Where did Cobain record his records?

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record studios
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How is a vinyl record recorded?

The master record is cut on a machine a little bit like like a record player, only the music is fed TO the cutting needle and imprints the groove with ridges and bumps as it cuts. the needle moves across the record at a pre- determined rate.The coil of swarth that comes off the needle is sucked up b ( Full Answer )

How do you record longer on sound recorder?

After you're done recording, hit the record button again. if you're recording something continuos, like music, tap quietly but quickly on the finger pad from the time when it is three seconds until it would stop recording, until one second afterward. Hope that was helpful! Try RECORDPAD SOUND R ( Full Answer )

What record label did the supremes record?

Motown records was the primary record label that the female Supremes featuring Diana Ross recorded on. Before finalizing on Motown label two recordings were made on Tamla labels in 1961. "I Want A Guy" 54038, and Buttered Popcorn 54045 However, even before Motown's Supremes signed in 1961, the ( Full Answer )

What is record?

record is when you record a voice or a song record is a composite data structure of your gandad

What is a recorder?

A recorder is basically a long tube with holes on the side that has been around since 1400 ad. (Its first apperance in a painting) There are music composed for recorder from maybe 11th century onwards and also some contemporary composers have made music for the recorder. There isn't a standa ( Full Answer )

What Logical record and physical record?

In record design we distinguish between logical and physical records.. LOGICAL RECORDS: A logical record maintains a logical relationship among all the data items in the records.It is the way the programmer or user sees the data.IN CONTRAST, A PHYSICAL RECORD is the way data are recorded on a stora ( Full Answer )

What is recordal?

Recordal is a legal term used to describe the recording of certaininformation onto certain documents. The only known use of this wordis in the legal world.

What is the recorder?

A recorder is a instrument that is played simalerly like a flute but is held striaght and not sideways like a flute.

How can you record on an in line recording on a VCR?

Okay... Your question is kinda confusing me so I'm going to tell you how ALL WAYS and you choose on which 1 is the best! As a statement I heard that master engineers actually use VCRs as their converters to upsample their rates of their sound. How cool huh :D 1# Look on your VCR and their should be ( Full Answer )

How do you record a will?

You should go to your solicitor/lawyer with a list of assets and who you want your assets to go to. They will then draw up your will to your specifications. Remember, inheritance tax can be placed on wills, so giving your beneficiaries their inheritance before you die can avoid this.

How can you get a record deal from Hollywood records?

You need to get an agent. Do you sing? Duhh you do. You NEED to write songs, you can't cover everything. Song Criteria: 1. Harmony 2. Music 3. Your Voice 4. Your Lyrics (Or Just Music, But Then You Don't Need Hollywood Records xD) There's soo much more, but talk to your parents, get A ( Full Answer )

Who holds the record of selling records?

Large multi-outlet retailers will sell far more than small independent stores. In addition more and more supermarkets are diversifying the products they sell and will soon become the largest.

How much is it to record in a recording studio?

Prices will range depending on location, quality of the studio, with/without an engineer, skill of the engineer, etc. The best way to find out is to call your local studios for rates. Rates will often be offered in at least two ways: Hourly and project. Hourly, obviously, is a set rate per hour, s ( Full Answer )

How many records has Radiohead recorded?

Radiohead has recorded seven albums since 1993: 1993 - Pablo Honey 1995 - The Bends 1997 - OK Computer 2000 - Kid A 2001 - Amnesiac 2003 - Hail to the Thief 2007 - In Rainbows + I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings

Are arrest records public records?

Yes \n\n Criminal arrest records are perhaps one of\nthe most commonly requested and searched public document when checking a\nperson's background and character tendencies. These records are considered a\nmatter of public record. Formerly, a person searching for such\ninformation would h ( Full Answer )

How is a record recorded?

people come and sing and the people who recored it they make itsound good tha bam

What do they have in recorder?

They burn plastic\rubber than freeze it over night than the next day put it in 70 degrees.

Why is the recorder called the recorder?

The name originates from the use of the word record, one meaning of which is "to practise a piece of music".[6] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recorder#The_name_of_the_instrument)

How to record a ringtone in recording studio?

