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AnswerThe custom of celebrating old years or new years eve has something to do with the Pagan god Janus (who also is the reason for the name January). Janus was a two-headed deity (or god) who had one head looking at the past (meaning the old year) and the other head looking towards the future (the new year). New years celebrations originated from the worship of Janus.
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Does Congo country celebrating new year eve?

Yes it celebrates New Years eve and Easter and Christmas.

Why we are celebrating Christmas and new year?

Because Christmas is when Jesus was born and New Years because we are starting a new year, it is nearly Christmas so after that it will be New Years Eve/Day.

Why is alcohol a problem at Christmas?

Because so many people are celebrating at Christmas time (and also New Years eve).

When did the tradition of celebrating the new year on New Year's Eve begin?

The tradition of celebrating the new year on New years even began at many different eras depending on which Country/Continent you were referring too. For example in The United States of America, people began celebrating the new year in 1862.

Should new years be uper case if i were writing an essay should i uper case the words New Years like celebrating New Years is or just celebrating new years is?

New Year's (Eve) and New Year's Day are proper nouns requiring upper case initials. Also happy New Year. "We say Happy New Year at the beginning of the new year."

When did people start celebrating New Year's Eve in Ireland?

because the start of the new year by brice

What are some interesting ideas for a New Year's Eve party?

Some interesting ideas for a New Years Eve party are celebrating the last eve of the year and the first morning of the new year with one's best friends. You should organize amazing music, enough food and a huge amount of alcohol.

When did the New Year's Eve celebration start being held in Times Square?

People began celebrating New Year's Eve in New York's Times Square in 1904.

Is New Year's Eve before of after New Year's Day?

Eve => night before => New years eve => night before the new years day.

Can we shoot fireworks on New Year's Eve?

yes u can Shoot Fireworks on new years eve its the way of celebriting new Years eve

What is the difference between New Years and New Year's Eve?

The difference between New Year's day and New Year's Eve is here. On new year's eve, you celebrate my birthday also as celebrating the day before New year. On new Years day you celebrate the New year and make New year resolutions (it's said res-o-lu-shun, and a resolution is a promise that you should keep all year) and have a festive family time.

What month is New Year's Eve in?

New years eve is in december

How is New Year's Eve celebrated in Colombia?

A traditional way of celebrating New Year's Eve involves a dummy. The figure is made out of old clothes. It is stuffed with straw and firecrackers. At midnight on New Year's Eve, the dummy is set on fire.

Is Home Depot open on New Years Eve?

Home Depot is not open on New Years Eve.

Who will perform 2013 new years eve?

Who is perfroming in times square at new years eve 2013

Is Barclay's bank open New Year's Eve?

Yes, Barclay's bank is open on New Years Eve. New Years Eve is not technically a holiday so they will be open but they will be closed on New Years Day.

Is 'New Years Eve' spelled with or without an apostrophe in the word 'Years'?

"New Year's Eve". It is the eve of the New Year, so New Year is in the genetive (possessive) case, thus: New Year's.

Why do you celebrate new years eve?

We celebrate New Years Eve because it is a new year and because you get more time with family and friends.

Is New Years day today?

no today is new years eve. tomorrow is new years

Is New Years Eve a holiday?

New Year's Eve is not a holiday. It's a social observance.

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