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Cotton originates on the bushes where it grows in sub-tropical areas all over the earth.

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What language does the word 'cotton' originate from?

What language does the word 'cotton' originate from?

Where did the surname 'cotton' originate?


When one ear is plugged with cotton where did the sound is originate?

Clarify the answer please?

Where did the mundu originate?

It is a cotton garment worn in parts of India and the Maldives. It is a type of sarong.

Where does the word cotton originate from?

it derives from the Arabic language and came into wider useage in the 14th Century

Where did cotton eyed joe originate?

It downtown New York underneath the roads of time Square.

Which countries does cotton originate from?

The origins of cotton is still uncertain. But species of wild cotton grow in tropical zones in Africa, the Americas, and Australia, wherever there are long, sunny days without frost for at least 160 days. Earliest use of cotton has been found in Sudan 12,000 years ago, Coastal Peru 10,000 Years ago, West Pakistan 5,000 years ago.

What is gingham made of?


What country did Cotton originate from?

blah blah... that's where!!!!!! blah blah... that's where!!!!!! How rude! im not sure but u can look at websites such as: wikipedia thinkquest and groiler

What is the orgin of cotton?

Cotton brows on cotton shrubs on cotton farms, from cotton seeds.

What country did pajamas originate in?

it was originated in IndiaIt is a Hindi/Persian word 'Jamah' meaning loose lightweight trousers, or a two piece silk or cotton suit made for loungingIndians

How do you describe cotton?

How do you describe cotton? How do you describe cotton? How do you describe cotton?

Where is cotton made?

Cotton grows on cotton shrubs on cotton farms.

Is cotton a mattress foam?

A cotton mattress is cotton. cotton is a plant.

What are the ingredients in cotton?

Cotton is the ingredient in cotton, from the cotton bush where it grows.

From where do wolves originate?

Wolves originate from Canidae which originate from Miacides.

Where did the word tattoo originate from?

what are tattoos and where/when did they originate what are tattoos and where/when did they originate

What is a cotton stalk?

cotton stalks are the cotton plant residues after picking of cotton. these are simply cotton sticks.

What is a sentence with the word originate?

They originate from Thailand.It was difficult to find where the gemstones originate from.

What do you get from cotton fields?

You get cotton from cotton fields.

What are nicknames for cotton?

nicknames for cotton are: only really cotton and cotton wool

What is organic cotton made from?

COTTON is a plant , organic cotton is made of COTTON!

What is Giza cotton?

GIZA Cotton is an exyra large cotton between american upland cotton and egyption cotton.

How is cotton obtained from plants?

Cotton is obtained by ginning , spinning

What is the difference in cotton-picking and cotton pulling?

Cotton picking is pulling the soft cotton out of the hard boll that has opened when the cotton is ready to be harvested. Cotton pulling is harvesting the cotton by pulling the entire opened boll, with the cotton in it.