Where did clocks come from?

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Clocks were invented in the 15th century by Europeans during the production/evolution of agricultural tools and weaponry.
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Could a bad starter not make anything in the car come on such as the radio or the clock?

Bad starter can cause electrical failure . If the starter has a direct ground short, it is possible that many electrical accessories/electrical components will act like they have hardly any power or not come on at all.\nFastest way to find out, by jumping the two big screws on the selinoid. (You ( Full Answer )

Why does my stove keep flipping the breaker When I turn the breaker back on the stove burners will not get hot and the oven will not work when i turn on a burner the clock will come on. what do I do?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service. It sounds like the wiring is either short, damaged, or crossed. The breaker flipping off is to protect an overload of power....similar to a built in surge protector. It sounds like one half of the two pole breaker that fee ( Full Answer )

Why is a clock called a clock?

The word clock comes from the from the Celtic words clocca andclogan, both meaning bell. Bells were used in early clocks forsignaling, often times signaling prayer time. . +++ IN fact that's all the earliest mechanical clocks did, though notvery accurately: sound bells to summon monks or clergy to ( Full Answer )

You were coming home from snowboarding in Fresno CA you were clocked at 91 in a 60 zone what would the fine be?

Nice job. Here in New York you would lose your license being that far over the limit. I am sure California has a similar law. On the plus side all that walking will build your leg muscles for boarding.. Nice job. Here in New York you would lose your license being that far over the limit. I am sure ( Full Answer )

Where do Coo Coo Clocks come from?

cuckoo clocks were first built in eastern Germany around the black forest region. In a couple small towns of Triberg and Furtwangen

What is clock speed and clock cycle?

Clock speed is the term that refers to the number of changes in voltage in one second. For instance, 1 GHz means that the actually voltage across the component in question has a power supply that switches from 0 volts to 5 volts, and back to 0 volts, 1 giga (10^9) times every second. Clock cycle ( Full Answer )

Where does the clock come from?

It is unknown exactly where a clock comes from. The first clockswere called sundials and they have been used since ancient times.

Where does the expression icing the clock come from?

The expression is 'icing on the cake' and it means that the latestevent just added to the situation, but didn't significantly changeit similar to icing on a cake. The icing only makes the cakebetter, it doesn't change the fact that there is a cake.Ê

What is the time like one o clock that nabooti island is coming out?

3:00. pm do tell your mom that big nate is out earlyer because it is out on 8th december........ nabooti is out the 11th december so big nate is sure to pop up. Also please tell your mom the news down below..... early poptropica:. first you go down the well in the early poptropica'ns place. next g ( Full Answer )

Why wont the clock in a 2001 Toyota Tacoma come on?

If it is not a fuse (check the 15A cig fuse near the left side of the steering wheel) it is generally a problem with the clock itself. Typically bad internal connections I offer a repair service; please check my bio page for the website and details. I have directions on how to remove the clock etc a ( Full Answer )

Why do you have clocks?

Why Were Clocks Invented? . Please Answer This Question I Need It For School. In A Document Thing. . THANK YOU! . From Aimee Ox . Why Were Clocks Invented? . Please Answer This Question I Need It For School. In A Document Thing. . THANK YOU! . From Aimee Ox

What does the clock do?

Clock can help us to know the time and we can know it is night or it is daytime . We can do the things in according to the time on the clock .

If you were a clock?

i would sing tic tok goes the clock 24 hours a day 7 days in a weak u have a weird beak

Why did the generator you hooked up to your house from the pole mess up your microwave and the clock on your stove and also the controls to your oven and also your CD player will not even come on?

It would be necessary to see the wiring diagram and know how the breakers in the house are set up. This sort of hookup is normally done by a licensed electrician, and in some areas is illegal for anyone else. We do not have sufficient information to answer the question, and any guesses could be dang ( Full Answer )

What country did clocks come from?

That is a bit hard to answer, depending upon one's definition of the word "clock." In reality, the clock is the oldest instrument known to Man. The first clocks were calendars scratched into hard ground, as well as the sundial, both of which were developed as early as the Ice Age, variations of whic ( Full Answer )

Where did cuckoo clocks come from?

The first Cuckoo Clock was designed in Augsburg, Bavaria in 1629 however production of cuckoo clocks began in the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) region some time in the 18th century.

Where did the water clock come from?

The water clock came from the ancient Greeks in 325 BC. They used it to measure the time by having the water drip down into a bowl and they would calculate the amount of water into the time it was.

Why are clocks called clocks?

Clock come from old words such a clocca or cloche meaning bell. Most people were unable to read when clocks were introduced, bells were added so that people would know the time even if they could not read or see the clock. Out in the fields for instance.

Where did your clock system come from?

The ancient civilizations of Egypt, Sumer, India, and China defined the hour as either one twelfth of the time between sunrise and sunset or one twenty-fourth of a full day. The clocks of the early Egyptians showed 24 hours, but after the 14th century many clocks were made to register only 12 hour ( Full Answer )

How does your clock come on in your 1996 Pontiac sunfire also the radio light does not come on?

If the radio works, but the display does not, you're probably hosed. I've read here that the the radios can be repaired, but I doubt if it's worth the expense. When I bought my '96, I had the same problem. In addition, the covering/markings on the buttons were worn and torn. I bought a replaceme ( Full Answer )

When is the infernal devices clock work prince coming out?

The Clockwork Prince, written by Cassandra Clare, was releasedDecember 6th 2011. It is the second book in 'The Infernal Devices'series. The first book- The Clockwork Angel, was released August 31st,2010, and the final book, The Clockwork Princess, was releasedMarch 19th, 2013.

I would like my bedroom tv to come on automatically in the morning instead of an alarm clock Is there a way to make this happen?

Most TV's today have this feature. Since I can not know what brand you have I am going to suggest you look in two areas to find this setting. If you go into settings on your remote you should find a timer setting. Go into that and set the timer for the time you want to get up. The other spot where y ( Full Answer )

Why is clocks called clocks?

I wouldn't say the inventor, had a reason for calling clocks clocks, the person in which invented clocks came up with the name himself

What kind of clock is a grandmother clock?

A grandmother clock is a pendulum clock in a tall cabinet. It is similar to a grandfather clock, but is more petite. You can learn more about the differences between a grandmother and grandfather clock at the eHow website. Once on the page, type "Difference between a grandmother and grandfather cloc ( Full Answer )

What Casio clocks come with an alarm?

There are a lot of Casio clocks that come with an alarm. They include Casio TQ140 Travel Alarm Clock, Casio Unisex Travel Alarm Clock, Beeper Alarm DQ-47-8EF, etc.

How many clocks do the Clock Towers have?

The amount of clocks that the Clock Towers have varies on how the clock tower is supposed to look towards the citizens, so either one, two, three, or four clocks are on it.

What is another name for clocking in clocks?

Another name for the clocks that are used for clocking in is the time clock, or employee time clock. The time clock is an employee time tracking system.

How do you clock on?

Each employee is given a weekly clocking on card. On arriving forwork, the employee inserts the card into a slot and the time anddate is stamped on the card. The same is done at night when leavingwork. Usually, it is the accounts department that collects thecards at the end of the week, and the hour ( Full Answer )