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Mostly heavy elements are created inside stars and then spread when they go supernova and recondense into new stars and planets.

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Super Novas(exploding stars)

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Q: Where did all the chemical elements in our solar system come from?
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Where does solar system come from?

Solar system is natural thus,it is created by God and it doesn't come from anywhere

Where does elements come from?

Chemical elements were formed by stellar nucleosynthesis.

Where did the matter in your solar system come from?

The Solar System formed from a cloud of gas, that collapsed.

Do meteorids come from?

From the solar system.

When did scientist believe your solar system formed?

The solar system is believed to have formed about 5 billion years ago, and by the way, why do you call it YOUR solar system? Do you come from a different solar system? Because if not, then it's OUR solar system.

What place does the Earth come in the solar system?

The Earth comes seventh place in the solar system.

Do comets come from inner realms of the solar system?

No. They form in the outer solar system where it is cold enough.

Does the solar system come from physical science?


Solar system may have been formed shortly after a supernova occurred nearby?

It need not have been "shortly after"; the key point is that part of the material in the Solar System must have come from supernova explosions, at some previous point - or we wouldn't have sufficient amounts of heavier elements.

Does solar system come out of galaxy?

No. The solar system is part of the Milky Way Galaxy and is very unlikely ever to leave it.

What force makes comets come into your solar system?


How is your solar system formed?

The formation of the Solar System began billions of years ago, when gases and dust began to come together to form the sun, planets and all the other bodies in the solar system.