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Q: Where did Murray spangler go to college?
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Who invented the electric vacuum cleaner?

James Murray Spangler invented the first motorized, portable vacuum cleaner. Spangler was a janitor in Ohio and used an electric fan, a box, and one of his wife's pillowcases.

When was Murray College created?

Murray College was created in 1889.

Who made the first vacuum clean er?

One of my relatives, Mr. James Murray Spangler. He invented it in 1907. Hope this helps! :)

When was Murray State College created?

Murray State College was created in 1908.

Where did Olindo Mare attend college?

Mac-Murray College

Where did Lucille Ball go to college?

Lucy Liu went to University of Michigan

When was Jacob Spangler born?

Jacob Spangler was born in 1767.

When did Jacob Spangler die?

Jacob Spangler died in 1843.

When did Paul Spangler die?

Paul Spangler died in 1994.

How tall is Brian Spangler?

Brian Spangler is 5' 11".

How tall is Donna Spangler?

Donna Spangler is 5' 8".

When was Paul Spangler born?

Paul Spangler was born in 1899.