Where did Colombia get its name?

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It was given in honor to Christopher Columbus.

Christoper Columbus
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What is Colombia?

Colombia is a country that is located in northwest South America.It has a population of 47 million people and the capital is Bogota.

What is Colombia like?

Colombia is absolutely amazing. It is a country in South Americafull of culture. The people here are warm and energetic. Whenforeigners come, they tend to love it because of the welcomingpeople and all that there is to do. We not only have Atlantic ANDPacific Ocean, but we have the Amazon Rainforest ( Full Answer )

Was Colombia named after Christopher Columbus?

Yes, Colombia was named after Christopher Columbus. On his third voyage to the Spanish West Indies, Christopher Columbus mentioned that the southern area of Hispanola (probably Venezuela or Colombia) was beautiful, and he set up a colony in that place. When he died, King Fernidad IV of Spain deci ( Full Answer )

Animals in Colombia?

Agouti - Black agouti, Central American agouti, Red acouchi, Green acouchi Amazonian manatee Amazonian hog-nosed skunk Andean bear Andean tapir American manatee Armadillo - Giant armadillo, Northern naked-tailed armadillo, Greater long-nosed armadillo, Common long-nosed armadillo, Lla ( Full Answer )

What is the climate of Colombia?

Colombia's weather varies a Lot In coast like Barranquilla: its HOT! In Bogota: Its Very cold. Its cold in some places and hot in some the mountains have snow BTW

What is the vegetation of Colombia?

Vegetation in Columbia includes areas of savannah grasslands. Itincludes swamps, desert, and rainforests. It also containsmountains of the cocoa region.

What is the climate in Colombia?

well the climate in Columbia actually depends on if your standing on a mountain or how tall you are because we all fell diffrent temperatures in climate.

What are the top 3 baby names in Colombia?

the top 3 names for girls are Stacy , Alicia and Tenielle and the top 3 names for boys are Will Chris and it is a tie between Jake and Ryan

What are the most popular baby names in Colombia?

Girls:. SophiaAnna . Kayla . Katherine . Alexandra . Lauren . Grace . Mia . Olivia . Elizabeth . Emma . Ava . Samantha . Trinity . Victoria . Lucy . Kennady . Maria . Sara . Brianna . Brooke . Claire . Aniyah . Audrey . Mary . Angel . Morgan . Lucia . Margret . Boys:. ( Full Answer )

How did Colombia get discovered?

The land of what is now known as Colombia was actually inhabitedfor nearly 20,000 years before the Spanish "discovered" it. Thecoast of Colombia, as well as Venezuela and Panama, were discoveredby Christopher Columbus in 1492 and named by him. Alonso de Ojedawas the first to explore inland, and the ( Full Answer )

Mexico to Colombia?

By road, plane or ship. Both countries are separated by approximately 1572 kilometers (977 miles).

Is Colombia safe?

Not mostly. Colombia and many other Latin American nations have been overrun by the drug lords.

What celebrities are from Colombia?

Many: Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Nobel Prize of Literature), Shakira, Juanez, Sofia Vergara, Moises Arias (Rico from Hannah Montana), and more ...

What hemisphere is Colombia in?

Colombia is in the south hemisphere. Also, the western hemisphere.Colombia is positioned in the northern, southern and western hemispheres. See the Related Link.

What are Foods from Colombia?

there is Bandeja Paisa. There is also arepas. There are buñuelos. And so much more delicious food. There is also this food called rellena.

Why was Colombia named after Christopher Columbus?

Vespucci probably named Colombia after Columbus because it was the first land in South America discovered by Europe (by Columbus). Remember, the rest of the "known world" was unaware of any land that was to the west of them. Columbus didn't believe that he discovered new land at first, he believed h ( Full Answer )

What is there to do in Colombia?


What are What are facts about Colombia?

1. Bogotá is the capital city of Colombia. This city remains to be the largest and the most populated city in Colombia. The high altitude has also given it the position of the third highest major city in the world. 2. Did you know around 12% of the world's coffee is produced in Colombia? 3. The t ( Full Answer )

What is the capital of Colombia?

The capital city of Colombia is Bogotá. NOTE: -- Colombia , a constitutional republic in northwestern SouthAmerica has its capital at Bogotá. Colombia is the third-mostpopulous country in Latin America, after Brazil and Mexico. -- Columbia is the state capital and largest city in the USsta ( Full Answer )

Are there geurrillas in Colombia?

By day. by night they sleep in Venezuela thanks to President Hugo Chavez. ^That's not true. Yes there is guerrilla in Colombia but in the mountains and forests.

How do they dress in Colombia?

Colombia is a mostly a capitalist country, they wear the same clothes that in the US, EU, Japan, South Korea, Autralia, New Zealand, among others would wear... Is one of the biggest markets in clothing in all the third world countries, because they have a lot of importations from Panama, Brazil, Arg ( Full Answer )

What are beachesin Colombia?

