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Where did a pencil come from?


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The word came from old French word "pincel".

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yes they are called pen pencil or mechanical pencil. you have to click it like a pen for the led to come out

No, pencil shavings are not a mineral because they come from trees which are not inorganic or naturally occurring.

Depends on the pencil you use. There is no universally standard pencil size, they come in all different shapes and sizes. My advice is to find a ruler and measure your own pencil.

The main body of a pencil is made from soft wood, the 'lead' is made from graphite. The lead can come in many different sizes depending on the pencil holding it.

what happened was this man needed something to write with, so he asked God for one and he crapped out a pencil.

it means a pencil and an ear pud

ticonderoga pencil is from pencilvania

The average pencil, when brand new, is about 7 inches long, but pencils come in many different sizes. Pencils come in varying sizes; a typical size is about 20 centimeters.

After using both of those pencils, I would have to say mechanical because it will write and draw better. It will come out smoother and the lead is exact.

"If I Get a Magic Pencil" is a story in an online Indian kids' magazine. The story relates what a child would do if he or she got a magic pencil, and how what they draw would come to life.

They were first found in graphite mines. I suppose they still do.

the thing whish is erasing pencil mark may come via chemical but there doing physical change

If you're talking about pencil lead, it's made up of layers and layers of carbon. For example, when you write with pencil, the lines that you make on paper are just layers of carbon that had come off your pencil lead.

"A new pencil"."A new pencil"."A new pencil"."A new pencil".

you need to first find a pencil but i cant remember where to get it.. its somewhere on the train and when you get the notepad go into you inventory and click on the pencil. the it will come up with the notepad and pencil and all you have to do is draw over the notepad until it stops you

It came from Korea! read the bottom of it it says Korea

There are several stories that have been floating around for years regarding Gandhi and pencils. One of them has to do with him insisting on using his pencil even though it had come just a stub. When asked why he did not simply sharpen a new one, he is supposed to have said something like,"To respect the labour that went into the making of the pencil."

Paste 2 pieces of wood together

pencil is said as pencil in bengali

What pencil... be more specififc.

as at the edges tension on balloon is less therefore force at these diametrically opposite surfaces force due to pencil is not enough to burst the balloon

Yes. The user presses it against paper, breaking small pieces onto the page. The graphite of your pencil is layered so when you press it against paper the layers come of and on to your paper.

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