Where did chow mein originate from?

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Chow mein literally means "fried noodles." Food historians agree on two points:
  1. Noodles have been known to Chinese cooks since ancient times.
  2. No one knows exactly who made the first chow mein and when.

Historians also agree chow mein most likely migrated to America with Chinese immigrants in the mid-19th century. Yes, this food (and many others) has endured several changes over the years...from indigenious cooks to Americanized restaurant selections to canned versions and frozen entrees.
"Chow mein is related to and takes its name from "chao mian," a Chinese dish consisting of previously boiled noodles stirfried with meat and vegetables. There is, however, an important difference. In chow mein the noodles are deep fried in bundles, which are crisp and brittle when they emerge; whereas in the Chinese dish the noodles are soft."
---Oxford Companion to Food, Alan Davidson [Oxford University Press:Oxford] 1999 (p. 183)

What is the difference between chow mein and lo mein?

Discussions of the distinctions between chow mein and lo mein are in the following links.. Basically, the way the noodles are cooked makes the diffierence, and where you get them as take-out.

What is a Chow Chow?

A Chow is a breed of dog that people believe originated in China. They are close relatives with the Shar Pei and one of their distinct features, in which they are known for, is their blue-black or purple tongue.

How big do Chow Chows get?

Chows are considered a medium size dog. They range in weight from 45 to 70 pounds (20 to 32 kilograms) and can have a height anywhere from 18 to 22 inches (46 to 56 centimeters).

What is chow mein?

An Asian dish similar to pasta. It contains noodles, vegetables, and spices such as ginger. It's fried together in a pan or a wok; you can also add meat or poultry, as in Chicken Chow Mein.

Why do Chow Chows have blue tongues?

Honestly, no one knows. It was once believed that the Chow Chow was related to bears in and around the area of China, Mongolia and Manchuria who also shared the blue black tongue. However, genetic testing reveals that the Chow Chow is 100 percent canine. This particular trait is only shared by the C ( Full Answer )

How do you make Chow Mein?

Step 1 . -Boil enough noodles for three people. you'll have to kinda guess at how much you will need. when the noodles are finished boiling, strain them and set aside. -You can use the boiling time to prep your other ingredients. cut the meat into strips that are about 1/4 inch wide by 2 inch ( Full Answer )

Where do Chow-Chow come from?

Chow Chows originated from China. Actually, when times were hard for the Chinese people, they would use the fur from the dogs and they would use the meat from chow chows. That is where the Chinese meal "Chow-Chow" came from. Poor puppies! :(

Who invented chow mein?

Chinese people invented the dish, allegedly it was invented by Chinese who came to work in the USA particularly on the West Coast. It is said it is not a dish much known in China.

Where did puppy chow originate?

My great grandmother told me the story of how the name "puppy chow" originated. When mom's would make this treat for their children, they started begging for the treat like little "puppies" , then would CHOW down on it once they received it.

Would basil be nice in a chow mein dish?

I think basil would be great in a chow mein dish, i would go with chicken, shrimp, or even beef chow mein. You may also be able to find thai basil, which has a much smaller leaf and wouldn't require much chopping, which leads to bruising, and would preserve the color of the dish

Are chow cHow is good with kids?

Yes they are good with children, but have a tendency to make a chow nervous, therefore not a good candidate for homes with small children. They are usually a one family dog and would not be very good around other children in the neighborhood

What is reef chow mein?

If you mean reef chow, it is a fish food commonly used by people who have saltwater aquariums with live corals in them. I have never heard it called reef chow mein.

How big does a chow chow get?

A Chow Chow usually grows to be 18-22 inches tall. They average aweight of 45-70 pounds. Their life expectancy is around 15 years.

Do Chow Chow is have black tongues?

Yes, the Chow Chows tongue is black but is a mystery as to why.. My name is Alex and i am 11 years old, you may not believe me but this is accurate information.

Where did chicken chow mein originate?

Your local Chinese Food Restaurant. Your local Chinese Food Restaurant. your local tescos frozen isle and then your microwave/wok. iain carney smells o chow mein. RAB

Facts about chow mein?

the only fact i can tell you about chow mein is that ive nevertried it

Where did the phrase chow mein originate?

America! -This idiom is the Americanism for a dish of stir-fried noodles, brought to America by the speakers of the Taishan dialect of Chinese.

