Where did kaka go to school?

Updated: 1/31/2024
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There are a couple of ways to interpret your question about Kaká's schooling:

Formal education:

Unfortunately, there isn't much publicly available information about Kaká's specific primary or secondary schools. His biography mostly focuses on his football career and humanitarian work.

Football training:

If you're interested in his football development, then Kaká's journey began at his local youth club called Alphaville in São Paulo, Brazil. He was discovered by São Paulo FC at the age of 12 and joined their youth academy, where he honed his skills and eventually turned professional.

Kaka playing football in his youth

So, while the details of Kaká's early education remain largely unknown, his football training began at Alphaville and flourished within the São Paulo FC youth academy.

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Q: Where did kaka go to school?
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