Where did Clara Barton start a free public school?

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Clara Barton started her public school in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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Who was Clara Barton?

Also known as: Clarissa Harlowe Barton Born: 1821 Died: 1912 Occupation: founder of the American Red Cross More Info: Clarissa Harlow Barton, who went by the name Clara, was born on December 25, 1821, in Oxford, Massachusetts, to Stephen Barton, a farmer and state legislator, and Sarah ( Full Answer )

What did Clara Barton do?

she was the founder of the American Red Cross Association, nursed those in the Civil War and founded a graveyard for those who died

Are public school lunches free?

When you buy a school lunch, it helps pay for more food, to make the school lunches. Also, it gives the principle money to pay the teachers with, because they have worked so hard to teach your child, they need some kind of reward for doing all of that hard work! And then last, it gives the principle ( Full Answer )

Where did Clara Barton go to school?

Clara Barton attended a private girl's academy in Clinton, NY. Shewent on September 15 1831. She had 3 other roommates. Some say thatshe was home schooled. If she was, then it was only for a shortperiod of time.

What school did Clara Barton go to?

Clara Barton went to LOiberal Instititute in Clinton Ny and when she was young she was homeschooled by her parents

Did Clara Barton go to school?

She did for a while until her brother David got sick and she nursed him. Then she went back to school. also, she learned a lot from her family. Each member of her had a special thing they taught her. Her father, since he was a captain taught her everything there is to know about the battlefield her ( Full Answer )

Where was Clara Barton from?

She was born in North Oxford, Massachusetts as the youngest of 5 siblings on December 25th 1821. she had 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Her parents were Stephen Barton and Share Stone Barton.

How was Clara barton?

Clara Barton brought the American red cross from Europe. A second important thing she did was, because of her 20,000 soldier's were found. Yes, that is alot of people missing and because she started the missing soldiers office.

Things about Clara Barton?

she helped people in the civil war, made the red cross, lived and helped in a farm. you can see all this on www.clara barton.com

How is Clara Barton?

Clara Barton is fine but you would never know how she realy is because shes dead. She died in 1912 Oxford, Maryland .

Was Clara Barton in one war?

No, Clara Barton was in many wars. She just did not fight because she needed to help wounded soldiers.

What awards did Clara Barton win?

She won the Iron Cross of merit "In 1869, Barton traveled to Europe for a vacation and ended up assisting in the distribution of supplies to troops in France and Germany fighting in the Franco-Prussian War. By the time she returned home to the United States in 1873, she had been awarded the Iron Cro ( Full Answer )

What color eyes did Clara Barton have?

Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross, was born ClarissaHarlowe Barton in Glen Echo, Maryland. She had brown eyes.

Clara Barton contribution?

She went to eroupe for something and when she was there she sall people starting American red cross

What careers did Clara Barton have?

She was a school teacher in New Jersey when starting at the age of 15. Then she became a U.S. Patent office clerk. While working there she learned of the need for medical supplies to treat the wounded from the first Bull Run. She decided to set up a drive and collected medical supplies. Soon the Uni ( Full Answer )

Was Clara Barton a christian?

Various authorities have called Barton a “Deist-Unitarian.” However, her actual beliefs varied throughout her life along a spectrum between freethought and deism.

Was Clara Barton in jail?

No, Clara Barton was never arrested or put in jail. Clara Barton isthe woman who founded the Red Cross which is still in operationtoday.

Who is Clara barton what did she do?

Clara Barton was One of the only female nurses to work at the battle front. Clara Barton was also the creator of the red cross.

What schools did Clara Barton go to?

\nshe gained an education by attending local schools (it never says) and home tutoring from older brothers and sisters.

When did Clara Barton start teaching?

Clarissa Harlow Barton started teaching either at age 15 or age 17 the exact age that she started teaching is unclear.

At what age did Clara Barton start the red cross?

Technically, Clara Barton did not start the International Red Cross; it was already foremd, but she did convince the US to sign a treaty to join it in, and it was established in 1873 at the age of 52.

How old was Clara Barton when she started helping the wounded soldiers?

Civil War nurse Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross. Barton was a teacher and a U.S. Patent Office clerk before devoting herself to nursing in the American Civil War (1861-65). She earned the nickname "the angel of the battlefield" and in 1864 was named superintendent of all Union nurses. In ( Full Answer )

How did Clara Barton start taking care of the sick?

Clara began by taking care of sick and injured animals but when she was eleven her brother David became injured. She took care of him for three years, learning to give him all of his medicine.

Did Clara Barton do well in school?

Yes. She was very good in school, but she did have a problem. She was very shy so she didn't make any friends. so her parents took her out of school many times and but her in different schools like boarding school. (:

When did Clara Barton start school?

. Clara barton was taught by her family how to read at an early age . when she was five her brother taught her mathematics . she was sent off to school at age eight

What was Clara Bartons schooling?

Of the schools that Clara Barton went to, she attended a small boarding school in Clinton, New York.

How many children does Clara Barton have?

Clara barton has 3 kids joe nick and ted...no...she actually had no kids, and never even got married have two books that have lots of info on her and the both said no kids, and no marriage.

Are public schools in the US free?

Unless you mean colleges, yes. Apart from expenses like school supplies (pens, pencils, paper, etc.) or any extra-curricular activites like soccer. Generally, anything public in America is free.

When did Clara Barton get called to war?

In August of 1862 she got permission from Quartermaster DanielRucker, to work on the front lines of the American Civil War. Shedistributed stores, cleaned field hospitals, applied dressings andserved food to wounded soldiers at such battles as Cedar Mountain,Second Bull Run, Antietam and Fredericksb ( Full Answer )

What year did Clara Barton get Smallpox?

No one can say when. There wasn't any computers to take notes on her diseases. If someone said I had smallpox, they wouldn't write down, *random date* "May 30, 2005 Cori has smallpox." Right?! They would just treat me. Sorry, that can't be answered unless you saw Clara Barton everyday in-person!

Important ifo about Clara Barton?

An independent woman who helped nurse soldiers and get supplies during the Civil War, Clara Barton is best known for founding the American Red Cross. More Info: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_was_Clara_Barton

What if Clara Barton wasn't born?

If Clara Barton wasn't born, the U.S.A. would not have a American red cross because she was the founder of it and was president of it for 22 years.

How old is Clara Barton now?

\n clara barton write now is 190 years old yup that is how old she is and its surprising how those people are still famous this days .

What school did Clara Barton attended to?

Before she went to school, she was eager to learn, so her family tutored her. Clara's mother also helped, in teaching her how to sew and to cook. Sally and Dorothy, her two sisters, taught Clara how to read before she was four years old! She was very bright. Stephen, her older brother, taught her ar ( Full Answer )