I wouldn't record ringtones at a studio. Record music at a studio then you can cut it down on your own and make a ringtone. I personally use garageband. I take a song, and import it, cut it down to the size I want and then export it. From there I can use bluetooth from my laptop to my phone and put ( Full Answer )

What is the record noun and the record verb?

The noun record (pronounced rec ord) is a word for a thing constituting a piece of evidence aboutthe past in physical form; the sum of the past achievements orperformance; the best performance or most remarkable event of itskind; a thin plastic disk designed to be played on a phonograph. The ve ( Full Answer )

When does a will have to be recorded?

If the decedent owned any property the will must be filed for probate as soon as possible. Each jurisdiction has its own rule, many require a will be filed with the proper authority within 30 days.

Can you record gameplay with a VCR recorder?

yes, you can connect the red, yellow, white wire to your video game. you can get better recording by using a capture card or hd pvr. recommended capture cards can be googled online. it is much better to get a hd pvr. i use a tristar mx hd pvr from newelectronx. [See Related Links]

Is recordable and recorder the same thing?

recordable says that something is able to be recorded or recorded on. e.g a DVD recorder is the person or machine that is recording e.g DVD recorder or a small wind instrument :)

What does ECG record and what does EKG record?

ECG and EKG mean the same thing, and it records the hearts electrical activity on a 6 second strip. The physician can make a diagnosis by looking at the EKG print out. If a 12-Lead EKG is used, then all walls and function of the heart will be recorded.

What are the recorder notes of ABC in recorder?

A is the first two holes on the top covered and the bottom hole covered. B is the first hole on the top and on the bottom. C is the second hole ( not the first hole ) and the bottom hole.

How can you send your recordings in a recording studio?

You can send hard drives or DVD discs by courier, use large file share utilities like MediaFire and DropBox, or utilize special internet-based collaboration tools built into programs like ProTools.

How long is the recording on a flight recorder?

As of 2005, it is an FAA requirement that the recording duration is a minimum of thirty minutes , but the NTSB has long recommended that it should be at least two hours.

A on the recorder?

Put two fingers on two holes and cover the hole on the other side with your thumb.

How do you do an a on a recorder?

An A on the recorder is pretty simple. You know how a B is the first hole? An a is the second hole. So hold the recorder in you left hand, make sure your thumb is on the back hole, place to of your left hand fingers on the first to holes and blow! And ~ AMAZING it's an A! Good luck!

Who sold more records Kurt Cobain or Elvis Presley?

Nirvana record sales are about 80 million. Elvis Presley on theother hand lists at more than 118 million, thus Elvis Presley soldmore records at this time - but it's quite possible that Nirvanacould surpass Elvis over the years as Nirvana record sales continueto increase well over the years.

What record company did they first record for?

They always recorded at EMI Studios (which later became Abbey Road after the famous album). Their record label was changed from Parlophone to Apple. Apple was a company started by the Beatles. (Not to be confused with Apple Computers which was started later by Steve Jobs)

How do you get a record deal with streamline records?

How can I be apart of the Streamline Record family?What ever it takes I am ready for it.If you want it I'v got,and if you except me I will give the best audition I'v got.Because I have wanted to become a singer,I thought this would be the best record company for me. Emari Smith is my name, and I am ( Full Answer )

What records has Pimp C recorded?

The artist, Pimp C, has recorded many albums. Some albums recorded by Pimp C are Sweet James Jones Stories, Pimpalation, The Naked Soul Of Sweet Jones, and Still Pimpin.

When did The Who record Who Are You?

"Who Are You" is a studio album recorded by English rock band The Who. It was recorded between October 1977 to April 1978. The album peaked #2 on US charts.

What is A on a record?

I think this is a reference to "A side" and "B side". A side is thefirst side of the album... if you compare the tracks of the recordto the CD version of the album, you'll notice the CD track listinglists the songs from the A side of the record first. Unless theychange the track order, as Peaceville ( Full Answer )

Who records on Grand Hustle records?

Grand Hustle Records currently has several successful artists, their most popular being T.I. Grand Hustles lesser known artists include C-Rod, Mac Boney, Big Kuntry King, Young Dro, and many others.

What is recorded on a Florida driving record?

There are many things on a Florida driving record. This includes name, birth date, sex, height, race, address, license information, identification cards, violations, and notes.