Where did Clark Kent and Lois Lane live?

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In Metropolis. I'm not sure if their "address" was ever specified or not. At one point, Clark Kent was living in a building owned (indirectly) by Bruce Wayne; he casually mentioned to Batman that he liked the apartment but wasn't sure he would get it. He got it.
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Who is Lois lane?

In the DC Superman comics and the films and TV series, Lois was areporter at the Daily Planet who worked alongside Clark Kent, butwas "Superman's Girlfriend" in her own monthly comic. She marriedClark Kent in the comics (they became television journalists) andshe had sex with Superman in Superman II ( Full Answer )

Clark kents birthday?

Reportedly, Clark Kent was adopted on June 18, 1958, and this ishis celebrated birthday. However, Superman was born on June 10.

Who played Lois Lane in Superman?

Margot Kidder in the original films, Kate Bosworth in the last film, and Amy Adams in the next film.

Is clark kent gay?

Clark Kent is not gay. He is in love with Lois Lane. In his teens he was in love with Lana Lang.

In what episode did clark and Lois kiss?

Lois and clark kiss in the episode "crimson" but Lois is on a drug and clark gets infected w red kryptonite so its not technically real. Also in episode "hydro" but Lois thinks its oliver she is kissing because he is in the green arrow costume. in next weeks episode " crossfire" there are pictures a ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a 2004 Lois and Clark nickel?

There aren't any "Lois and Clark" nickels - Lois and Clark was a TV show about Lois Lane and Clark Kent (a/k/a Superman). Lewis and Clark nickels were minted in 2004 and 2005to honor the bicentennial of the famous North American expeditionled by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. However they ( Full Answer )

Where was Clark Kent born?

Clark Kent was born on the planet Krypton with the name Kal-El. However, when Krypton was on the verge of destruction, Kal-El's father, Jor-El, built a spacecraft and send his son away, saving his life. The child landed on the planet Earth, where he was adopted and raised by the Kents and given the ( Full Answer )

How old is clark kent on Smallville?

Smallville began with Clark starting high school. Every season of Smallville is another year, or school year I guess. This means that: Season 1 = grade 9 = 14/15 Season 2 = grade 10 = 15/16 Season 3 = grade 11 = 16/17 Season 4 = grade 12 = 17/18 Season 5 = 1st year uni = 18/19 Season 6 ( Full Answer )

Does clark kent die?

He dies many times, such as in the beginning episode of season 8 when Oliver ( green arrow), possessed, shoots Clark when Clark is human. The marsian dude resurrects Clark though. Also, in the finale of season 9, Zod stabs Clark with a blue kryptonite dagger, killing him.

Who is clark kent dating in Smallville?

Currently Clark Kent is dating Lois Lane Although in the season 9 finale they went on a ``break`` only for Lois to tell Clark that she would stay with him in Metropolis after recting promising journalism oppertunity which reuqired her to leave metropolis for 6 months. Later Clark saves her life from ( Full Answer )

Does Clark Kent have allergies?

Techinically (in the comic book universe, since I didn't watch smallville) he doesn't have any allergies. He's pretty much immune to Earthly viruses. The only thing he could be "allergic" to is kryptonite, which weakens him.

Does Clark Kent really fly?

Stories in the comic books usually have it happen where he starts being able to do that at the age of 18. He will not do it as Clark Kent because he would not want to give away he is Superman.

Who is Clark Kent married to?

He is married to Lois Lane. Idk who that is. It might be his old girlfriend but now is his wife.

How fast is Clark Kent?

well id have to say it would be right below the speed of light because when u hit the speed of light your atoms and molecules will separate and i don't think even super man can survive that but that's my opinion

Who did Lois lane marry?

Clark Kent. In both and the comics and television show 'Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Superman'.

Name the actresses who played Lois Lane?

The actresses that have played the character of Lois Lane would include Rolly Bester as voicng her in the 1940s The Adventures of Superman radio series and then Helen Choate followed voicing the character in the radio series, Lesley Ann Warren played the character in the T.V . production of "It's a ( Full Answer )

Who portrayed Lois lane on tv?

1950's show- Phyllis Coates and Noel Neill 1990's show- Teri Hatcher 2000's show- Erica Durance

Where did Clark Kent go to university?

Comics are wonderful recreational reading. Clark Kent (superman)did indeed attend college. He obtained a degree in Journalism atKansas University.

Can Lois Lane get pregnant from Superman?

It supposedly had happened in "Superman Returns" since she had her son Jason White as we were led to believe close to the end that Superman was the father and not Richard White. Also, in the 2013 comic book "Injustice: God Among Us"- it is revealed that Lois is pregnant. Clark wakes up one morning ( Full Answer )

Was erica durance always Lois lane?

