Where did Clay Matthews jr attend high school?

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Agoura high in Agoura Hills California.
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Why do you want to attend this high school?

I want to attend this school because its amazing - be sure todetail what you expect to learn from their programs that will helpyou in the future.

Which high school did Beyonce attend?

beyonce first went to lamar high school, then attented the performing arts school,and then went to the alief high school! she dropped out prego

What high school did Bill Clinton attend?

Clinton attended St. John's Catholic Elementary School, Ramble Elementary School, and http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Hot_Springs_High_School_(Arkansas ) Springs High School in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Clinton attended St. John's Catholic Elementary School, Ramble Elementary School, and Hot Springs H ( Full Answer )

What jr high did Adrienne Bailon attend?

It is not known what Jr. High Adrienne Bailon attended. She didattend high school at the High School for Health Professions andHuman Services.

What high school did neyo attend?

Neyo attended RANCHO High School and he loved it because he hadalot of friends and he loved his classes

What high school did Fergie attend?

Wikipedia says that Fergie attended LACHSA (LA county HS of the Arts) , but other people say she went to Glen A. Wilson High School .

How do you get a girl to like you in jr high school?

the best thing to do is be kind to her. become friends first joke around always be there for her. don't be creepy though theres a fine line between being a good friend and just creepy. just be sweet and talk to her how you'd talk to anyone else if shes not interested do not keep trying! she will bec ( Full Answer )

What school did Matthew Horne attend?

\nThe comedian/actor Mathew Horne attended Southwell Minster School where he studied Performing Arts.\nHe later went to The University of Manchester to study for a degree in Drama.

What high school did TobyMac attend?

Luther jakson high, it says it in the song extreme days and in a inteview on welcome to the freak show a live DVD he did with dc talk.i belive its in lychberg,va

What high school did Hitler attend?

HItler attended a monastery school near the austro-german border after his father retired from service. The name of the monastery has not been available.

What school did Quincy Delight Jones jr attend?

Over the course of his life, Quincy Delightt Jones, Jr. attended Raymond Elementary School, Garfield High School, Somerset Academy, and Berklee College of Music.

What high school did Eminem Attended?

eminem attended Lincoln jr highschool till transforing because he got a innocent little 8th grader pregnant and didnt want it and couldn't afford child support :)

What high school did John f. Kennedy jr attend?

According to Wikipedia: "Kennedy attended the Collegiate School in New York City from third through tenth grades, and later graduated from Phillips Academy (also known as Andover)."

What high school did Cory Monteith attend?

He attended many different schools as a child but got his high school diploma in 2011 from and alternative school in Victoria, British Columbia

Where did Chester A Arthur attend high school?

He went to the academy at Union Village, ( now Greewich),NY and tothe Lyceum at Schenectady, NY. The Lyceum may have been more of aprep school than a typical high school.

Should you attend a high school graduation?

yes actually because you might never be able to see you friends again and also because it might n=be the last time you ever got to talk with your friends or teachers, and you don't want the last thing you say to your friend is "see you around" right? i would attend my graduation because i want to gr ( Full Answer )

What high school did Taylor luatner attend?

Taylor Lautner, famous for playing the character Jacob Black in theTwilight films, attended Valencia High School in Valencia,California. He was born on February 11, 1992 in Grand Rapids,Michigan.

Where did Sergio Kindle attend high school?

Sergio graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas, Texas, where he made All-State as a running back and linebacker. He was the only person in the state of Texas to be named All-State in both offense and defense. He was also a consensus All-American as a linebacker, and was chosen the best t ( Full Answer )

What high school did zac brown attend?

Zac graduated Lumpkin County High School in Dahlonega, Ga. He belongs to the class of 1996 and was also the Senior Class President.

Did Cleopatra attend high school?

No, there was no such thing as high school in Cleopatra's day. In fact, Cleopastra ever even attended school, school came to her. She was a princess, and royal children had tutors who came to them.

Why is attendence important in high school?

Attendance is important because every day you are learning something. If you miss a day, it puts you behind and you are then one who ends up missing out.

What high school did Harry Potter attend?

Harry didn't actually go to a high school, he goes to Hogwartsinstead which is a high school substitute. He was supposed to attend Stonewall High.

What are consequences not attending high school?

If you are over 18, you are legally an adult and do not need to attend high school, although it is harder to get a job. If you are a minor (under 18), then your parents will be held responsible for you not attending school, and I believe if you don't, you or your parents can get into legal trouble.

Can you attend online colleges in high school?

It depends on the online college you are looking to attend. Each college has their own admissions criteria but many do require a high school diploma or GED. Check the Admissions page for the school you are considering to learn if you can take courses without a diploma or GED.

Where did Brian feiedman attend high school?

I believe that you might be referring to Brian Friedman who is a dancer and choreographer. He was born in Illinois, but attended High School in Scottsdale Arizona.

Where can high school courses be attended?

High school is the most obvious choice, but if one is of age where high school is not an option, community colleges offer a wide variety of courses for adults.

Who is Clay Matthews?

There are three notable American footballers by the name of ClayMatthews, three successive generations of the same family. The earliest, Clay Matthews senior (born August 1, 1928 inCharleston, South Carolina) played for the San Francisco 49ers in1950, and from 1953 to 1955. Clay Matthews junior (b ( Full Answer )

Is middle school and jr high the same?

No, they're not, though there may be some overlap. A "middle school" is a school serving students older than those inthe elementary school, but not as old as those in the high school.It's often 4th-6th grade, but in some cases may be other graderanges. Jr. High is usually taken to mean 7th and 8th ( Full Answer )