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Not wanting to see you naked(:
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Is it okay if you kissed passionately on the first date but no clothes came off and then slowly you started getting more personal but have not had sex?

Answer . but we got personal more after first date not on same night. Answer . \nThat all depends on: \n . 1 your personal morals \n . 2 those of the person you were with \n . 3 what direction you want the relationship to head \n . \nIf you think it was ok, and the person you were with t ( Full Answer )

What are clothes?

The things you wear, unless you have never worn them and have been naked your entire life.

Where did she came from?

When a woman is asked where she comes from, she will respond with the name of her birthplace. A woman may also answer with the name of her parents.

Came home early from work n found a girl he works with in your bedroom with her clothes on but bra and underwear on your bed him in the kitchen dressed he said he didnt cheat but you dont know what to?

Ok... For the love of God please be serious. Why does love blind us when the answers are so clear?!. Look at this question and seriously ask yourself if he cheated... YES! YES! YES! YES!. Why the hell is she in your house? Why the hell were her undergarments off?!. HELLO?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is clothes?

clothes are somethings u put over you body to cover it up or to keep u warm. u get diff types like cotton wool...

From where you came from?

As this question is included in the religious section I understand that you wish to know where we came from originally. I will try and answer to the best of my knowledge and to what I have a testimony of. Before coming to this earth as a child we were as spirits residing with our Father in heaven. ( Full Answer )

Clothes 1920 to clothes in 2010?

I just order a sport jacket which was made in 1970's online, when I received it , I love it very much , and I think now this kind of clothing is less and less. People can copy it, but the feeling cannot be replicated , so I reorder a blue one at once, but regret it is out of stock and I order one wh ( Full Answer )

How can you get clothes?

You have to buy them or make them. And making them requires time, effort and also money. It's a whole lot easier to buy them.

Where do clothing stores get their clothes?

Most clothing stores are the primary means of distribution for clothing manufacturers. The clothing stores get their stock shipped to them, either directly from the clothing manufacturer (warehouse), or from an initial distributor that acts for the manufacturer to disperse the product to stores nati ( Full Answer )

Where do you get clothes?

Ya you can get clothes from a clothing shop including that you can buy clothes online too!

Where do we get clothes from?

We can buy clothes from stores, markets, catalogues, etc. Alternatively, we can buy them online.

A cloth or clothing that starts with M?

Clothing or cloth that starts with M:. muslin (cloth) . muffler (scarf) . muumuu, traditional Hawaiian dress . maternity pants, dress, top etc. . mittens . muff, (usually soft and furry, a tube-shaped cover with holes at each end, hands are placed inside to keep warm . mini dress, mini skirt ( Full Answer )

Why is there no clothes in the clothes shop in Runescape?

The Varrock clothes store (Thessalia's Fine Clothes) only sells a limited number of clothing items, such as skirts. However, the store also provides players with the option to change their base clothing (the clothing that can be seen on your character when no items are equipped). You can change yo ( Full Answer )

Why do you where cloths?

Clothes are worn in order to keep the body warm. They are also wornto hide nakedness and to look decent or smart.

Who does his Clothes?

We cannot answer this for you, because it is not a question. What is it you want to know - be specific

An expensive cloth used for clothing?

Well I would think that silk, velvet, animal fur and the most expensive cloth: Vicuna Cloth. This is because it is soft light and warm

Where to clothing wholesalers buy clothes?

Trade shows. There are big ones in New York, Vegas, LA, they are large convention centers where vendors set up booths to showcase their clothing lines. You must be a retailer to attend and vendors will have minimum orders and requirements. The better brands will require pictures of your store, lists ( Full Answer )

Why do you where clothes?

People wear clothes because they like to keep their dignity in front of members of the other sex. People don't have to wear clothes but they like it.

Where you get your clothes?

I usually shop online for my clothing, and all my jeans are from that, and i know a great site only for jeans, the quality is good and the price is low, i like it very much, you could have a try. 51arq.com i shop anywhere cheap like primark or peacocks. sometimes H & M have quite cheap clothes. i ( Full Answer )

Who made the cloth and clothing in the colonies?

Women and Children were the ones who made most of the colonist clothing, but it took a year to make the fabric and outfit from scratch. Richer people also bought British imports for fancy clothing.

Who was the clothes first man to get clothes?

Uh.... Adam and Eve, from the bible. When they ate the forbidden fruit they realized they weren't wearing clothes, got embarrassed and made them out of fig leaves. (No idea how they managed to attach fig leaves, but they were the first people in existence) Hope that helps - I didn't quite understand ( Full Answer )

What if your clothes came off?

Then if anyone was in the room, they could see me naked. Also my butt would stick to this leather chair.

What were the western style clothing that came in India in nineteenth century?

The western fashion (mostly from Britain) was introduced in India during the colonial period by the Britishers and their families both in the elite rich ruler/zamindar class and the educated class.The pant and the vested coat,hats,walking sticks,umbrellas, leather shoes,handkerchiefs were part of th ( Full Answer )

What clothes can be washed with coloured clothes?

Jeans and like colors. Reds with pinks and orange, blues with greens, yellows with orange or other light colors. Jeans should be washed with blues or purples, but that depends on the color of your jeans. Whites should definitely be washed by themselves or they could get dyed a different color.

What does it mean when you dream of family member that has died came back in all black clothes and getting ready to go fishing?

This is a comforting dream that suggests you are working throughyour grief. The black clothes indicate that your mind has come toaccept the reality of your relative's death. Similarly, fishing isa quiet, restful activity, often enjoyed in solitude. Fishing alsohas very positive spiritual symbolism, ( Full Answer )

What affects the clothing by afghanistans clothing?

Clothing of Afghanistan is different from other countries, theseclothing is accept not by everyone. But if the dresses ofAfghanistan would be causal then it may show some effects onyoungsters. But the clothing style of Afghanistan is very differentand it is not affected to every person.

What is fine clothing and formal clothing?

Fine clothing is a clothing which a person generally like a person wear in any special occasion, these type of clothing is well designed and give a great look when someone wear it. Whereas formal clothing are the clothes we can wear in anywhere, we can generally wear formal clothing in office and wh ( Full Answer )

Where do clothing stores get their clothing?

This is a very curious question but my answer to this is clothing stores (ex. retail stores) get their supplies from a wholesale clothing stores. Then this wholesaler can be the manufacturer themselves or they transact with a manufacturer. Either way can be possible. The whole clothing business is c ( Full Answer )