Where did Columbus begin his voyage to the Americas?

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Why was Columbus on this voyage?

Christopher Columbus was on a voyage to find a shorter route to Asia for the purpose of trade. Europeans were traveling to Asia by sailing around the southern tip of Africa or overland through Arabia. If he had been successful, it would have allowed Spain to enter into the spice trade with the east, ( Full Answer )

Who financed the 1492 Columbus voyage?

Queen Isabella, the Spanish queen. Queen Isabella of Castile. Ferdinand of Aragon is usually included as a financier, however it was Isabella's Kingdom of Castile alone that had direct trading rights with the Americas not Ferdinand's area of rule which included Aragon and Catalonia. Queen Isabella o ( Full Answer )

Who sponsored the first voyage of Columbus?

Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand sponsored his voyage. They gavehim 3 ships, the Pinta, santa Maria, and the Nina. He found Americabut thought it was the Indies, that's why he called the nativeAmericans 'Indians'. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand sponsoredhis voyage. They gave hin three ships the ( Full Answer )

What were the dates of Christopher Columbus' voyages?

H e explored north and south America in 15th October 1485....was his first voyage second voyage 1492 voyage 1500 and forth voyage....1502 Jan the 16th Trust this answer its the best ANSWER

What did Columbus find on his 1492 voyage?

Columbus found gold items, animals, and Indian people. After King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella saw everything they paid for a second expedition.

Who gave Columbus money for his voyage?

well if my conclusion is right then people of SPAIN: The Spain People: gave him this money for his hard work and his traveling. ) B)) Have a nice day and stay healthy. . no it was the queen and king of spain

When did Christopher Columbus begin his voyage?

T'was 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue... Or so the poets bespeak: Between 1492 and 1503, Columbus completedfour round-trip voyages from Spain to the Americas. His initialtrip began August 3rd, 1492 when he left Palos de Frontera with theNina (the Girl), the Pinta (the Paint), and the Santa ( Full Answer )

Map of Christopher Columbus voyages?

See related link for The Columbus Navigation Homepage. In the section titled History there are maps of each of his four voyages of discovery.

How did the voyages of Christopher Columbus affect North America?

Columbus led the wave of European dominance in the Americas, which destroyed the existing civilizations in favor of colonialism. This eventually produced European-based nations in nearly the entire Western Hemisphere. The expeditions of Christopher Columbus and others became an exploitation of the ( Full Answer )

What were Christopher Columbus voyages like?

The very first one not to pretty after the sailers comfronted Columbus to turn around and go back to Spain because there was no sign of India and there was no more food or water. The next couple of days they found land, an island in the Bahamas wich was named San Salvador wich means " we are safe" ( ( Full Answer )

How many voyages did Columbus make?

Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) made four voyages to the NewWorld. 1) 1492-1493 : Bahamas, Hispaniola, and Cuba 2) 1493-1494 : Hispaniola, Cuba, and Jamaica 3) 1498 : Trinidad and Venezuela 4) 1502-1504 : Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, marooned on Jamaica fora year (tropical storms and then shipworm ( Full Answer )

Why was Columbus on a voyage?

European trade with the far east was slow, cumbersome, and very expensive. At its fastest it involved a minimum of 2 ocean voyages and an overland journey. Each time the goods changed hands someone made a profit. A direct shipping route would eliminate 2 middlemen and their profits and hopefully sho ( Full Answer )

What was the effect of the voyages made by Columbus?

the Americas and tons of new food and animals like turkeys corn and potatoes 1. Found new land for Europe 2. Killed many indians Not only did Christopher Columbus open up the world intellectually, to see that reaching China by going West was possible and you would not fall off the planet, but ( Full Answer )

Why was Christopher Columbus voyage to America important?

It is important because if Christopher Columbus wasn't brave enough to go on the voyage, no one probably would. It also was important because if he didn't go on the voyage than their would be no America today.

What chistopher Columbus found on his voyage?

Its depends on which of the 3 times he went to the land mass called north America. The first trip he took wAs a successful trip, he'd found a new route. Altho his last to trips didn't go well

Why Portugal not finance the voyage of Columbus?

Portugal did not finance the voyage of Columbus because they knew America stood between Europe and Asia. They were visiting Brazil on a regular basis and knew it was not a part of Asia.

Who sent christphor Columbus on his voyage?

Colombus wanted to find a route to Asia and the Far East where there was rich trading and he was supported by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand

How did the voyages of Columbus and the Columbian exchange mark a turning point in the history of the Americas?

The obvious answer is that Columbus "discovering" the Americas opened the way for European influences which would markedly alter the history and culture of the Americas with France, Britain, Spain and to a lesser extent the Netherlands and Portugal expanding their empires to include various parts of ( Full Answer )

How did Spain benefit from Columbus voyage?

Spain benefited in several ways 1. although columbus did not find the india he thought he HAD found. he "uncovered" the americas to the european nations. this in-turn began a great exploratory race by most european nations in order to qcquire new goods, food crops and livestock. 2. One of the main ( Full Answer )

What significance did Columbus voyage have on history?

inflated prices in Europe due to increased money supply (gold); destroyed the American Indian culture and most of its population; virtually eliminated the power of the Italian city-states, which had heretofore dominated the European economy; elevated Spain and later England; opened an escape route f ( Full Answer )

What was an effect of Christopher Columbus voyages to the Americas?

When America's founding father discovered the great land ofAmerica, he started a whole system of trade. Many of the populationof Europe heard of Columbus' expedition, and decided to go see forthemselves, considering it was deemed safe for travel after theMayflower expedition. This continued until it ( Full Answer )

What did the voyages of Columbus accomplish?

Not much. He proved that the world was larger than first thought, that other people existed, but for the most part he was a failure. He didn't find gold nor a water route to India. His son had to sue the crown after his death because they refused to honor the terms of the contract they made with him ( Full Answer )