Where did cliff purpur go to school?

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Grand Forks Central High School and University of North Dakota both in Grand Forks, ND
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How do you go to school?

You can take the bus,ride a bike,walk,take a car,ride a scooter,take a taxi or not go at all i prefer to walk because walking gives you energy but when you take vehicle's it just wastes your energy.

Why do we have to go to school?

There are two theories. The fiction one, and the non-fiction one. Non-Fiction: We attend school to receive an education. That way, when we are older we know how to handle situations and such. Fiction: We attend school because grownups are sick of us and want to torture us. Adults are really ( Full Answer )

Why you have to go to school?

you need to go to school to be more educated and when you grow up you'll have good job and your life would be much easier.

Why do you go to school?

-You go to school because it's COMPULSORY until the age of 15. -To get an education to help make your life better. -We also go to school to see friends who we don't hang round with outside school. -To learn so you can become successful at life and not end up in the streets as a hooker or a janito ( Full Answer )

How is Brazilian purpuric fever spread?

Brazilian purpuric fever can be spread through contact withinfected eye secretions, such as sharing eye-makeup applicators orreusing unsterilized opthalmic devices. If the bacteriumHaemophilus influenzae is present in the secretions, transmissionto others can occur in these instances.

Why you go to school?

You go to school to achieve an education which will better you in the future by allowing you to get a better job to earn more pay to support you and your loved ones.

Where is a cliff?

A cliff is found where a flat piece of land suddenly ends and has branches attached to it many people fall off cliffs and try to hold on the edge and slip or they start falling but try to hold on to a branch and the branch breaks either way they die whoever walks near cliffs they are dumb

What schools can you go to for law school?

Not all universities have law schools, but there are too many law schools to list here. You just need to look at whether the university has a program and whether the program meets your needs. I wouldn't say a tier 1 school is required to get a good education, but do make sure it is at least accredit ( Full Answer )

Why do you have to go school?

So you may get an education and then some day get a job. Withoutschool you know as much and you wouldn't be as smart.

Why do we not go to school?

We don't go to school only if we are sick, or we have a problem with family, or we are on vaction. We have to go to school because without it we wouldn't have an education and we wouldn't know how to do anything. And without school your parents wouldn't even be able to teach you anything. I know we ( Full Answer )

What schools can you go to?

for home schools (online schools for elementary, middle, and/or high school) there is IQ Academy, and K12.

Why do you have to go to school?

You just do, because it's against the law not to! Also, it's so youlearn and it'll help you get a good job when you're older! because it can keep u out of trouble and so you can be smart and so you can spell and talk and all the above

Why go to school?

OK,i am 13 years old and i go to school trust me i hate it too,but i need a good paying job when i get older.I know we all hate it but when you look back at it later on you realize those are the best time of our lives.

What school do you have to go to?

You have to go to nursery then primary then secondary then college for your education and you have to go to school.

What can you do if you go to the Cliffs of Moher?

You can go to the Interpretive Centre and get information about theCliffs of Moher. Best of all you can go and have a look at thecliffs. While there, you can enjoy the view and take photographs.It is a very special place.

Can you not go to school?

can you? yes you can just clone yourself and make your clone to go to school for you

Do you have to go school?

Yes! Unless you are homeschooled or done school. It is the law!!! we go to school to learn pretty bad if u don't go u miss out Ag might have to chat-ch up.

How Brazilian purpuric fever is contracted?

The Brazilian Purpuric Fever is contracted by children and is afatal illness. It is transmitted through gnats that were foundinside the eyes of kids who had the illness, as well as touchingbodily fluids of infected people.

Why do you have cliffs?

I don't have a cliff, the land has cliffs which were formed from erosion, this is why many cliffs are next to oceans, or take the grand canyon, it used to be a roaring river that slowly died down, but not before creating a giant gap in the land...

How do you not have to go to school?

fake sick at home and if they dnt buy it go to school and go to the nurses office and have them call home first or just start crying and say that how bad your in pain

Am i going to have to go school tormrrow?

I don't know. Barring a natural disaster in your area, or excessive snow, or a personal or family tragedy, I'd say, "yes". In any case, if you do go, will you print out your question and show it to your English teacher? =)

Do you have to go to school?

Yes, you have to go to school so you can get your education so you can get a job to support yourself.

If a rock falls from a cliff for 9 seconds how fast is it going when it reaches the bottom?

Assuming that no net external forces are taking place, such as friction or air resistant, the only force acting upon the falling rock would be gravity. Using one of the kinematic equations, we can solve for the final velocity of the rock: v(final) = v(initial) + at We can substitute 0 for "v(ini ( Full Answer )

Why don't you go jump off a cliff?

A cliff can be as short as 2 feet from the ground to the surface, all the way to 4 miles from the ground to the surface. Even though most people think your gonna die or get major injury or heart disease or something like that. It might just be a little 2 foot jump.

What school did they go to?

Wofgang and his sister Nannerl were homeschooled by their father, Leopold Mozart. He mostly did his teachings on the road, though, as the Mozart children were always out and about on tours.

Why do you not go to school?

If you didn't go to school you wouldn't have the smarts to get a job and if you didn't have a job you wouldn't earn any money for material items.

How much does it cost to go cliff jumping?

Well sometimes it doesn't coast money at all! all you have to do is plan a nice canoe trip and look for some good jumping Rock's. you find one get a mask and go to the bottom of the cliff and look for rocks under water . If there is none than jump away!I like go jump on lake of the woods in kenora , ( Full Answer )

Schools to go school?

If you have the brian power then go to and high college or if your not reedy for it then you can start at a community stay there for 2-4 years then move into the big one don't ever tell your self no tho that's is so not cool

Did the Italian job bus go over the cliff edge?

It is unknown if it did or didn't. The film makers left the Italian job with the 'cliffhanger' (pardon the pun), which is infact much more sucessful for the film. They did attempt to make endings, where they lost the money but got off the cliff safely, and where they went over. But there actually is ( Full Answer )

How do students go to go to school?

How Students Go to School . Some students go by bus, some students go to school walking, others ride their bike; WEARING A HELMET . Some students get picked up by their parent/guardian by car.. But I wouldn't recommend children under 6 walking or riding a bike to school alone. But if they wal ( Full Answer )

Who invented school and why do you have to go to school?

in the early 19th century by King Frederick William III found our modern schools and we go to school so we aint dumb and so we can get good jobs well i donschool tbh :') but we gota go or we will end up as sum dumb t think we need hobo :') x

Where is the Cedar Cliff High School located?

The Cedar Cliff High School is located in Pennsylvania. The exact address for the Cliff High School is 1301 Camp Hill, PA 17011. Their contact number is 717-737-8654.

What actors and actresses appeared in Purpur und Waschblau - 1931?

The cast of Purpur und Waschblau - 1931 includes: Pirk Habit Karl Ehmann as Halling, Musiklehrer Else Elster as Lisbeth Leitenberger - Tochter Richard Eybner as Kabinettsrat Traunstadt Eugen Guenther as Der Kabinettsdirektor Emil Guttmann as Der Zeremonienmeister Hans Hitzinger as von Sensenheim, Ad ( Full Answer )