Where did Claudius Ptolemy study?

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he was know for his studies in math and astrommer
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What is the contribution of Claudius Ptolemy?

Ptolemy developed several mathematical models to describe the motions of the sun, the moon, the planets and the stars. The book that describes these models is called "The Almagest" or "Ptolemy's Almagest". The models all assume: 1. The earth is stationary. 2. All objects travel with uniform spee ( Full Answer )

What is a fun fact about Claudius Ptolemy?

One fun fact about Claudius Ptolemy is that, despite his Greekancestry, his name is derived from a mixture of the Macedonian name"Ptolemy," and the Roman name "Claudius."

What Influenced Ptolemy?

There are a number of factors that influenced Ptolemy. He wasmainly influenced by the intellectual development of Hipparchus ofBithynia among other philosophical aspects of life.

What Did Ptolemy Do?

Ptolemy invented improved projections. It is known that a world map based on the Geography was on display in Autun (France) in late Roman times. In the 15th century this work was printed with beautifully drawn maps. They look distorted as compared to modern maps, because his data were inaccurate. ( Full Answer )

How do you pronounce ptolemy?

A: Tah-Lo-Mi A; I would have made that To-le-mi, but there is no reason to say my answer is right and the previous one wrong. There are various possibilities. The source of the ancient name was the same as the source of the English word "polemic." In ancient times it may have been pronounced wit ( Full Answer )

What is ptolemy famous for?

Ptolemy is famous for his work in geography and he was the firstperson to use longitude and latitude to identify places in theworld.

What did Ptolemy discover?

ptolemy discovered the geocentric theory which is a system of which the earth is at the center. :) even though he was wrong.

Where was Ptolemy born?

Claudius Ptolemaeus lived in Egypt under the Roman Empire, and is believed to have been born in the town of Ptolemais Hermiou in the Thebaid.

What was Ptolemy famous for?

PTOLEMY was famous for, discovering that Earth circles tha sun. The earth circles the sun; there just isn't a douby.

Why was Claudius ptolemy famous?

Claudius Ptolemy was famous as an ancient scholar. He was a Roman of Greek origin, living and working in Alexandria. He was a mathematician, astronomer and geographer. He is best known for his Algemest, a writing on astronomy and for his geography.

What is the ptolemy theory?

Ptolemy's theory was that the earth was the center of the universe, around which all things - including the sun - revolved.

How did Claudius die?

There is some dispute as to how Claudius died. There are two possible explanations for his death. The most likely was that his third wife, Agrippina, had poisioned him, so that, her son Nero, that Claudius adopted would take over Rome and she could rule Rome through him. The second explanation is th ( Full Answer )

Did ptolemy have a wife?

If you are referring to Ptolemy VIII, yes, he did. It was his sister and co-ruler, Cleopatra.

How did Claudius ptolemy die?

No one is certain, but many believe that his sister Cleopatra hired someone to murder him. But no cause of death has been confirmed.

What is Claudius?

Claudius is a fictional king in William Shakespeare's "Hamlet." Hewas the brother and uncle of King Hamlet and Hamlet.

Who is Ptolemy?

Ptolemy was a Roman citizen of Egypt who had wrote in Greek. He wasa mathematician, astronomer, geographer, astrologer, and a poet ofa single epigram in the Greek Anthology. He lived in Egypt under aRoman rule and is believed to have been born in the town ofPtolemais Hermiou in the Thebaid. He died ( Full Answer )

What was Ptolemy Known for?

he improved Hipparchus's geocentric theory. Which said that the earth is the center of the universe in the order of, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.

Were did Ptolemy work?

\nhe didn't.. \nWell, from my recent discoveries, i have observed that Ptolemy, also known as P-not-tolorated, is a very hard worker in the shoe factory down the road.

What did Claudius Ptolemy believe in?

He was a Greek Astruamer, who thought that Earth was the Center of the Universe. He published his Idea in Greek at 140 B.C. But he was worng

Claudius Ptolemy described the solar system as being geocentric. What does this mean and when did he say it?

We find the idea of a geocentric (earth-centered) system set down in Ptolemy's Almagest , which was written in the 2nd century. We can't be much more accurate as regards the dating of this most remarkable publication. And it should be noted that Ptolemy stated he derived a good portion of his infor ( Full Answer )

What are some facts about Claudius Ptolemy?

Claudius Ptolemy lived from AD90 to AD 168. He was a poet andwriter. He was also an astrologer, and mathematician. He wrote inGreek but had a Roman citizenship.

Did Ptolemy had a wife?

yeah it was his sisterArsino√ɬę if you go to anwsers.com you can find it and more of his family . i'm on answers.com and it says nothing and is that true

When and where did Ptolemy live?

People aren't exactly sure when he lived, but they say from the year 87-150. He lived in Alexandria, Egypt

Ptolemy studied the science of cosmology what is cosnology?

Cosmology is the study of the Cosmos, or the Universe. While "Cosmos" or "Universe" technically includes everything, it generally means the study of space at the largest scales: the universe itself, its structure, how and when it began, and so on. Ptolemy, however, thought the Cosmos was much smal ( Full Answer )

What did Ptolemy invent or do?

