Where did Cleveland and harrison stand on the tariff issue?

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Harrison favored a strong protective tariff. Cleveland wanted to reduce the tariff somewhat.
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What is a tariff?

A tariff is a tax that is placed on an imported good. A tariff is a tax on an imported good. Therefore for each unit of a good that is imported into a country the tariff increases the price of that good by however much the tariff is. Tariffs are usually implemented when the world price of a ( Full Answer )

What issues did John F. Kennedy stand on?

JFK stood for a world in which we would progress in science mathamatics and space travel, he believed that a country that didnt progress would never reach its full potential, unlike Nixon he looked at the future in a bright hopeful way, this is mainly why he won. The United States was on the brink o ( Full Answer )

How did the issue of tariffs divide the country?

Tariffs divided the country since the founding of the United Statesof America. Northern states had factories which wanted protectionfrom foreign goods. Southern states had cotton and tobacco thatthey wanted to sell to Europe which paid them higher prices.

Where does McCain stand on the issue of open borders?

In 2006 Senator McCain voted in favor of S. 2611, legislation that would reward between 10 and 11 million people that broke American law and entered America illegally with amnesty for their crime.. Senator McCain was a cosponsor of S. 774, the Dream Act, providing in-state tuition for illegal alien ( Full Answer )

Articles on Barack Obama and the issues he stand on?

This is a difficult question to answer because there are always many articles about the president and what he believes. Some articles are written by people who oppose and disagree with his policies, and others by people who support and agree with him. Since there have been thousands of articles wr ( Full Answer )

What did tariffs do?

The purpose of a tariff is to restrict trade. They make the priceof imported goods and services higher, causing them to be moreexpensive to buyers.

What problem did President Taft have with progressives over tariff issues?

Taft further alienated progressives when the tariff bill went to the Senate. The powerful head of the Senate Finance Committee, Republican Nelson Aldrich from Rhode Island, wanted to protect high tariffs, as did many other conservative senators. The result was the Payne-Aldrich Tariff, which cut tar ( Full Answer )

What was Clevelands position on tariffs?

President Cleveland's opinion about the tariff was the same as the Democratic main line--the tariff was too high and should be reduced. While Republicans favored a high tariff, Cleveland and the Democrats felt US industry did not need to fear foreign competition and protective tariffs were not neces ( Full Answer )

In the election of 1888 Grover Cleveland received more popular votes than Benjamin Harrison but Harrison received the majority of the electoral votes?

Benjamin Harrisonwon the 1888 presidential election defeating incumbent PresidentGrover Cleveland. In the 1888 presidential election BenjaminHarrison received 233 electoral votes and Grover Cleveland received168 electoral votes. The popular vote totals were Cleveland5,534,488 and Harrison 5,443,892. ( Full Answer )

Where does Sarah Palin stand on healthcare issues?

She believes the government run Medicare, Medicaid and VA hospitals prove that health care is not run well by the government and is against government run universal health care.

What issue are they standing on?

Based, taking it into consideration the most subtle way elementary, on enslavery.It is not a fairly tale.. Miranda SEX Garden ;-)

What was the position of the Northern states on the issue of tariffs?

The Northern states believed that tariffs were necessary for their businesses to prosper. Tariffs on British products would make those products cost more than similar ones made in America. As a result, Americans would be more likely to buy goods made in their own country instead of those made in oth ( Full Answer )

What does gh mean on Cleveland brown helmet stand for?

The GH on the Browns helmets is in memory of the late Gene Hickerson. He played offensive guard for the Browns for many years. He blocked for numerous Browns' running backs, most notably Jim Brown. Hickerson is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Hickerson past away in October 2008.

Views of Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison on tariffs?

Grover Cleveland wanted to lower tariffs rate but congress would not support or help him. Meanwhile Benjamin Harrison wanted tariffs even higher and he signed the McKinley Tariff Act of 1890,which raised tariffs on manufactured goods to their highest level yet.

What one issue does Obama stand for?

Strangely worded question but if you're looking for something Obama is for, communism, socialism, and high taxes.