What is the difference between chop suey and chow mein?

Chow mein - main ingredient is noodles with vegetables and option of meat. Chop suey - main ingredient is bean sprouts with vegetables and option of meat. Subgum. - main ingredient is vegetables (usually with cooked celery) and option of meat. Depending on the Chinese restaurant more authentic ( Full Answer )

Do chow cHow is shed seasonally?

Chow Chow breeds are prone to shed the worst during the summer, but all dogs shed constantly like humans do. They make room for new hair growth. But in long hair and cold climate breeds, they shed their whole undercoat from spring to fall. Then the new undercoat comes in for the winter. Hope this he ( Full Answer )

Is chow chow a good dog?

No Chows are stubborn, headstrong and difficult to train unless you have a lot of time to spend with them and really know what you're doing (or send them to a professional). They can also be hard to socialize with other dogs. Yes The preceding answer is incorrect, and reflects a lack of experience ( Full Answer )

Are Chow Chows easy to train?

Generally, Chow Chows are considered to be hard to train since they can be stubborn at times. Chow Chows are also listed as the fourth least intelligent dog breed in the book The Intelligence of Dogs by Stanley Coren. They are in the "Lowest Degree of Working/Obedience Intelligence" group, where t ( Full Answer )

How much do chow chows cost?

This depends on where you live and what breeder you are buying from but generally purebred puppies can cost up to a couple thousand dollars each.

Do chow chow dogs shed?

Chow Chows are seasonal shedders and shed heavily. There is a dense undercoat as well as a topcoat; therefore, a Chow Chow needs daily brushing. The hair tends to gather in tumbleweed like clusters rather than lay flat like the hair of other breeds, making clean-up somewhat easier.

HOW LONG do chow chow?

"HOW LONG do chow chow?" If you are trying to say how long do they get. Then approximately 3 feet from nose to tail.

What is the scientific name of a Chow Chow?

\nAll dogs are the same species and they all have the same scientific name: Canis familiaris.\n. \nChow chow does have a scientific name because it is a breed and not a species

Can chow chows live outside?

Yes. I have a Chow Chow that was living indoors until I got her. I had her live outdoors and she is still living wonderfully with her best friend and her son.

What colors are chow chows?

Pure bred Chow Chow's can be a few different colors. Typically; black, red or "cinnamon", a light brown/tan, and even "blue" which is a very very dark shiny black.

What is the dog known as the chow chow?

The Chow Chow dog is a breed who originated in China. It was bred for the purpose of a guard dog and pulling carts. They stand 18-22 in (46-56 cm) high and weigh 45-70 Ib. There is the rough-coated form which is most commonly seen. It's a thick, profuse, and straight coat which would need a fair amo ( Full Answer )

Are chow mein noodles vegan?

The noodles themselves are vegan, but the way chow mein is prepared (possible with lard, butter, or meat stock) may not be vegan in the end.

Is chicken chow mein fattening?

A one cup serving of LaChoy chicken chow mein has 100 calories and3 grams of fat. One order (604 grams) of chicken chow mein from arestaurant has about 515 calories and 17 grams of fat.

What product is Chow chow?

Chow chow is a pickled relish, made from a combination of vegetables.It mostly popular in the Southern US, and places such as Pennsylvania, New Mexico and the Appalachian Mountains.

What color are chow chow puppies?

Chow chow puppies vary in color depending on the color of the parents. Red chow chows are born with brown coats, and "cinnamon" chow chows are often born with gray coats. Black, cream, and blue chow chows are born with black, cream, or blue coats, respectively.

What is usually served with Chicken Chow Mein?

Chicken Chow Mein is served with a variety of things. Some people just eat it plain the way it is made, others eat it with rice. There are so many varieties of Chow Mein that we could be here all day answering what is served with it.

Is La Choy chicken chow Mein gluten free?

If it's the vegetable can, then I would say it is. La Choy usually lists any allergens in it. Which is only soy sauce, right? And all their sauces are gluten free. P.s- Got this from a post back in 2005. So, yeah it's probably gluten- free. Don't blame me though if it isn't xD

Is chow mein a pasta?

No. Chow mein noodles is a pasta. Chow mein is thenoodles stir fried with various vegetables and maybe chickenand meats.