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Q: Where did Monteverdi go to school at?
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Did Monteverdi go to school?


Did Monteverdi go blind before his death?

Claudio Monteverdi was an Italian composer, singer and Roman Catholic priest. He was born on May 9, 1567. No, Monteverdi did not go blind before his death.

Did Monteverdi went blind before his death?

No, Monteverdi did not go blind before his death. He continued to compose music and conduct performances until his death in 1643.

When was Monteverdi Choir created?

Monteverdi Choir was created in 1964.

What is Monteverdi Marittimo's population?

Monteverdi Marittimo's population is 731.

What has the author Claudio Monteverdi written?

Claudio Monteverdi has written: 'Madrigals'

What is Claudio Monteverdi's birthday?

Claudio Monteverdi was born on May 15, 1567.

When was Monteverdi's lost operas created?

Monteverdi's lost operas was created in 1608.

When was Giulio Cesare Monteverdi born?

Giulio Cesare Monteverdi was born in 1573.

When was Monteverdi-Chor Hamburg created?

Monteverdi-Chor Hamburg was created in 1955.

When was Peter Monteverdi born?

Peter Monteverdi was born on 1934-06-07.

When did Peter Monteverdi die?

Peter Monteverdi died on 1998-07-04.