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i dont know where go on wikipidia

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Q: Where did jordin tootoo go to school?
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When was Jordin Tootoo born?

Jordin Tootoo was born on February 2, 1983.

What is Jordin Tootoo's birthday?

Jordin Tootoo was born on February 2, 1983.

When did jordin tootoo start playing hockey?

Jordin TooToo started playing hockey when he was 2.

How old is Jordin Tootoo?

Jordin Tootoo is 34 years old (birthdate: February 2, 1983).

Where was Jordan tootoo born?

Jordin Tootoo was born in churchhill Manitoba

How cute is Jordin Tootoo?

Adorable!! :)

Where has jordin tootoo lived?

Winnipeg, ranklin Inlet, nashville

Is there any famous people in Nunavut?

Jordin Tootoo came from Nunavut.

Did kellie pickler date a hockey player?

Yes, current Nashville Predator Jordin Tootoo.

Who is a native NHL player?

Carey Price - Montreal Canadiens Jordin Tootoo - Nashville Predators Johnathan Cheechoo - San Jose Sharks .. these are the most recognized

What school did Jordin Sparks go to when she was a little kid?

She went to Orchid Elementary School before she was later homeschooled.

When was Hunter Tootoo born?

Hunter Tootoo was born on 1963-08-18.