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He was born in Paris, France, and died there.
In Paris, France.
He lived in Paris.
He lived in Paris.
He lived in Paris, which is not a little village.

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In Paris, where he lived all his life.George Seurat went to Municipal School.He did not go to an art school.

in Paris, where he lived all his life.George Seurat went to Municipal School.He did not go to an art school.

george seurat used pointillism which means he didnt mix colours

Georges Seurat is from Paris,France.

Georges Pierre Seurat was raised in Paris, France. His father, Antoine-Chrysostome Seurat, was a customs official who was often away from home, so Seurat and his brother, Emile, and sister, Marie-Berthe, were raised primarily by their mother, Ernestine (Faivre) Seurat. Seurat received his earliest art lessons from an uncle. Later in life, he had a common-law wife, Madeleine Knoblauch and a son, Pierre-Georges Seurat.

He was a professional painter.

no, i think he was not rich.

george seurat was 31 yrs old when he died he used pointillism in his paintings

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Georges Seurat was a French painter in the 19 century. He is best known for his impressionist paintings and his use of pointillism.

because he started drawing with dots.

george seurat became an artist when he started his primary school he excelled in painting nudists.

george seurat had many different paintings but one of them in called 'Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte'. That WA one of his most famous psintings and it took him 2 years to complete. There are several paintings that George Seurat completed in his life time, but there was one that he didn't manage to complete because he died. :)

His father`s name is Antoine Chrysostom Seurat,was a Legal and a native of Champagne;his mather `s, Ernestine Faivre, was a Parisian.

He became a professional painter at 21.

he went to a school called municipal school.

He lived in Paris with his mistress.

George Seurat is very important because he invented pointillism, which consists of small dots of pure color that are paint directly onto the picture

George Seurat was a famous artist Seurat was a very famous artist. He is most famous for his piece, "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grande Jatte," which was on a 7 by 10 foot canvas, made entirely out of millions of tiny dots.

Primarily as the artist who created the painting "Sunday In The Park ..."

Georges-Pierre Seurat was a painter in the late 1800s. He was not known for working for a person or place in particular, although he did spend one year in the service of the military.

No, he lived in a house in Paris.

Georges SEURAT has written: 'Georges Seurat'

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