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Where did soccer start?


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An ancient version of soccer

It is said that the real ancestor of football was a game played by the Romans called Soule (they used a bull bladder as a ball), mixed with a game called Florentine Calcio which emerged during the Renaissance.

The modern versionThe modern form of association football or soccer is said to have started in 1863 in England, as The Football Association was trying to form the official rules (which we play by today). The man who drafted the 'Laws of the game' for 'Soccer' or 'Association football' was a man called Ebenezer Cobb Morley. Ebenezer along with other co-authors agreed the rules at a public house called the Freemasons Tavern in London on 26th October 1863. Morley became the Football Associations first secretary. He also founded the Barnes Football Club in 1962 which he captained against Richmond football club in the first ever soccer match. The game ended 0-0 but in a return game he scored the first ever goal. He died in 1924 and is buried at a Cemetery on Barnes Common not far from where he drafted the Laws of the game at 26 The Terrace, Barnes, London. A blue plaque commemorating his life's work was placed on the wall of this address by English Heritage in 2009.

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