Actually, she acts Lois Lane in Smallville, but she acted Chloe Sullivan in Smallville's 17th episode in the 8th season, Hex. I think her acting skill is very great, and she fits in acting all characters, she acted very good in being Chloe in the Hex episode!

Does anyone else notice that on the 1950s Superman TV show Clark Kent was sometimes seen by Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen without his glasses on and they never acted as if they recognized he was Superman?

Clark Kent wore the glasses to keep people from being able to easily recognize him as Superman- but the producers for this very old show must not have thought about ordinary people seeing him with them off if they did not give any strange reaction to seeing him without them. That techincally would k ( Full Answer )

Does Clark Kent marry Lois lane on Smallville?

In the final episode of the series, which originally aired on May13, 2011, the two Daily Planet reporters were engaged and trying tofind the time to get married. "Smallville" ran for 10 seasons onThe WB (2001-2006) and The CW (2006-2011).

How did clark kent become Superman?

Clark Kent was BORN to be Superman. He was born Kal-el on the planet Krypton, whose red sun gave off less power than our younger, yellow sun. When he came to earth, earth's more power yellow sun gave him super-powers (a crazy theory, but there you have it!)

How did Clark Kent became a superhero?

He did not become a super hero. He already had his powers when he was born because he was from Krypton. He just decided to do good for the people of Earth.

What is clark kent traits?

Clark has a few ironic traits to his personality: He is afraid of heights despite the fact that he can survive almost any fall and he is also habitually late despite being able to run at teleportation-like speeds. Clark highly values trust in a relationship, despite his constant lies to protect his ( Full Answer )

What episode does Lois and clark get caught by oliver?

LOL! I thought it was Oliver too because of the hair, but it is actually someone else. That episode is in Season 8 and is called Commited, when Clark and Lois is questioned, being mistakened for a couple.

What season of Lois and Clark the new adventures of superman do Lois and Clark get married?

season three episode fifteen Original Air Date- 11 February 1996 After all the obstacles, it finally seems like Lois and Clark can finally tie the knot. However, Lois, being the neurotic Lois Clark dearly loves, can't stand around doing nothing while waiting for her big day. She asks Perry for a s ( Full Answer )

What episode of Lois and clark is penn in?

season 1 episode 14 Original Air Date- 23 January 1994 Lois and Clark believe that a string of kidnappings is linked to a magical box decorated with moons and stars. They decide to investigate a magic club where they meet the self-proclaimed greatest magician in the world. Things begin to get seri ( Full Answer )

What is clark kent real name?

That's sort of a trick question. When he was born on the planet Krypton, his parents named him Kal-e (the "eEl" at the end of his name is the family name, as in his father Jor-el's name). When he came to earth as a small child, the people who found him were Jonathan and Martha Kent. They adopted him ( Full Answer )

Why does Lois lane call clark Smallville?

Because Clark grew up in smallville. It's just a nickname. - EDIT: When she first met him he was full-frontal naked AKA she sawhis chest and below uncovered and it was small. "SMALLVILLE"

How did Superman and Lois lane meet?

They met when she was looking for Chloe after she (Chloe) faked her own death. She found him in a cornfield after he came down with a bolt of lightning. She was originally planning to meet him anyway. She took him to the hospital and so on... Also, it happened first episode of Season 4.

Who is clark kents anemy?

Clark Kent is Superman in the fictional DC Universe. Superman's main enemies include: Lex Luthor Brianiac Doomsday Metallo General Zod Parasite and many more!

Did clark kents mother die?

No, Clark Kent's Mom, Martha Kent did not die during any episodes of Smallville There are various Superman continuities in which Martha dies however she did not die during the TV show of Smallville.

How is clark kent treated by others?

Clark has faced obstacles of both hate and love by MANY people. An example would be Lex Luthor where Lex loves Clark to death as a brother and friend and wants to be like him quite a lot. Then we have people like Lana Lang, Lois Lane, Chloe Sullivan etc., where he is loved by A LOT of people.

Who played Lois Lane in the Superman series?

You didn't specify which Superman series you're referring to &whether you mean movies or TV so ... Teri Hatcher starred as Lois Lane in Lois & Clark: The New Adventuresof Superman [1993-1997]

Who is Lois Lane in the Superman comics?

Lois Lane is Superman's girlfriend in the Superman comics. Lois Lane's first appearance was actually in the very first Superman comic. Her character has been fleshed out in her very own set of comics, "Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane," as well as on the 1990's TV show, "Lois and Clark: The New Adve ( Full Answer )

Why Superman loved Lois Lane?

At first they didn't like each other. They were friends but as time went on they grew closer until they fell in love

What has the author Lois Clark written?

Lois Clark has written: 'Some Hepaticae from the Galapagos, Cocos, and other Pacific coast islands' -- subject(s): Liverworts