a famous Christmas donkey would be Dominick, the Christmas donkey. Dominick became famous over a youtube video made in 2006 when it was written by Ray Allen.

Where do Christmas Crackers get their name?

The "cracker" refers to the small explosive cap placed in thecracker, so that it goes off with a "bang" as the cracker ispulled. The Christmas but comes form the fact that these are produced to beused on the Christmas feast table.