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Jerry Rice was born and raised in Crawford, Mississippi. He worked very hard as a child by working with bricks and he would throw them 2 stories up to get the bricks to the other workers.

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How many yards does Jerry Rice have?

Jerry Rice has 22,895 yards!Jerry Rice has 22,895 yards!

Who is better Jerry Rice or Larry Fitzgerald?

Jerry Rice

Who is better randy moss or Jerry rice?

Jerry Rice

Is Sidney rice Jerry rice's son?

No, Sidney Rice is not the son of Jerry Rice.

Who had more touchdowns as quarterback to receiver Steve young and Jerry Rice or Joe Montana and jerry rice?

steve young to jerry rice

Where did Stephanie Rice grow up?

the gold coast from Stephanie rice

Is Jerry Rice did?

No Jerry Is Not Dead

When was Jerry Rice born?

Jerry Rice was born on October 13, 1962.

What does Jerry Rice do?

Jerry Rice now retired from the NFL, plays golf.

When did Jerry Rice retire from NFL?

Jerry Rice retired after the 2004 season.

Who is the best widereciever ever?

jerry ricejerry riceLARRY FITZGERALD

Who is Jerry rice known as?

Jerry Rice is known as a major football player!

Why is Jerry rice an important African American?

Jerry Rice is white, you idiot.

How many career receptions did Jerry Rice have?

Jerry Rice had 1,549 career receptions.

What is the net worth of Jerry rice?

Net worth of Jerry Rice is $25 Million.

What are the release dates for Up Close Primetime - 1991 Randy Moss and Jerry Rice?

Up Close Primetime - 1991 Randy Moss and Jerry Rice was released on: USA: 10 November 1998

What are the names of Jerry Rice's kids?

Jerry Rice Jr.(19), Jada Rice(14), and Jacqui Rice(23)

Does Jerry rice have a nephew playing for the vikings?

No, Sidney Rice is not related to the Hall of Fame football player, Jerry Rice.

Is syndey rice related to Jerry Rice?


Is Jerry Rice the father to Sidney Rice?

No, he is not

Are Jerry Rice and jay rice related?


Is Condoleezza Rice and Jerry Rice related?


Where was did Jerry Spinelli grow up?

he grew up in Pennsylvania,Wayne

How many records did Jerry Rice set?

Jerry rice set a total of 21 records

What did Jerry Rice do?

Jerry Rice Mastered the Wide Receiver Roll in Football. Enough Said.

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