Ptolemy invented improved projections. It is known that a world map based on the Geography was on display in Autun (France) in late Roman times. In the 15th century this work was printed with beautifully drawn maps. They look distorted as compared to modern maps, because his data were inaccurate ( Full Answer )

Was ptolemy Roman?

Was he born in Rome? No, he was probably born in Egypt. However, at that time Egypt was part of the Roman Empire (as was everything from Egypt to Greece to Italy to Germany to England). He died in Alexandria, the city in Egypt at the mouth of the Nile Was Ptolemy a Roman citizen? Almost certainly ( Full Answer )

Where did ptolemy graduate?

The concept of "graduation" is a relatively recent one. In Ptolemy's day, scholars continued to study for their entire lives.

What are three facts about Claudius Ptolemy?

Claudius Ptolemy developed the mathematical astronomy used in Christian and Muslim countries up until the 16 Th century. Christopher Columbus and Magellan used Ptolemy's version of the world map during their voyage, but they did not know it was incorrect, thus not ending up where they planned to be. ( Full Answer )

Was Ptolemy Married?

There were many Ptolemy's. One was married to their neice, Cleopatra Berenice. Second was married to Artacama. And the last was married to Alexander I.

How old is Claudius Ptolemy?

He's dead. He died in Alexandria around AD 168 at the age of 78 which for the era was amazing.

Where did Claudius Ptolemy live?

He lived in Alexandria Egypt. Ptolemais Hermiou in Thebaid (a region in ancient Egypt). Read more: http://www.brighthub.com/science/space/articles/43570.aspx#ixzz0QedrMsMR . Ptolemais Hermiou in Thebaid (a region in ancient Egypt). Read more: http://www.brighthub.com/science/space/articl ( Full Answer )

Where did Claudius Ptolemy work?

Claudius Ptolemy was a Greco-Egyptian writer, philosopher,mathematician and astrologer. He lived in Alexandria Egypt and thatis where most of his notable work was done.

What did ptolemy write?

laudius Ptolemy wrote several books, the most important was called the Almagest, it was written in 150 a.d. and was divided in to thirteen parts. He also wrote other books like the Optics.

What did claudius do?

Claudius did many things including expanding Rome and have laws to protects sick slaves. He help give wealth to Rome but he died because his wife kill him just so her son could take over. Make sure to check other website to be sure and don't just wrie this until it is correct.

What did Ptolemy establish?

well, i have a social studies test and i got some answers on my paper, it says The royal tomb of Alexandria

Who is ptolemy and copernicos?

they are both greek astronomers that first thought the sun was the center of our solar system

What was the ptolemys model?

Ptolemy considered the solar system (and the universe) to be a set of crystal concentric spheres rotating around the stationary Earth at its centre. On the closest sphere was the moon, then Venus and so on out to the stars on the outer sphere. At the time they didn't have any idea how incredibly big ( Full Answer )

Why was Claudius important?

In terms of the play characters, Claudius is important because he's the villain, opposite Hamlet as the hero. During the play, when we think of the characters as real people, Claudius is important because he's the King.

What did Claudius do as a child?

While we don't know what Claudius actually did as a child, we do know that he was kept out of sight and out of the public eye because of his infirmity. We assume that as a child he developed his interest in history, but this is just speculation, as Roman children were generally not written about, ( Full Answer )

What did Claudius do that was bad?

Actually Claudius was one of the better emperors. The criticism of his reign came from the elite who didn't like the fact that he took advise from freedmen. He made a big mistake by adopting his wife's son as his heir and when he began to relent, it cost him his life.

What is some personal informationb about Claudius ptolemy?

Claudius Ptolemaes was born in AD 90 and died AD 168. He was born in Egypt and made himself king even though he wasn't a dynasty. he worked as an Egyptian astronomer. his biggest obstacle was showing the formulas he used to calculate the information he wrote in his book the Almagest.

Who is claudius from Hamlet?

Claudius is the antagonist. He is the brother and murderer of the late King Hamlet, who marries his brother's widow. He is the man which Hamlet must kill to avenge his father.

What did ptolemy do research in?

Answer Ptolemy or Claudius Ptolemaeus was a Roman scientist and mathematician who lived in Egypt during the first and second century AD dying in Alexandria. He published a number of important works on Astronomy Geography and Astrology. These formed the basis for much of Islamic and Western thinking ( Full Answer )

How old is Claudius?

Claudius was born on August 1, 10 BC and died on October 13, 54. Claudius would have been 64 years old at the time of death or 2024 years old today.

Did Ptolemy have a brother?

Because this question was in the Cleopatra section, I am assuming that you are asking about Ptolemy XIV, her brother. Yes, he had at least one brother, who was also called Ptolemy and reigned as Ptolemy XIII. If you are not asking about Ptolemy XIV, then you are asking about an unidentified one of ( Full Answer )

What did ptolemy to?

He is an mathamican, geoglogly, and wrote many books about the earth......he was know as claudias ptolemy....