Where did clara schumann live most of her life?

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Where Did Dickens live most of his life?

Answer: Dickens was born at Portsmouth in 1812, and died at his modest home, Gad's Hill, in Higham in Kent. The intervening years were spent in and around London.

How many symphonies did Clara schumann write?

Clara Schumann wrote no symphonies. She did, however, write a singal piano concerto (in A minor) before she married Robert Schumann, as well as a fair amount of chamber music and piano pieces.

Who was Clara Schumann?

Clara was the wife of Robert Schumann the composer. She was born in Leipzig on September 13, 1819 and died in Frankfurt on May 20, 1896 and was a composer in her own right.

What is Clara Barton life like?

Clarissa Harlowe Barton, better known as Clara, was born onChristmas Day in 1821, She worked as a teacher, patent clerk, andhumanitarian, in addition to being a hospital nurse. Toward the endof the Civil War, she established a hospital at the Andersonvilleprison camp. After the war she ran the Offic ( Full Answer )

What did Clara Schumann write and when?

A partial listing, with dates, of Clara Schumann's works is available on Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clara_Schumann#Music_of_Clara_Schumann

What did Clara Barton do in her adult life?

In Clara's early adulthood she went to Liberal Institute college, then became a teacher in multiple school and private lessons. Later on in life one of Clara's friend, Dewitt advised her to be a U.S. Patent Office, after some difficulty she was send to nurse in battles.

How was Clara Bartons life as a kid?

her childhood was sad because kids teased her about her looks and tomboy acts she was very shy which is wy she avoided most people.

Did Clara Schumann have kids?

Clara Schumann had 8 children. Their names were Marie, Elise, Julie, Emil, Ludwig, Ferdinand, Eugenie, and Felix. However, Emil died at sixteen months. Several of the others died young, in tragic circumstances. Only four of the eight outlived their mother, and only Marie, Elise, and Eugenie lived a ( Full Answer )

Robert and Clara Schumann aided and housed what composer?

Johannes Brahms. By the way, the aiding was not all on their side. Brahms visited Robert during his final years in the asylum at Endenich, and was hugely supportive to Clara for the rest of her life (40 years after Robert's death).

When dis Clara Schumann start playing piano?

According to http://www.bach-cantatas.com/Lib/Schumann-Clara.htm, Clara Schumann was trained from the age of 5 with her father, the well-known pedagogue Friedrich Wieck.

What musical period did Schumann live in?

Robert Schumann (June 8, 1810 - July 29, 1856) and his famous sister Clara Schumann (Sept 13, 1819 - May 20, 1896), both were considered distinguished and very active composers in the Romantic Era.

Where did Mozart live most his life?

He was born in Salzburg in 1756 and lived there until 1781, although he travelled a lot through Europe. Then in 1781 he moved to Vienna, where he died in 1791.

Who did Barack Obama live with most of his life?

When he was little, he lived with his mom and then his mom and step-dad. But the largest portion of his youth was spent living with his maternal grandparents, who took care of him from the time he was in the 5th grade till he graduated from high school. Since 1992, he has lived with his wife Michell ( Full Answer )

How did Clara Schumann meet Robert Schumann?

She was the daughter of Robert Schumann's piano teacher. She was much younger and her father did not approve because he wanted her to focus on playing the piano, due to the fact she was a prodigy.

What was Claras life like when she was little?

Clara Barton Had a very stressful life. Clara's father was in the army. When Cara was little her mom had sudden fits of rage, and was emotionally unbalanced. Clara's sister Dorthy nursed her younger sister (Clara. Dorthy had a mental breakdown and then sister sally looked after Clara.

Who was most influential in Clara Barton's life?

Most likely her brother David Barton because when they were young he fell off the roof of a barn and she nursed him back to health which sparked her love for nursing and helping people.

What type of classical music did Clara Schumann Compose?

Clara Schumann's principal compositions are: several dozen short piano pieces, a piano sonata, two concertos (one unfinished), a piano trio, some two dozen solo songs and three choral songs. She also composed cadenzas, and a number of transcriptions and arrangements for piano. Her style was, broadly ( Full Answer )

Why did Poe live most of his life in poverty?

There are many things we do not know about him that could have caused this. However, one big factor that contributed was the fact that most of his pieces were not discovered until after his death.

Where has paul pierce lived for most of his life?

He was born in Oakland, but grew up in Inglewood, CA and played HS basketball there. He currently lives in Calabasas, CA... although he most likely keeps a residence, during the season, in Boston as well.

How did Robert and Clara Schumann meet?

They met in the household of Robert Shumann's piano teacher, Friedrich Wieck. Friedrich's daughter Clara was a young piano prodigy who caught the eye of Shumann.

When did Robert Schumann marry Clara Weik?

1840, otherwise called Schumann's "Year of Song." It was this year that Clara became legally old enough to give her own consent to be married (her father Friedrich Wieck opposed the marriage).

How old is Clara Schumann?

Clara Schumann was born on September 13, 1819 and died on May 20, 1896. Clara Schumann would have been 76 years old at the time of death or 195 years old today.

Where did Miss Dickinson lived most of her life?

If you are referring to the famous poet Emily Dickinson, she lived most of her life in Amherst MA. A reclusive person, she rarely traveled, and in her later years, did not leave her home. (Amherst is a few minutes from Springfield, in western Massachusetts, and by car, it is about 90 miles from Bost ( Full Answer )

How did Clara Schumann become so popular?

She was a child prodigy, an accomplished pianist, and a composer. Married Robert Schumann, and was later a great friend of Brahms.......

From which country was Clara Schumann from?

Clara Schumann was born in Germany on the 13th of September 1819. This famous musician and composer has music available on youtube for future reference.

What is Clara Schumann known for?

Clara Shumann is known for being a widely talented pianist. People say that she played the piano the most soulfully that they had ever heard around the Romantic Era.

Where did Diego Rivera live for most of his life?

Famous muralist and political radical, Diego Rivera lived most of his life in his homeland of Mexico. He was husband and mentor to fellow Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, who was famous for her self-portraits.

What is Clara schumann important works?

Most of Clara Schumann's works were for or included her instrument, the piano. She wrote a concerto and a piano trio, very much solo piano music and songs for voice with piano accompaniment. She also wrote some choral music. As she grew older she wrote less, and produced no works after the age of 36 ( Full Answer )