What compromise did the Framers reach on the issues of tariffs and slavery?

The compromise that the Framers reached on the issues of the tariffs and slavery were, to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts, and Excises, also to regulate the Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several Sates, and with the Indian Tribes. So the Constitution gave Congress the power to p ( Full Answer )

Why did northerners and southerners disagree on the tariff issue?

Northerners did not do a lot of importing at the time that thetariff issues were raised so they did not see the implications itcould have. Southerners however did a large amount of trading withother countries and felt that the tariff's were aimed at them.

How did the nullification issue relate to the tariff issue?

I believe the Nullification gave states the right to refuse laws that were harmful to them. and the Tariffs were harmful to the south and west but the North wanted them.. Southern states wanted to nullify tariffs(novanet)

What social issues did JFK stand for?

Tax and spend, take credit for the Republican's push for civil rights, and keep dropping "advice" on the Vietnamese.

Why do companies take a stand on political issues?

Many companies fund political campaigns, and by going so, if the candidate wins he or she will invest money into the company. So if a company endorses a political issue, it usually endorses the one viewed by the majority. That way it will receive more business from the countless consumers who share ( Full Answer )

Benjamin Harrison defeated Grover Cleveland in what election?

Benjamin Harrisonwon the 1888 presidential election defeating incumbent PresidentGrover Cleveland. In the 1888 presidential election BenjaminHarrison received 233 electoral votes and Grover Cleveland received168 electoral votes. The popular vote totals were Cleveland5,534,488 and Harrison 5,443,892. ( Full Answer )

Where does Elena Kagan - Supreme Court nominee - stand on the issues?

That's a difficult question to answer because Kagan has no record of jurisprudence and last appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee when nominated as US Solicitor General, a position advocating the interests of the United States. In her confirmation hearings Kagan successfully convinced the S ( Full Answer )

What issues did Jimmy Carter stand for?

Jimmy Carter standed up to the White Council because he wasjustified and his real name was Richard M. Nixon and was the 37thpresident of the United States. From,Anonymous............................

What was the position of the Southern states on the issue of tariffs?

The Southerners were feared that Great Britain might place its own tariffs on agricultural products grown in the South, and the Southerners argued that tariffs would increase the cost of manufactured goods that they bought from European nations. The Southern states had fewer citizen than the Northe ( Full Answer )

How did the tariff became an issue of conflict between the North and South?

Because the north couldn't afford the souths cotton,Lincoln passed the Morrill Tariff.He put 80% of it on just southerners in order to buy the cotton.However,many southerners went bankrupt&seceded.The us. constitution states that all taxes shall be uniform.So the south did the legal thang.

How did the issue of tariffs threaten to tear the union apart?

Your mother lol but it was even thought Jackson made it clear that he opposed the doctrine of nullification he did not want to drive the south out of the union and he asked congress to reduce the tariff and congress did so in 1832.

What does the Indians logo in Cleveland stand for?

The Indians logo in Cleveland stands for their baseball team. The logo itself is called Chief Wahoo. Following the 1914 season, after a request from the club owner, the new name the Indians was choosen by the media.

What were the pitching stats for baseball player Roric Harrison playing for the Cleveland Indians in 1975?

In 1975, Roric Harrison pitched in 19 games for the Cleveland Indians, with an ERA of 4.79. He started all games and finished 0, pitching a total of 4 complete games. He threw no shutouts and recorded no saves, ending up with 7 wins and 7 losses. He pitched a total of 378 outs, facing 559 batters. ( Full Answer )

How might the issue of US imposed tariffs impact US relations with Britain?

Since no time frame is specified, I will speak on the present. If the US in 2016 were to impose a tariff on UK goods, it would be seen as a violation of the European Common Market and a general insult to the US-UK Special Relationship. It may also be a violation of MFN requirements at WTO level depe ( Full Answer )

How was the tariff issue setteld?

Jackson was angry . He ran for reelection in1832,without Calhoun as his running mate . Jacksonwon the election . Then he sed that the would force to makesure that federal laws were obeyed and that the Union would saytogether.