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He never attended

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Q: Where did Sam Houston go to collage?
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Did Whitney Houston go to collage?

Yes she did go to college.

Why did Sam Houston go to the Alamo?

Sam Houston fought in the Alamo for Independence.

What collage did sam Adams go to?

Happy Rainbows

Is Sam Houston a good law school to go to?

No, it is not. Sam Houston doesn't have a law school.

When did Sam Walton go to collage?

Sam M. Walton College of Business was created in 1926.

Why didn't David Crocket go with Sam Houston?

Crocket was at the Alamo, Houston was not.

What age did sam Houston go to school at?


Facts about sam Houston?

Houston is named after Sam Houston

Were did Sam Houston go to school?

He lacked a formal education.

What school did sam Houston go to?

He did not have a formal education.

Did Sam Houston go to jail?

No, Sam Houston did not go to jail during his lifetime. He was a prominent American statesman and soldier who served as the president of the Republic of Texas and later as the governor of Texas.

Who was against the secession of Texas?

Sam Houston He was a US Senator at the time