Yes! There are many beautiful beaches and even islands that are part of Colombia. It is one of few countries that have beaches in both the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. Cartagena and Magadalena are beautiful and are located by the Northern part of the country.

What does Colombia do for the hoidays?

We have so many holidays! Although we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, we celebrate many many more. Some of them allow us to take off of school from time to time, but usually the days that we celebrate are important once we get off of school (usually we learn about why the holiday is important), and pe ( Full Answer )

Does it snow in Colombia?

In the Sierra Nevada Magdalena, the highest coastal mountain range in the world are two permanently snow capped peaks (at least for now). Pico Simon Bolivar and Pico Cristobal Colon, both around 5700 meters (18,700ft). There is also the the Sierra Nevada de El Cocuy. El Cocuy National Natural Park ( Full Answer )

What does Colombia grow?

The best Coffee in the world , Bananas, all tropical Fruits. As long as Colombia has almost all the weathers all year long on different places, Colombians can provide all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

What is Colombia the capital of?

Colombia isn't a capital of something, it's a country. Columbia is the capital city of South Carolina.

What are the traditions in Colombia?

play soccer, do parties were they play guitar and other instruments, and eat a traditional food called "ajiaco" , is like chicken soup only that is has more things in it and it tastes REALLY GOOD.

Is Colombia hot?

overall in Colombia its hot or rather warm. But it really depends where you go. for example if you go to Bogota its cold ,...it gets quite warm in the day but in the afternoon to the night it gets chilly and sometimes freezing. If you go to the coast or to Cali well there its HOT!

Does Colombia have a nickname?

does colombia have a nickname if you mean the motto, then it is Libertad y Orden which means liberty and order

What is the historical reason behind Washington DC being named district of colombia?

the early republic did not want any one state to benefit from having the capital within it's borders (see article I of the us constitution). Maryland and Virginia (who eventually took their portion back) donated the land to create an independent area, or district. the district of Columbia (Columbia. ( Full Answer )

How did colombia become colombia?

After the discovery of America, it was a colony of the Spanish Kingdom. Then after it became independent as "La Gran Colombia" and further independences reduced it to what is now known as Colombia

What is Colombias national flower name?

The national flower of Colombia is the orchid Cattleya trianae which was named after the Colombian naturalist José Jerónimo Triana . The orchid was selected by botanist Emilio Robledo, in representation of the Colombian Academy of History to determine the most representative flowering p ( Full Answer )

What can you do in colombia?

Whatever you want! Colombia has a great fountain of natural resources and attractions. Go to beaches, visit ecological parks, visit the capitals and towns. Colombia is a very beautiful country, where you can have a wonderful experience. ;)

Why is there a guerrilla in Colombia?

Society is often very biased and favors the rich, so a group of lower-income people was formed to revolutionize the country. Though their motives were good, they eventually started killing people, etc. They are now named FARC and fight against the government. FARC soldiers are sometimes referred to ( Full Answer )

Is Colombia Spanish?

Colombia is an independent republic and is no longer under the Spanish crown. Spanish is the official language of Colombia.

Do they have Malaria in Colombia?

Malaria is found in Africa, South America, and East Asia. Colombia is in western South America, so it is possible to get malaria there.

Is British colombia colombia?

British "ColUmbia"is in Canada ColOmbia the country is a country with NOOOO association to Britain/British etc..

Are there trains in Colombia?

yes there are a lot of trains in colombia it is a common way of transportation other than taxies. thanks for reading! i so

Companies of Colombia?

It depends what kind of companies you are asking about, but we have very similar companies to the US. For example, instead of Wallmart, we have Carrefour (it's actually a French word meaning a four way intersection). Our companies are much like the US's companies.

How about the animals in Colombia?

i dont really care...but i wonder whttp://wiki.answers.com/Q/FAQ/5192at would happen if a mango and a guava made a baby?

Who was in the crew of Colombia?

The space shuttle Columbia was the first spaceworthy shuttle that entered service in April 1981. It completed 27 missions, before being destroyed shortly before completion of the 28th, during re-entry into the earth atmosphere on February 1st 2003. All seven crew members died; Commander: Rick D. H ( Full Answer )

What deserts are in Colombia?

There is a small area of desert that Columbia shares with Venezuelacalled the Guajira Desert.

Does the name Columbia have the same origin as Colombia?

Yes, it does. Both Columbia and Colombia , along with their sister Colón , have beenderived from the famous Italian explorer, navigator and colonizer, Cristoforo Colombo (in Italian, his mother tongue), who wasbest known in English-speaking world as ChristopherColumbus and Spanish-speaki ( Full Answer )